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Told you! Markell duked Delaware legislators ! Ed money to Wall Street

“500 Billion Dollar Sector”

Joel Klein
Executive Vice President
News Corporation

Rupert Murdoch
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
News Corporation

Another DEDOE screwup! Don’t worry its only 8.3 million this time!

The state Department of Education awarded an $8.3 million contract to a New York company to help teachers in public schools learn how to use data from math and reading assessments to guide classroom instruction.

The state selected Wireless Generation to help hire, train and deploy its data coaches.

The company faced a firestorm after it worked with New Jersey on its failed Race to the Top grant application. The application was found to have a clerical error in it — information for the wrong budget year was included.

Some politicians blamed Wireless Generation for not catching the error and asked the company to return the $500,000 fee paid for technical assistance on the application.

The Delaware Department of Education did not look at the New Jersey situation when it selected Wireless Generation for the data-coach grant, said Dan Cruce, the state’s deputy secretary of education. Cruce said even if the state had been aware of the controversy, it would not have been an issue because the state was hiring the company for a different function.



Governor Chris Christie Executive Order #58 Education Accountability

Gov. Chris Christie EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 58 (supplied to Kilroy’s by Greg Mazzotta)

New Delaware charter schools opening fall 2011

Gateway Lab School: Grades 3-7 /180 students


“To provide an extraordinary educational opportunity for children who are struggling to achieve academic success in a traditional school environment, utilizing research-based intervention strategies and a highly tailored, arts-based learning environment that seeks to identify and capitalize on a student’s strengths and interests”.

“To become a resource to the community as a center for the professional development and education of teachers, parents and students by providing access to the latest research-based curriculum, technology and training”.

Las Americas Aspira Academy: K-1 & grade 5 /360 students


“ASPIRA Academy is a Spanish/English dual-language charter school for students in grades K-8. It will open in August 2011 in Newark with full-day kindergarten, and 1st – 5th grade classes. The school will grow each year as students advance”.

“ASPIRA Academy students will become fully proficient in reading, writing and speaking English and Spanish through immersion in both languages as they learn all subjects. The curriculum is aligned with Delaware standards and is project-based, so students learn by doing. ASPIRA Academy is looking for students from diverse ethnic, racial, language (English & Spanish), and socio-economic backgrounds. Half of the Academy’s students will be primary English speakers and the other half primary Spanish speakers. The Academy’s curriculum will be rigorous and challenging. At ASPIRA, we believe every child is college bound. All students will become bilingual, bi-literate and bicultural within six years in the program while gaining the academic, physical, social and emotional skills to succeed in school and in life”.

Delaware Academy for Public Safety and Security (“First Responders”/DAPSS) Grades 9 / 200 students

“The Delaware Academy of Public Safety and Security (DAPSS)is a public charter school for male and female high school students or “cadets”  who want a strong academic foundation for college and/or careers in law enforcement, firefighting, emergency medicine, and other fields that keep the public safe and secure”.

“DAPSS core values of: Fidelity to others, Diligence to succeed andScholarship in the classroom insures cadets a world of career opportunities  and rigorous  academic preparation”.

“DAPSS school climate will embrace the organization and behavior code of efficient first responder organizations. Cadets will wear uniforms daily and be challenged to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle”.


Odyssey Charter SchooL ( Odyssey charter transfered from Red Clay School District to the Delaware Department of Education adding additional grades and students)

“Odyssey offers an innovative approach to education by providing its students with instruction in a second language, Greek, along with an emphasis in mathematics. The Greek language provides an additional focus on the classic roots and fundamentals of English, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies”.

“A rigorous standards-based curriculum and instruction in the Greek language is delivered in a challenging, yet nurturing, learning environment.  Odyssey students thrive and excel in all academic areas while developing into well-rounded and respectful world citizens”.