Delaware’s alternative route for principal certification

New program gives alternative for principal ceritification 

The Delaware Leadership Project is a 15-month, principal certification that includes a 5-week summer intensive and 10-month residency with a mentor principal.

Governor Markell stresses how their role is crucial to Delaware’s future.

He says, “In my mind, the best way to get better is motivated, talented people, who want to better themselves for the purpose of changing the world. What better way is there to change the world then to make sure the kids who are in the school where you’re leading get the full benefit?”

In my mind Jack Markell is full of shit and perhaps he needs to apply that forward thinking to staffing the Delaware Department of Education.

I don’t really have a problem with this program or even alternative route to certification for teachers. The important thing is we have people who want to teach and lead in our schools. Teacher programs like Teach for America provide individuals who are out to make a career in education and for many is just a place to sit until the economy improves and then off they go into their chosen fields.

Do you notice with all these innovations and changes like Race to The Top parents the most valuable stakeholders are left out? Real change will not occur in public education until real financial transparency takes place. We’re moving into an era where school systems are relying more  outside private education consulting. HB#205 adds a watchful of conflict of interest between charter school organizers and service providers within. Don’t you think that should apply to governors and public school superintendents in their financial holdings of some of these Wall Street ed companies. Also, let’s no kids ourselves, many of these so-called non-profit ed firms aren’t full of volunteers. These folks collect pay and benefits.  The wine and dine school and state officials in order to get business. Teach for America snaked $300,000.00 out of Red Clay over and above the TFA teacher’s pay and benefit.

Hey did you notice Governor Markell came out to speak on this issue and still hides like a coward in the corner on the Reach and Pencader concerns?


2 responses to “Delaware’s alternative route for principal certification

  1. Tammie Sylvia

    Gov. Markell has been invited to sign HB 205 into law on Pencader’s campus surrounded by the students that the bill is designed to protect. It would be a great way for him to show these kids that he does support them. Hopefully, he will do the right thing!


  2. Great idea—-if he accepts I hope you have a huge turn out from all stakeholders especially the school employees, parents and children. Might be nice to invite all the state elected officials.

    Keep up the good work.