Arne Duncan’s open letter to teachers

 An Open Letter From Arne Duncan to America’s Teachers; In Honor of Teacher Appreciation Week By Arne Duncan                                                                                                                                           Folks click the link to read the entire letter. I am just pull segments out to comment on

I have worked in education for much of my life.

Yet never taught a class nor has been a certified teacher and never has been a building administrator of a schools

Inside your classroom, you exercise a high degree of autonomy. You decide when to slow down to make sure all of your students fully understand a concept, or when a different instructional strategy is needed to meet the needs of a few who are struggling to keep up. You build relationships with students from a variety of backgrounds and with a diverse array of needs, and you find ways to motivate and engage them. I appreciate the challenge and skill involved in the work you do and applaud those of you who have dedicated your lives to teaching.

And yet with all this understanding Arne, you allow the business roundtables of America to re-engineer public education send needs classroom money to Wall Street. You didn’t sit-down with teachers  to devise a new strategy and relied on the likes of Eli Broad to dictate what he wanted.

Many of you have told me you are willing to be held accountable for outcomes over which you have some control, but you also want school leaders held accountable for creating a positive and supportive learning environment. You want real feedback in a professional setting rather than drive-by visits from principals or a single score on a bubble test. And you want the time and opportunity to work with your colleagues and strengthen your craft.

And Christina School District agreed to be held accountable with the PZ Plan and you Mr. Duncan criticized the local school board because the the super deviated from the stakeholders agreement. Did you call the Christina teacher leadership and ask them what was going on? Hell no Arne! You joined in a Markell inspired media blitz call Christina school board members everything from criminals by the Mayor of Wilmington to near racist by black community leaders.

And you are frustrated when teachers alone are blamed for educational failures that have roots in broken families, unsafe communities, misguided reforms, and underfunded schools systems. You rightfully believe that responsibility for educational quality should be shared by administrators, community, parents, and even students themselves.

See my previous comment dickweed

You and I are here to help America’s children. We understand that the surest way to do that is to make sure that the 3.2 million teachers in America’s classrooms are the very best they can be. The quality of our education system can only be as good as the quality of our teaching force.

What  a dick ! He forgot about all the money going to Wall Street to companies like Wireless Generation. Arne there is no “I’ in teamwork and you are not part of the team. You use federal funds to bait cash strapped state into playing your RTTT bullshit game. You’re like a pervert with a bag of  candy on a schoolyard playground.

So I want to work with you to change and improve federal law, to invest in teachers and strengthen the teaching profession. Together with you, I want to develop a system of evaluation that draws on meaningful observations and input from your peers, as well as a sophisticated assessment that measures individual student growth, creativity, and critical thinking.

Yea change federal law giving you greater control of local school boards!

Working together, we can transform teaching from the factory model designed over a century ago to one built for the information age. We can build an accountability system based on data we trust and a standard that is honest—one that recognizes and rewards great teaching, gives new or struggling teachers the support they need to succeed, and deals fairly, efficiently, and compassionately with teachers who are simply not up to the job. With your input and leadership, we can restore the status of the teaching profession so more of America’s top college students choose to teach because no other job is more important or more fulfilling.

Trust ?????? The federal government ?

In the next decade, half of America’s teachers are likely to retire

And the other half will be discourage by a plan that send more money to Wall Street and not to classroom to reduce class sizes.

As that work proceeds, I want you to know that I hear you, I value you, and I respect you.

Nice respect you showed Christina school district teachers! I don’t think respect is what you call forcing educator to drop to their knees like Jack Markell. I think its clear federal intrusion of local control.


6 responses to “Arne Duncan’s open letter to teachers

  1. John Young

    Arne Duncan is a coward, straight up.

    He will not return my call: 219.308.5338


  2. nativebluehen

    I bet none of the educational mafia will return your call, but I sure would like to buy you a beer.


  3. John Young



  4. I was listening to Rick Jensen yesterday in the car and he was talking about what a chicken and disgrace it was for Arne Duncan to try to beat up on John Young in an editorial and via a proxy in twitter but not return a phone call (i would love to have seen the twitter exchange – is it published anywhere?).

    Jensen will be hosting Young and Lowery live today between 1 and 4. Anyone know an exact time?


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