Why is DEDOE allowing Moyer to operate in the dark?

Here is the DEDOE offical web link to Moyer charter school. Its a K12.com commercial website! No links to board of directors (school board)  meeting minutes and no financial reports required by Delaware law.

The public shouldn’t have to be up the state legislators ass pointing out these violations. Just last month I had to get state legislators to intervene to get the Delaware State Board of Education to comply with the law requiring them to publish board meeting minutes.

Governor Markell is on this national bandwagon inspired by the the business round table to hold teachers accountable but yet it appears Markell gives the green light for Moyer private owners K12.com to no comply with rules other charter schools and public school must comply to.

One response to “Why is DEDOE allowing Moyer to operate in the dark?

  1. Fear not. K12 gave VA elected officials a ton of money. 50.00 says that Jack is to a recipeient of their largesse and DOE is now busy with other projects.