Careful how you yell success in school turnaround

Update 02/16/2011 the purge continues

——————————- (05)    (06)    (07)       (08)      (09)        (10)——-(11)

American Indian            0.0    0.1%   0.0%      0.1%     0.0.%      0.0%——0.01%

African-Americans       30.4%  30.3%  27.7%  24.6%   19.6%    15.1%—13.2%

Asian American             1.1%    0.3%     0.0%      0.9%     1.1%       2.5% —–2.6%

Hispanic                         36.3%   39.9%  46.2%  36.9%   34.1%   28.9%——-24%

White                              32.2%   29.4%   26.1%   37.5%    45.1%   53.5%——59.7%

Low Income              56.6%   72.2%  74%     57.7%    57.7%      41.5%——34.5%

Special Ed                     18.3%   19.5%  19.3%      13%       13%       5.9%——3.9%

Multi-Racial (new for 2011)———————————————————0.4%

The above is the data for Red Clay’s magnet school / all choice Conrad Schools of Science (6-12). Conrad School of Science opened fall 2007. Replacing Conrad Middle School.

Conrad School of Science is an oustanding public school and I urge  all parents to choose Conrad for their child.

I want to make is clear though it appears the “school” is being turned around my concern is being an all choice school reassigning  former feeder patterns question what interventions did the district offer to the students at the old so-called failing Conrad? Are we playing a shell game with low achieving minority students and creating an oasis for student who really want to learn? Sure that’s want parents want, places where students can go and learn and achieve. The new Conrad is the place for that. So parents out their get in gear and sign you kids up for Conrad. Lets make it quite clear, the new Conrad does not discriminate nor does it turn Red Clay community students away. It’s up to the parents and students to want to attend. Sadly many of the low performing particularly African-American students seem not to have a parent for an advocate.   Also, it appears there has been a major drop is Speical Ed students.

There is this saying in, for every action there is a reaction. It appears the reaction is taking place at H.B DuPont Middle and A.I. DuPont Middle schools.

The numbers were predicted and calculated by those setting the agenda for Conrad and it fulfilled a long ago promise that Conrad high school would be back. Personally, I am glad its back and I very please with Conrad School of Science. Parents its there for the taking and if you want your child to participate in amazing magnet school just step up. From what I am told no in district choice application has been turned away.

As for the concerns of shifting students in high needs to the other schools, I am confident Merv is sincere about making all Red Clay school equal and desirable. Make note, it takes more than great teachers and great leaders to make successful schools. We need great students willing to learn and great parents to support their children and schools.

4 responses to “Careful how you yell success in school turnaround

  1. And, also happening at Stanton and Skyline. They move alot of troubled, low-peerforming kids out of the Conrad feeder, send them to all of the other middle schools with no additional resources, and stand around with their thumbs up their asses while the schools deteriorate year by year. DUH. Problem solved. And, to top it off, the principal who never managed Conrad and ran it into the ground gets promoted to district office and a top-payong position. Makes sense to me.


    • kilroysdelaware

      The new Conrad is a “great” school but the goal of turning schools around was meant to address students academic needs and make them successful.

      Conrad is not skimming students but parents of many at-risk in the old feeder pattern don’t give a rat’s ass. So since parents don’t advocate for their children the Red Clay administrators decided too bad you snooze you loose. For the administration to brag on the success of the new Conrad while shipping at-risk students out without intervention in place is shameful.

      The agenda was for Conrad to fail so that an excuse could be made to deliver back “Conrad High School” as promised years ago! If you live in the Conrad area community you would know the “promise”.

      When I was the Chairperson for the old district Title 1 Parent Advisory Board I bitch and bitch that needy middle schools weren’t getting Title 1 funding. Finally for about three years, Conrad Stanton and AI Middle received a meager amount of Title 1 funding. The district did kick in a computer lab.

      My son received an “outstanding” education at Conrad back before the change. Also, I was on the exploratory magnet school committee and all choice was never in the plans nor was the high school component. I recommended change the schools name to Woodcrest Academy. But little did I know everything was predestined

      I do want to stress Conrad is a great school.

      I was informed after protest that students and future students living in the old Conrad feeder pattern would automatically be accepted once Choice application was complete. As far as I know, no Red Clay student was not denied admission.

      Also with Conrad going all Choice it changed the dynamics of the Neighborhood School Act and Red Clay’s approved plan. They were to assigned students to the closes schools and now they bus students further into the district.

      Just like Wilmington High the plan was to allow it to fail !

      The reality is DEDOE and the governor are the ones with thumbs up their asses and they will have their hands full when the push comes for a Wilmington School District.


  2. It turns kids away in district…there is a ‘waiting list’ and an interview process, review of student grades and discipline records.


  3. When students who live across the street from Conrad get bussed to Pike Creek and Hockessin (Skyline, HB), you know it’s just a shell-game. And when students who live 5 minutes from those schools request to go to Conrad, you know it’s just a shell-game. In ten years, figure Skyline or HB to be the new magnet school.

    We’re running to stand still. And pretty effectively it seems.