Why is DEDOE holding back on Moyer’s financial reports?

Last year the Delaware Department of Education took-over Maurice J Moyer Academy citing academic and financial concerns.

Moyer is running at 38% (202) of approved student enrollment of 525 students. DEDOE signed a contract with K12.Inc whose CEO is an old buddy of Delaware Governor Jack Markell. I’ve searched high and low and DEDOE did not provide the public with the financial arrangement.

Moyer’s webpage link provided by DEDOE is the worst school webpage in the state of Delaware. The webpage doesn’t provide information as who the board members are, board minutes, financial reports or even individual teachers names. Now if you want to invest in this Wall Street listed for profit (stock)  school they provide a link for that, K12 Investor Relations Information 

Checked on Wall Street and this stock (K12.Inc / LRN) Could have positive longterm potential. Hey Jack I see one of your old Nextel buds and we know you and big guy have a special connection. Jack, would you give this stock a hold or sell?

Hey Jack, can you tell us why Moyer gets a buy on HB119? Re: no monthly financial reports! Hey wait, aren’t they required to complete a financial positioning report like other schools?

That’s right Jack ! Lets kick around other charter schools to keep the eyes off of Moyer.

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  1. Greg Mazzotta


    Perhaps, Milford Schools can help as they have deploying Baldrige for 8-10 years and deemed “superior” results.

    This initiative’s aim- deployed in 2000 – was to provide technical assistance to ALL schools.

    Wasn’t that the purpose of the Lt. Gov.’s Models of Excellence Award? At what point does leadership kick in and start directing and encouraging state-wide collaboration?

    So, Delaware has had several failed Charters, two on the ropes – so to speak – and a failing state university and hope rests in a few classrooms in Milford?


  2. Apparently, our ONLY hope, according to Greg M. is Baldrige.


  3. Enough with the Baldridge propaganda. I remember years ago being involved with baldridge. The consultant boasted how he sent his kids through school buying companies who adhered to the baldridge pbilosophy. I checked on those same companies on my morningstar ticker 3-5-7 years later. Only 20% of them hadn’t gone out of business and the remainder weren’t above $10 a share. Most baldridge participants are private companies whose statistical successes are no better than the BS put out by government agencies.


    • Greg Mazzotta

      There is a difference between propaganda and results.

      Since you do your own research – http://www.nist.gov – and look over the past ten years of award recipient’s in Education. If you are so inclined, see the progress being made in Cecil County with the Community College achievement results…remember that DTCC was Community College of the Year – in 1999.

      Teacher talent, like money will go where it’s treated best. Delaware schools are at risk.

      Arthur, sadly, you are misinformed.


  4. dave jones

    I’ll say it: Moyer has political juice and Reach and Pencader don’t. It is who you know.


  5. Milford for Baldridge? Milford schools have taken a nosedive in recent years when compared to other schools in the state. This is from the MIlford BOE members site that Kilroy links:

    “The next big question that was asked is one many in Milford may not have all the facts on so let me share some numbers. Since the 2005-2006 school years the Milford High School has been failing to meet AYP that goes along with NCLB, and it’s currently in Academic Watch. So 3 years prior to the start of the current superintendent’s term, the district’s High School was in trouble academically, and the state now says we need to make “Corrective Actions”. As a board member and a parent that information has been driving me to learn all that I can, and see how we can change this situation! Other numbers the board and the community should be asking for answers to are:
    • How did we drop from #2 in the state to 18th out of 33 in just a ~3 year span?
    • How have our SAT scores dropped so that we are 49th in the US in Delaware?
    • Finally, the one that has driven me the most is, what have we done to correct the fact that our graduates are having trouble meeting the academic rigor to be successful in their first year in our own instate colleges?”

    See what a difference Baldridge makes? Oh, wait a minute. Well, look away from Milford. Look at Cecil County. Ha! What a joke. Sorry, I am very familiar with Cecil COunty Schools, and they are nothing to be desired. All of their middle schools are failing and the high schools are starting to tank, even those that have been considered good.

    Baldridge Smaldrige. You can find as many failing Baldrige Schools are you can successes. Greg only seems to point out the successes. And this case, a failure that he points to as a success.


    • Greg Mazzotta

      Milford deploys Baldrige only in Lu Lu Ross as I understand and not the high school…I should have been more specific.

      In a meeting with the Superintendent, I offered resources, tools, and support and received the response: We’re doing Baldrige…may I add; not system wide.

      I sense your frustration as well and am aware of the failures; for example, we regret that in 2000, we did not include the Milford Central Office.

      My point in mentioning Cecil Cty. – the community College, specifically – is that MD does have a better system for accelerating this learning.

      Do I understand that you are a caring and curious school board member? If so, why haven’t you reached out to me over the course of the past ten years? Would you like to better understand this issue or take shots at the messenger?

      Demonstrate your leadership and fiduciary responsibility – convene a meeting – and stop obfuscating and mocking Milford’s initial investment Why Not (Board member and Parent).



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