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Did somebody drop the race card on the CSD crisis?

Black student achievement is of little concern in Christina; Bebe Coker is with the Delaware Black Heritage Educational Theater Group.

My take on this whole Christina School District problem is, very simply, that the blatant reality inherent in the poor decision made by the Christina School Board is that educational quality and access to greater learning opportunities for black students (primarily the population in Stubbs and Glasgow) are of little importance to them.

Such a sad comment! Just come on out and call the white members of the board racists 

To those who are out there protected by organized affiliation and maintained because of seniority, it is time for change

“In our glorious fight for civil rights, we must guard against being fooled by false slogans, as ‘right-to-work.’ It provides no ‘rights’ and no ‘works.’ Its purpose is to destroy labor unions and the freedom of collective bargaining… We demand this fraud be stopped.   —Speaking on right-to-work laws in 1961 Martin Luther King”

Right now, too much racing is going on with eyes on monetary prizes versus recognizing why this money is here in the state in the first place for our kids, their education, their learning, their future. To all the teachers who care about all children and who are well-prepared to teach them to grow to become “who they are,” thank you!

If the money if for the kids why in most of it being shipped to Wall Street to companies like Wireless Corporation  subsidiarity of News Corporation owned by Rupert Murdoch? We  there more teachers added to lower class sizes? What about serious community outreach to improve parental engagement?

Do the right thing and honor the agreement with the state and do the right thing by our children.

Sadly it appears the district superintendent deviated from that agreement and the board was forced to protect the “civil rights” of  the teachers. The board did not pull out of Race to The Top or PZ school reform. Governor Jack Markell threw a baby-fit because not everyone wants to kiss his ass like some of the righteous community leaders.

I personally asked Governor Jack Markell at a New Castle County Combined School Boards meeting the following. “Do you support a stand alone school district for the city of Wilmington?” He responded with a puzzling looks, ” I have never gave it any thought”. The question was ask about two weeks after leaders in Wilmington held a meeting on the issue of a stand alone Wilmington School District. So Markell seems to support white suburban students attending school closest to their home and black Wilmington kids being bused out to the suburbs to middle and high schools.  

The black community needs to wake up and speak up and seek election to these school board seats which are now occupied by people who don’t know your children and obviously care less about what they are or are not learning.

I am with you somewhat on this but as long as school board members are voted at-large and not within the nominating districts there may be imbalance in representation. But keep if mind, one does not need to be on a school board to have voice and it that one is joined by other the voice gets louder.

Do keep in mind, many minority teachers teach in predominantly minority schools. Radical school turnaround / transformation plans can forced out good minority teacher.

So I must unfortunately assume if the CSD school board takes corrective action against the minority superintendent that too will be come a racial laced issue. All indications are the superintendent deviated from the PZ Plan agreement without board approval. The CSD super appears to want to address the problem with the board and DEDOE and move forward.  

Last Spring I walked with those in Wilmington raising concerns about civil rights in education. This winter I attended a meeting in Wilmington supporting those who demand a stand alone school district for Wilmington. I don’t live in the city nor am I black. The injustices done to black students are done by all races. Those who fail to stand up for community schools and students rights and those who are culturally insensitive and yes prejudice lurks among us.  


Christina school board member fires of a verbal Tomahawk Missile

Another day, another misinformed opinion… by Children & Educators First: By Elizabeth Scheinberg

Teachers, administrators, and business, union, and community leaders.”  What’s missing?  Parents and their elected school board members.  School boards and parents were strong-armed into this reform process.  In my opinion, that most boards voted unanimously to sign the RTTT MOU was more reflective of our Governor’s efforts to decrease education spending via Delaware’s dollars and backfill it with one-time federal funds. 

In deed ! Strong-Armed and rolled under the bus, political gun to the head, kicked in the nuts and completely held hostage to sign the RTTT MOU.

Rodel CEO slaps the F out of John Young

Christina board chair burns bridges in Race to the Top Paul A. Herdman is president and CEO of the Rodel Foundation of Delaware.

This week, the board now claims that the controversy was simply a “process issue” and that the district had never stepped back from “Race to the Top” or its commitment to reform.

If this were the case, why didn’t Mr. Young simply state those things on April 19? Moreover, what message was the full board trying to send with the president’s 15 minutes of angry rhetoric if the district is still on board with reform?

Yea Paul your point is valid

 The current controversy appears to stem from the board’s interpretation that the interview process to determine which teachers would stay in the two “Partnership Zone” schools and which would be transferred to other schools in the district was somehow unfair.

Sorry Paul you’re full of shit on this point. The superintendent supported deviation from the agreed PZ Plan without seeking board or union approval. So now the option to undue this mess is either go back and follow the agreement the “partners” made or amend the the PZ Plan to support what had transpired. Furthermore, the board needs to take corrective action against the superintendent if in deed she approved the deviation. Her contract does not have a good cause provision so CSD is stuck with this super until at best June 2012. The problem appears to be administration error and the board response most-likely saved the district 100’s of 1000’s of dollars in litigation and compensation. But more importantly would have collapsed “school transformation”.

Mr. Young brought this problem to the board meeting on April 19. Yet, rather than proposing a resolution, he chose to insult each of the partners who has been working to help his district: U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, who awarded Delaware $119 million; Delaware’s governor and secretary of education, who secured this grant for the state; Vision 2015, in which his own district participates; the Rodel Foundation and its founder, William Budinger; and Delaware businesses leaders, who have collectively contributed millions of dollars in direct investments, scholarships and mentoring to his district .

Paul does that include the money spent on Delaware’s last attempt at reform called DSTP? Even Markell called DSTP flawed! Delaware schools are all rated based on the DSTP and one would think the results are skewed. How can a school be rated failure when the means to evaluate them failed? Hey Paul, did those investors take tax write-offs for their generosity? As far as Arne Duncan, he is an embarrassing to the United States Constitution and a disgrace to the men who forged this nation during the American Revolution. The federal government has no right to intrude on local control of public schools. Also, the generously of these so-called investors of yours shouldn’t give then control of our public education as dividends. Jack Markell was bought by campaign contribution from many of these investors. Jack wrote a book and should be held accountable for plagiarizing an education reform plan written by others. Jack has no plan and used the one stuck in his back pocket with the campaign contributions.

 Mr. Young’s speech was unfortunate and his comments about our foundation and founder were disrespectful and ill-informed

No his timing and place was off. His comments were right on. Indeed your founder made some amazing contribution to individuals. However, the part where he interjects his “vision” in high-jacking Delaware’s public education to suit his philosophical views by the use of buying political power is unwelcome.  The reason there is no Rodel charter school is because the risk of failure would be too embarrassing. It’s much easier to support programs like DSTP and let others run with the ball. When they get sacked supporters can slip-out the backgate. Your founder’s heart is in the right place but putting his money into the political arena to advance his visions is pathetic. If his vision and grand plan was the right combination it should have sold itself on it’s own merits. Such as waste of vision and money! Rodel’s founders could have built a Rodel Center for Learning right in Wilmington. Charter school by day and a learning center for parents and educators by night.

Bill Budinger is one of the nation’s most thoughtful, entrepreneurial and generous contributors to public education and other societally pressing problems. He built a technology business, Rodel Inc., from scratch and employed thousands of Delawareans for over 30 years at his plant in Newark (part of the Christina School District)

So if one is successful in business they have every right to dictate the direction of public schools? I don’t see the connection! Now if he built and operated a charter school that served At-risk students and maintained a Superior rating and blue Ribbon status for 10 years straight perhaps then he can have the keys to out schools.

The Mayor of Wilmington Delaware called CSD board members “criminals” and Rodel stands by. Arne Duncan interjection in a local issue pretty much called Delaware State Representative John Kowalko’s support of CSD board misguided and irrelevant. I hope Rep. Kowalko sends a letter to President Obama asking him to either terminate Duncan position or ask that Duncan stays out of Delaware and Delaware’s local affairs.

Yet for more than four decades, Rodel Inc. and its successor foundation have attempted to interact with respect and humility with educational and community leaders throughout this state to improve the lives of Delaware’s students and citizens.

And those who dare to oppose are misguided and irrelevant and are written off as antisocial.

Unfortunately, the comments made by the Christina School District board president last week burned more bridges than they built.

Case in point ! Is this code for a Rodel campaign to unseat John Young?

Going forward, we hope there is a civil exchange of ideas and that real change happens. We remain committed to helping where we can. Our children can’t wait.

Is this code for John Young is an asshole but since he has three and a half years left on the board so lets move forward because we’re stuck with him?

We remain committed to helping where we can. Our children can’t wait.

Rodel has done an amazing job with its parent training program and that needs to be expanded. More engaged parents are the key to helping students become successful. Leadership training without the injection of philosophical views of obsessive individuals is welcomed. Excuse the the vulgarity  but DSTP fucked our children  and their teachers. Why should we give those business leaders who pushed DSTP another shot at reform? This is classic example of rewarding failure! Race to The Top is a federal grant not a mandate and funding is unsustainable. A moonshot as Arne Duncan calls it and a once in a lifetime chance to get it right. Bullshit!  Its nothing but firing a scud missile and crossing our fingers for the best.

John Young’s timing was wrong but his message was right on ! He owes no apology and at best next time chose the right place and the right time.

Breaking news: Christina board to meet this Saturday


The Christina Board of Education will meet in a Special Session on Saturday,

April 30, 2011, at 5:00 p.m. at the Eden Support Services Center, 925 Bear Corbitt Road, Bear, DE 19701.

The Board may go into Executive Session for the purpose of a strategy session involving legal advice from counsel, with respect to the administrative proceedings initiated by the Delaware Secretary of Education requiring that the District show cause why Race to the Top funding should not be suspended.

This meeting was added to meet a May 9, 2011 deadline to provide information to the Department of Education.

Gee I wonder if Joe Biden will fly Arne Duncan in on AF2 to try to intimidate the CSD school board to step-down? Good thing the meeting ins’t in Wilmington because Mayor Baker might arrest these social criminals. Message to Jack Markell, please just stay home and let these folks work it out! Just use the down-time to review your stock market perspectives on K12.Inc’s maze of off shore investments. Also, be a good time to catchup with Joel Klein Executive VP for News Corporation aka Rupert Murdoch’s empire and parent company to Wireless Generation. See how Delaware’s $8.2 million dollar investment is doing! One for you, one for Klein and the rest for Rupert and none for the kids. Wait wait wait Jack! Take time to call the Reach parents and students and tell them how you are sorry for turning your back on them! O yea, your turn to takeout the trash! If you need me call Lamb Chop because I’ll be hanging out with Delaware’s next governor.

A dark May day in America’s history

I can still  hear the echo from the radio new flash on May 4, 1970. A day America turned deadly on it’s youth. At 16 I was still processing the assassination of President Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy and lets not forget the stress of being on the edge of nuclear war.  God only knew what the future would bring and now that the future is here it seems the lessons of yesterday went on deaf ears. They say every generation has it’s war and it seems like the existence of mankind will always be shadowed by war. We need war to preserve the peace but yet with war there is no peace. Earth is nothing but a speck of light in the universe and mankind is nothing but a grain of sand in the hourglass of existence. Our public schools are being sold to Wall Street and high poverty students have become a profit center even for the men in their own community. And then there are the Reach girls disheartened by a system that refuses to yield to their needs and an education system that is willing to write them off as casualties in an artificial  war on education. It can’t be for the children when there is no genuine passion and heart.

DE State Board of Ed discusses recordings of meetings

From DE State Board of Education March 17, 2011

There was discussion on districts  providing an audio recording of meetings and Dr. Lowery indicated that some districts currently provide a recording on their websites.

Well folks, due to the Delaware State Board of Education not recording their meeting and only providing vague written written board meeting notes we’ll never know the full extent of this conversation.

Here is where were at  with HOUSE AMENDMENT NO. 3  TO HOUSE BILL NO. 26:

House Voice vote: Passed 3/31/2011 5:17:43 PM 38 yes, not voting 1 and 2 absent

Apr 05, 2011 – Assigned to Education Committee in Senate

In Senate Education Committee agenda 05/04/2011 02:00:00 PM

(Great bipartisan support)

Digitally record all regular monthly public board meetings of the State Board of Education and make the recordings available to the public on the Department of Education’s website within seven (7) business days of each meeting.  These recordings are not official Board minutes, but are a means to enhance communication to the public and State legislators.  The requirements of this section do not apply to meetings where recording equipment is not available, to executive sessions, or to other meetings of the Board, such as workshops, retreats, and committee meetings.   A written transcript of the regular monthly public board meetings that are digitally recorded pursuant to this paragraph, or other reasonable accommodation, will be provided by the Department of Education within seven (7) business days upon request of a person with a hearing impairment.

This amendment requires that all regular monthly public meetings of the State Board of Education be digitally recorded and made available to the public on the Department of Education’s website within seven (7) business days.  The recordings will not be considered the official Board minutes.

Red Clay Consolidated School District has been, as of September 2010, providing the public with digital recordings of their Board public session meetings via the District’s website.  The Christina School District School Board enacted a policy to provide digital recordings of their public session meetings and expects to be online in January 2011.

The requirements of this section do not apply to meetings where recording equipment is not available, to executive sessions, or to other meetings of the Board, such as workshops, retreats, and committee meetings.   A written transcript of the regular monthly public board meetings that are digitally recorded pursuant to this paragraph, or other reasonable accommodation, will be provided by the Department of Education within seven (7) business days upon request of a person with a hearing impairment.  A severability clause has been added to the bill.

Kilroy say: Red Clay and Christina stepped up to make digital recording are reality in their districts. Though this legislation only call of the Delaware State Board of Education to record their meetings It does encourage all charter schools and school district to do the same. Wouldn’t of been nice to hear Reach Academy School for Girls meetings? They don’t even put printed meeting minutes online. Same with Pencader! We must keep advancing transparency of our school districts and their board.

The nitty-gritty on the Glasgow High School PZ Plan

The Glasgow MOU and Partnership Plan are two different documents. 14.1.6 VOLUNTARY TRANSFER PERIOD of the “MOU” says this:

The transfer period will be comprised of two parts:  a fifteen day application window followed by a 30 day placement period.

Positions which open after this voluntary transfer time period will be available for interested district employees to apply and interview for in a late Spring job fair.


14:2.4  Selections for all positions shall be determined based on interviews conducted by the building leader and Members of the Partnership Zone Technical Assistance Committee.  Teacher representatives may also be invited to participate on the interview team for new candidates.  Current staff and new candidates will be required to participate in the interview process.  Candidates will be evaluated based on the following criteria:  certification, highly qualified status, system-wide balance, and other relevant information.

Permanent contract employees who are not selected for a position in a Partnership Zone school will participate in the voluntary transfer process.

Staff will be required to sign a letter of commitment by July 1, 2011 agreeing to fully participate in the school’s transformation for a minimum of two academic years.


All Staff will interview for all positions within the academies.  Interviews will be conducted by the Campus Principal, the Academy Leaders, and other teachers selected by union representatives.  Questions including the following will be asked:

Why would you like to be a part of the _____________ Academy at Glasgow High School?

What do you have to offer, professionally, to the ______________Academy at GHS? Please describe how your education and experience has lead you to this decision?

How does your teaching methodology, content area knowledge, and expertise support the goals of the ___________ Academy?

How do you plan to contribute to the success of the _____________ Academy a GHS?

What do you feel you need from the Academy Leader and district-level administration in order to ensure student success in your classroom and beyond?

What changes/adjustments do you feel you will need to make, as a teacher, in order to ensure student success and performance in the ________ Academy? How can the administrative team support those changes?

How do you plan to maintain a school climate that is conducive to learning in your classroom?

How do you currently use student data to promote student success in your classroom. How would you propose to change that to increase success?

So we have the MOU and the PZ Plan.  Both clearly indicate the interviews will be conducted building leader. Doesn’t say leaders, says leader and surely that is referring to the Campus Principal. Indication are the building leader did not conduct the interviews as he was not there. Fact or fiction? The other issue was all the interview questions listed in the PZ Plan were not asked (” Questions including the following will be asked”). Fact or Fiction?

We all agree change will be and is hard. However, we must get it right! Agreements were made with teachers, districts, boards and DEDOE. The concerns in this case are not petty and for whatever reason the building “leader” was not there the process should have not moved forward unless an agreed addendum was made to the PZ Plan and agreed upon by all parties.

We have an educational reform process that seems to be driven by politics and business interest. We already see how $8.2 million dollars is going to Wireless Generation a subsidiarity of News Corporation owed by Rupert Murdoch where Joel Klein is Executive VP.  And we see a clear personal connection to and Governor Jack Markell. Delaware is not a trust me state.

I attended the Red Clay RTTT MOU board meeting and DOE Dan pretty much put a political gun to the board’s head, either approval the RTTT MOU or be faced with new state regulations  and you’ll fund the regulations aligned with Race to The Top with local money. Sees to me Delaware is now a fuck you state. Markell and Duncan sells Delaware educators buy in as all willing partners. Originally the district data coaches were going to be pay for with the state share of RTTT funds and now it’s the districts that will pay. And then there’s that Ed Jobs funding that wise districts put in reserve for next year. But Markell is asking superintendents to use it to cover some of the impact of his proposed state budget cuts.

CSD School Board President John Young may in deed have a sharp tongue and ridicules the Race to The Top social re engineering of public education that appears to be driven by the business entities. We all know Governor Markell’s long association with the Rodel Foundation aka Vision 2015 that is not embedded in Delaware Race to The Top plan. Politicians can trash the shit out of each other during campaigns. Though school board are representative of local school they are first and foremost “elected” public officially! Just like Jack Markell! If Markell thinks John Young is harmful to students I think that’s the kettle calling the pot black! Markell turns his backs on the Reach girls and can’t even layout the what if’s. Reach just open it’s door this school year and is pretty much bankrupt. Yea let’s close failing charter schools but to tell students like the Reach girls sorry or have to find another schools is bull shit. Putting a charter school on “Formal Review” mid year sends a message to the public to use cautions when applying. Markell’s approval and review process  of charter schools is “flawed”!

Markell took the current CSD crisis to the next level by pushing an media campaign agenda to suggest CSD school board backed out of the reform plan and pretty much don’t give a rat’s ass about children. Markell took a little problem that can and will be resolved and turned it into a political “war”. What right does Arne Duncan an appointed official of  President Obama have making negative comments on the issues and calling for the CSD board to step-down ? A highly respected State Representative  John Kowalko expressed concern that the agreed “process” wasn’t being followed and support the CSD decision which was “not” to pull out of reform.

The problem with moving Delaware public school reform is Jack Markell! He needs to let the little bumps in the road happen and get resolved. Sure set a timeline before cutting funds! Now he has to come walking back like a duck with it’s head up it’s ass and reverse the funding freeze. Dear Governor Jack Markell, many of your employees can’t stand your guts and only do so because they have a family and career. Give Lowery full control of DEDEO hiring and firing! Let her do her job you nor I am qualified to do. My goal is to advance transparency of our public schools so that the real watchdogs can expose the darkness. I don’t need to be an elected official to do that.                                                                                  

Jack Markell earns an F for Race to The Top Midterm

Delaware schools: Christina superintendent says reform plans will move ahead: Written by NICHOLE DOBO

The Christina School District is continuing to move forward with its plans to restructure two low-performing schools, despite the state’s decision to freeze grant money intended to pay for that work, the district superintendent said Wednesday in an email to the staff.

Notice the word “continuing” !  Christina School District never stopped moving forward and the 5-0 vote wasn’t any kind of nail in the reform’s coffin. The vote was a “timeout” and a correction to the superintendent’s deviation to the agreed PZ MOU. Delaware Governor Jack Markell muddied the forward progress by ordering the Delaware Secretary of Education  to freeze Race to The Top Funding. Markell could have sent a clear warning to the district that they need to resolve the problem within 30 days or he will freeze the funds. But Jack Markell was throwing a baby-fit because school board President John Young refuses to kiss his ass. Markell’s attacks and that of those Markell enlisted in a negative media blitz to undermine the CSD school board demonstrates weaknesses in Markell’s leadership abilities.

“I want to communicate that we are moving forward with the belief that the issues we are currently facing will be resolved,” Superintendent Marcia V. Lyles said in the email. “We are continuing to plan for our two Partnership Zone schools. We know we have strong plans for both Glasgow High School and Stubbs Elementary School that were developed collaboratively over many months. We believe that these plans will significantly transform these two schools and accelerate student achievement.”

Well I must compliment Lyles for using “we” because there is no “I” in team work. All indication Lyles deviated from the PZ MOU which sparked outage from a key State Representative  John Kowalko and the Christina School Board. School board president John Young may have spit-out some sharp barbs towards the reformist and I don’t blame him. The reform movement somehow sends messages that the district superintendents answers the the Delaware Secretary of Education not the school boards. A representative of DEDOE sat in the on skewed process that deviated from the PZ MOU and though it was the district running the interview process the DEDOE representative sat there with a thumb up  their ass knowing the “agree” process wasn’t being followed. The bottom-line is the flag were up and the no one had sense to stop. What really added insult to injury is it appears the Christina superintendent deviated from the PZ MOU and didn’t communicate those plans to the school board. No only there is a clear breakdown in communication but in CSD leadership starting with the superintendent.

 But some district activities would be postponed until more is known about the funding. A staff information session on Race to the Top and a parent and student “Academy Showcase” meeting — both scheduled for May 5 — have been put on hold.

We all know the problem will be resolved and because of Governor Jack Markell’s failing leadership performance forward process is slowed. Markell seems very frustrated that there are school board members in Delaware that won’t kiss his ass and I’ll bet a few would tell him to go fuck himself if not for being bound by certain level of ethics. And don’t kid yourselves folks, the F-word does get a lot of play off behind closed doors of this government. Lowery stuck an olive leaf out there to get everyone back at the table but Governor Markell muddied the water by prematurely order the freeze of Race to The Top funds. Then Markell goes crying and misinforming Arne Duncan of the events and Duncan in response steps on the foot of State Representative John Kowlako’s foot. Then there is Wilmington’s Mayor Baker who fails to provide the Wilmington Police Department adequate tools to take on street crime calling Christina School Board members “criminals”. Because of Mayor Baker Wilmington, a place to be somebody is now a place where you can find dead bodies. He is a mayor who opposes a city school district and who has no passion for Wilmington children being bused to suburban  middle and high schools because the city doesn’t have a traditional public school or adequate middle schools. Also, there is newly crowned Delaware State Senator who happen to be on the Rodeel Foundation aka Vision 2015 advisory board.

The district’s Board of Education and state government are embroiled in a dispute over a local choice to retain 19 educators at Glasgow High School and Stubbs Elementary

No, the board of education stepped up because the PZ MOU agreement wasn’t being followed and that process unfairly penalized teachers.  Also, Jack Markell took a baby-fit because the CSD board won’t kiss his ass and just ignore the flawed process.

The $11 million in funding for Christina would be spent over the next four years, but there are strings attached. The district agreed to implement changes at its schools in return for the money.

That 11 million dollar figure though over the four-year grant may be flawed! But that don’t matter because none of the money goes towards hiring more teacher to effectively reduce class sized, none of the money goes towards buildings or classroom tangible materials or supplies as that forbidden. The money goes towards data coaches, instructional coaches and bloated administrative oversight.  Also some money goes to teachers who must participate in so-called professional development. The real financial benefactors are Markell’s Wall Street buddies like Wireless Generation subsidiary of Rupert Murdock’s News Corporation where Joel Klein is Executive VP. I wonder, now that we seen Obama’s birth certificate I wonder if Markell who show his stock portfolio to assure us he made no purchases in these Wall Street companies?

The state Department of Education and Gov. Jack Markell say the school board’s vote last week violated this agreement. The school board contends its vote was intended to fix a problem with the interview process.

Yea and Markell knew nothing of former Governor Minner’s sweetheart land deals. Gee, now what was the name of the State Treasure who signed those sweetheart checks?

Lyles has said she believes the interview process — which was run by school district staff — was not flawed.

But can’t say for sure, can you? Don’t worry Lowery has your back!

Arne Duncan pulls Gov. Markell out of the RTTT stormy waters

Governor Markell’s Wall Street Education Connection Grows

By now you all know K12.Inc is under contract with DEDOE to run Moyer Academy after DEDOE / Jack Markell took over Moyer.

Check this out:  Ron Packard is the CEO and Founder of K12. Mr. Packard was previously a vice president of Knowledge Universe, and CEO of Knowledge Schools, which provides high-quality childhood education in community and employer-sponsored centers, and invests in, incubates, and operates several charter school companies. Previously, Mr. Packard worked for McKinsey & Company, as well as for Goldman Sachs in mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Packard holds a BA in economics and mechanical engineering with honors from the University of California, Berkeley. As a Hughes Scholar, he spent his undergraduate summers writing an image-processing language. He holds an MBA with honors from The University of Chicago, and he is a chartered financial analyst”

Governor Jack Markell to support the Climate Prosperity Project in Delaware, Delaware Online Thursday, February 19, 2009  “Markell was previously a consultant with McKinsey & Company”.

University of Chicago Booth School of Business; Distinguished Alumni Awards

(Entrepreneurial Award – 2009) Founder CEO of K12.Inc RONALD PACKARD began his career at Goldman Sachs, but after earning his MBA, he switched to consulting giant McKinsey. His work drew the attention of Michael Milken, who was launching an education investment fund and offered Packard the post of senior vice president for the Knowledge Universe Learning Group. Milken then named him CEO of Knowledge Schools, a chain of pre-schools.

2010  PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD- Jack Markell was a banker at First Chicago when he entered the Evening MBA Program. He then put his MBA to work as consultant at McKinsey, an executive at Comcast, and as an entrepreneur as the 13th employee at Nextel—a company whose name he coined and whose business development efforts he led. He left the private sector after being elected Delaware’s state treasurer, a position he was re-elected to twice.

Hey Jack is this a good buy? Is diversification good if you want to hide $$$ finger prints? Well thank God K12.Inc is a Delaware corporation.

On April 13, 2011, K12 Inc., a Delaware corporation (the “Company”), entered into a Securities Purchase Agreement (the “Purchase Agreement”) with TCV VII, L.P., a Cayman Islands exempted limited partnership, TCV VII (A), L.P., a Cayman Islands exempted limited partnership, TCV Member Fund, L.P., a Cayman Islands exempted limited partnership, and TCMI, Inc., a Delaware corporation. TCV VII, L.P., TCV VII (A), L.P. and TCV Member Fund, L.P. are collectively referred to herein as the “Purchasers”.

President Obama has no heart for the Delaware Reach girls in crisis

Court asked to intervene in struggle at school; Reach Academy ‘needs a champion’ ; Written by NICHOLE DOBO

The Reach Academy for Girls charter school is financially insolvent and the court should appoint a neutral party to oversee the school, according to court documents filed Monday in Chancery Court.

The school, which has been open for less than a year, came under scrutiny from the state Department of Education late last year for serious financial and staffing issues. In February, the state Department of Education informed the school board that there were grave deficiencies. The state was considering revoking the charter, which could result in closure of the school.

Vice President Joe Biden comes to town to wet-nurse Governor Jack Markell through a Race to The Top one-year anniversary. But yet Joe Biden leaves two with his ass to the Reach girls.

President Obama doesn’t hesitate to  the United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to town to advance federal intrusion into Delaware local schools. Duncan chastises Christina School District’s school board who had no choice by to mop up after their superintendent deviated from the PZ MOU. Duncan’s comments run counterproductive to a Delaware State Legislator’s interjection into the issue support the board unfortunate right decision. Here is a message to Duncan from that Delaware State Representative, Blog-a-gram for Arne Duncan from Delaware State Legislator.

Looks like the “change” President Obam brought to Delaware was supporting Delaware’s own “change agent” Jack Markell who handed keys to Delaware’s public school over to Arne Duncan and the business roundtable.

The Delaware Reach Academy for Girls a charter school is in crisis and Delaware Secretary of Education hides under her desk telling her staff no calls in regards to Reach. It seems trying to force out Christina’s school board president John Young is the new game in town. John Yound refused to drop to his knees and give Arne Duncan a political blow-job like Governor Markell does.

Obama and Duncan are too busy protecting campaign contribution from the business roundtables who want to re-engineer public schools in effort to shift funds to Wall Street education profiteers. 

Jack Markall should be ashamed of himself for ignoring the cries if the Reach girls. Yea little Jackie Markell grew up to be a big man with a stone heart. He wonders why Grasshopper can’t look him in the eyes when shaking hands. One of the first lesson Jack learned growing up. I hear the makers of the Care Bears are coming out with a new bear called No Heart Jack. 

Delaware Business Leaders aka Markell’s owners bash Christina

School board’s reversal should be reconsidered:by Ernest J. Dianistasis, chair, Delaware Business Roundtable; James A. Wolfe, president and CEO, Delaware State Chamber of Commerce

The Christina School Board made an agreement to develop and follow through with a plan to turn these schools around. In exchange, considerable state assistance was to be forthcoming. As business leaders  we know full well the importance of adhering to an agreement once made. Reneging results in loss of credibility, which no business and no school board can afford.

it is frustrating to see the hopes of Delaware’s future workers and leaders dashed for a personal agenda.

Let me get this right! The Business Roundtable who championed DSTP a flaw education reform plan that even Delaware Governor Jack Markell deemed flaw now wants a say in Race to The Top?

“Dashed for a personal agenda” John Young, I think they might be referring to you!

We hope for the sake of the children in Christina, that this board will reconsider its position and move forward with the public commitments that it has made.

Here again just like Markell, Lowery, Duncan, Baker and Coons, nothing said about about holding the CSD super accountable for deviating from the PZ MOU which is responsible for this crisis.

And wouldn’t you know , The Delaware Business Roundtable and the Rodel Foundation of Delaware are the principal private sector investors in Vision 2015, Delaware’s plan to make public schools among the best in the world.  

Where is the Delaware Business Roundtable on the Reach crisis?

Blog-a-gram for Arne Duncan from Delaware State Legislator

Uninformed and inappropriate remarks made by Baker and Duncan do not contribute to any constructive dialogue. I stand by all my previous remarks that the Christina School Board cast a legitimate vote that stayed within the transformation and Partnership Zone requirements. Their vote corrected a unilateral action taken outside the MOU that disaffected legitimately qualified teachers and denied them due process. I support the Boards action as legal, proper and in the best interest of education reform proposed under the RTTT. Please feel free to forward this comment to Sec. Duncan and the libelous spewing Mayor Baker.,
Representative John Kowalko 25th District Delaware. Let me repeat “DELAWARE STATE Representative”

re: Wilmington’s Mayor Baker comes crawling out of his hole Re: RTTT

Coons jumps on the bandwagon to support Markell /Duncan re: RTTT

Coons, Duncan Support $11M Fund Freeze

 “I just want to give some kudos to our Gov. Jack Markell for standing strong on this, as well as our state Secretary of Education Lillian Lowery.

Coons says the lesson is that if you make an agreement, you need to keep it, otherwise there are consequences. But he says he feels there will be a quick resolution.

Duh dip-shit Coons, the PZ MOU agreement was violated by the CSD super. So I guess you will support her termination?