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TFB for TFA; Cuts to AmeriCorps puts $$$ screws to TFA

DITORIAL | PENNY AND POUND FOOLISH: Slashing Community Service

House Voted: $118 million for shutdown costs

“Teach for America says losing its $11 million grant from AmeriCorps means it would be short of money to pay for recruiting, training and other operating costs. It says it would have to reduce by about 500 the 8,200-member corps of recent college graduates it dispatches to help raise achievement in low-income schools. The separate loss of the $5,000 educational stipend available to AmeriCorps participants at the end of their service would make their recruiting harder.”

“The House bill also eliminated $21 million in direct appropriations for Teach for America. If that goes through, the group says it will have to shrink its corps by another 500 teachers. President Obama’s budget proposal for next year omitted that financing, too, but held out a possibility that some money could be made up in competitive grants from the Education Department.”


President Obama, how about more police to protect American cities

I oppose the direct American intervention in Libya’s civil war. Providing arms and intelligence to the Libyan rebel forces in one thing but an outright U.S. military attack is another thing and sends the wrong message.

All across the Unites States local and state police agencies are laying off police officers. This action put the citizens of our cities and states in great danger and the lives of our police officers.

Obama starts another war to protect lives in Libya while disregarding the lives of Americans and the first responders who protect them. No one elected Obama world sheriff and its time others around the world step up and take the lead.

Give a man a Noble Peace Prize and what does he do? Starts another war! Sorry folks, we have a war on crime right here in American.

When its all over in Libya and  uammar Gaddafi is dead, I wonder who is going to pick up the tab to rebuild Libya?

U.S. attacks on Libya knocks out student driver’s ed program

Howard Vo-teach to serve Chinese lunch to Duncan & Biden; USDOE fortune cookies for staff

Biden to join Duncan at America’s Promise Summit in D.C.

Arne Duncan America’s number one corporate seagull ( one who comes to town; eats, talks shit, takes a shit and leaves) needs to be back in D.C. to give a pep-talk at 5:45 pm at the America’s Promise Summit. Biden will be also joining Duncan for this event. “Vice President Joe Biden will deliver remarks on March 22 on the importance of investing in education and the steps being taken to reach the President’s goal for the United States to lead the world with the highest proportion of college graduates by 2020” Hey Joe don’t forget to swing by the VP crib and feed Champ.

No doubt Markell and his DEDOE puppet show will be attending. After this blow-fest Duncan takes off for California for a few days !

Building a Grad Nation Summit to highlight progress and challenges in dropout crisis; America’s Promise March 21-23, 2011 in Washington, DC; Notable speakers at the event include the following individuals:Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education, Jeb Bush, Former Governor, Florida; Chairman, Foundation for Excellence in Education, Vicki Phillips, Director of Education – College Ready, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation