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Charter school backlash to hit Red Clay board race ?

The streets are talking and organizing to pay Red Clay board back for unfavorable stance on charter schools.

I support Red Clay’s board position to not entertain new charter school applications.

Will RC rent for Charter School of Wilmington open Pandora’s Box Posted on May 19, 2010 by kilroysdelaware |

Just saying folks, remember the old saying be careful what you wish for! I don’t think charging CSW rent is wise in such an unstable economy. They pay building usage fees and perhaps this is an area the board needs to review to ensure they are paying their fair share. With or without CSW, Red Clay still would have had to renovate the Wilmington Campus.

No going soft here and CSW admission process SUCKS! Just step back and look from outside the box and remember the rent decision will hurt Red Clay students within CSW.

Is Charter School of Wilmington going $$$$ belly-up?Posted on February 17, 2011 by kilroysdelaware

I strongly recommended Red Clay board approve the enrollment increase. CSW parents have been good referendum supporters!

I am not going to enjoy this board race because both candidates are friends. I have my issues with charter school admission preferences which are legal and the real battle is there. I support parents rights to chose charter schools. The question is how much revenge voting will take place? In all fairness to the public and school community  a candidate debate is in order. It would be best for both candidates to communicate their positions all all issues impacting public education in Red Clay and hopefully Race to The Top is in that mix. Let the voters have a clear understanding before they vote.


Is DSEA pulling a Mayor Daley ?

New DSEA president announcement is not coming tomorrow?

The DSEA website said in several places that the preliminary results would be posted online March 1 (tomorrow). And then the results would be voted on by the executive board March 8.

Now I’ve been told the the results will not be released until they are official. That happens March 8. The union is not a government agency, so it’s really up to them to decide these things. We asked why there’s been a delay

UPDATE: The DSEA spokeswoman says there will be a press release tomorrow. No word on what it will contain. Maybe they will release the preliminary results after all? Stay tuned.

Don’t tell me there was something in the RTTT MOU that says Arne Duncan has the final say! Isn’t a highly qualified math teacher on board who knows how to operate a calculator?

Big DSEA announcement coming this week

Results from DSEA officers election are being loaded on a plane in North Korea as we speak. Once the pilot gets permission to land at New Castle County Airport the results will be hand carried by Mike Matthews in a Dunkin Donuts box to DSEA’s bunker.

Good luck to all you candidates and God help our children if a Race to The Top cheerleader is elected president.

Pete DuPont for Governor and Copeland for Lt; WHAT !!!!!

I must be dreaming can this be true? Can former Delaware Governor Pete DuPont actually run again? Charlie Copeland as Pete’s running mate? Well not running mate because the governor and Lt. Governor run independent from each other.

I hear their campaign slogan is Bringing Delaware back to prosperity. Wait a minute, this can’t be true am I still asleep? I’m hearing a deal was cut with Mike Protack if he not go off into a political rant calling the DuPont  family the Delaware Mafia, Pete would appoint him secretary of transportation. No no no no ! This has to be a dream! Jason Scott as Pete’s communication director and Kilroy as Copeland’s! OMG, Mike Matthews as secretary of education! DOE Dan as chief of staff! John Young to take the lead to dismantle Race to The Top? O crap this is a dream, I just woke up !

Breaking Markell busted re: RTTT Wall Street connection and more

follow up to this post ;Another DEDOE screwup! Don’t worry its only 8.3 million this time! Posted on February 26, 2011 by kilroysdelaware

Wireless Generation was purchased by News Corp., After Hiring Klein, Buys Technology Partner in a City Schools Project

On Monday, News Corporation announced that it had signed an agreement to buy 90 percent of Wireless Generation for $360 million in cash, its first foray into the for-profit world of education since its book publishing arm, Harper Collins, got out of the textbook business in the mid-1990s. The deal thrusts one of the world’s largest media conglomerates behind a concept championed by New York City’s schools chancellor, Joel I. Klein: a numbers-based system to evaluate and rank schools and to improve teaching.

The announcement was all the more interesting because just two weeks ago, Mr. Klein said he would leave the chancellor’s job at the end of the year to become an executive vice president with News Corporation, charged with pursuing business opportunities in the education marketplace.

Joel Klein
Executive Vice President
News Corporation

Rupert Murdoch
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
News Corporation

Markell leads Delaware teachers to a Joel Klein indoctrinationPosted on September 26, 2010 by kilroysdelaware |

Ok lets just go along with the teacher union bashers and say unions are sucking education funding dry (not the case). So does that justify taking the those funds and sending them to Wall Street?

Damn, I would love to see Jack Markell’s stock portfolio!  When Jack kicked in $700,000.00 of his own money to run for governor I wondered what kind of idiot would do that!   I guess a smart one !

Democratic Governors Association Withdraws Complaint Against Fox News by Jon Bershad | 12:12 pm, October 7th, 2010

“Gov. Jack Markell of Delaware, chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, said Tuesday that a $1 million contribution from Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation to help elect Republican governors had turned into “a galvanizing moment” for Democrats.

‘When we told our supporters about the Fox donation,” Mr. Markell said, ‘they exceeded that amount in small contributions to us within a matter of days.’

WOW! I wonder with the Jack Markell – Wireless Generation – Joel Kline- News Corp -Rupert Merdoch connection does this mean Markell is in bed with Rupert?

I dare anyone to say Jack Markell isn’t an enabler for those trying to privatize public education. OMG Joel Kline has strings on Delaware schools WTF !

Markell 27th week hustle that cost Delaware Taxpayers $54.8 and more

Markell budget includes layoffs, program cuts

It only happens every 11 years, but the 27th pay week will fall within the 2012 fiscal year from July 1 to June 30, 2012, adding a $54.8 million expense to the budget, Visalli said.

What this means is an extra check for salary employees!

The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) has some suggestions:
Option 1: Divide the total salary among the 27 pay periods rather than 26. This will result in smaller amounts in each paycheck. if you want to do this, be sure to inform your employees, so they don’t complain.

What Jack Markell doesn’t tell you and is not reflective in a $54.8 million dollar hit to the state budget is there is also a financial impact to local school district and charter schools. I wonder if Charter School of Wilmington figure this in to their financial woes.

Now just think if legislators get paid every two weeks? Do they get a free weeks pay?

If Markell used the options cited by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers he could avoid cuts to school transportation funding and other cuts to education. Also, perhaps give all school employees a raise not just teachers.

I am going to try and find out how much the 27 week issue will cost Red Clay local Taxpayers. Ballpark figure is about $1.9 million dollars to Red Clay local taxpayers.

Another DEDOE screwup! Don’t worry its only 8.3 million this time!

Delaware schools: State’s new education consultant criticized for work in New Jersey

The state Department of Education awarded an $8.3 million contract to a New York company to help teachers in public schools learn how to use data from math and reading assessments to guide classroom instruction.

Don’t you think with 250 employees at the Delaware Department of Education they should have someone with enough skills to teach teachers how to evaluate student test scores?

The state selected Wireless Generation to help hire, train and deploy its data coaches.

The money should have been use to hire parent coaches.

The company faced a firestorm after it worked with New Jersey on its failed Race to the Top grant application. The application was found to have a clerical error in it — information for the wrong budget year was included.

Well then Markell pick the right company because the’ll be living in a constant firestorm working for Markell.

Some politicians blamed Wireless Generation for not catching the error and asked the company to return the $500,000 fee paid for technical assistance on the application.

Markell will claim those politicians were Republicans and he consulted the Democrats and they say all was fine.

In a state hearing, the state secretary of education, who has since lost his job, took responsibility for the error.

Here in Delaware the governor took over the Sectary of Education job and we can figure out who is doing his.

Through a spokeswoman, Wireless Generation defended its work

So does Deldot

The Delaware Department of Education did not look at the New Jersey situation when it selected Wireless Generation for the data-coach grant, said Dan Cruce, the state’s deputy secretary of education. Cruce said even if the state had been aware of the controversy, it would not have been an issue because the state was hiring the company for a different function.

I think this is code Markell has a personal freind at Wireless Generation

Data coaches are educators who use data to help teachers figure out ways to boost struggling learners or fine-tune schools that already excel. The first five data coaches will be in classrooms as soon as next month, and the state plans to eventually have 29 of these experts in Delaware’s districts and charter schools.

Yea and Crack is use to keep the homeless up on night son they can protect themselves from vampires. What to you get when you put 29 data coaches and DOE Dan ins a shoe box ? fifteen pairs of loafers.

“First and foremost, this is a benefit to what teachers need in the classroom,” Cruce said.

And when was the last time DOE Dan taught a classroom. I think teacher needs more supplies so they can stop spending their own money! I think teachers need better intervention coaches to help the many dysfunctional family that impact students learning ability.

Teachers and administrators were included on the state’s selection team. Wireless Generation was neither the lowest bidder nor the highest-scoring firm among 14 proposals sent to the state. However, the state brought in finalists for interviews, and selected the firm with the help of that additional information.

Yep blame the teachers. Additional information ? Surf and turf in Atlantic City ?

The data coaches will not be state employees. They will work for Wireless Generation

So why can’t Teach for America teacher work for Teach for America? Why put them in the pool of due process when they fail?

And after the grant funding ends, schools will be able to sustain the program themselves, said Alan Stadtmauer, associate director of professional services at Wireless Generation.

With raising local school taxes

“A lot of what this project is about is going the final mile,” Stadtmauer said. “What Delaware has done is provide an incredible data-rich environment for teachers.”

And more administrators

“What I liked about this vendor was their proven track record at the middle and secondary level,” Zych said. “It is a known entity with a lot of strong data that regulated good results in other states.”

So early intervention is a myth? Does this mean we don’t need to fund Pre-K? They should have a proven record K-12! Wait ! I am sorry, they were only awarded $8.3 Million Dollars! Barely enough to want to get up out of bed.

Looks like the boy we be partying very soon

Yale Education Leadership Conference 2011 – March 25, 2011 … Paul Herdman President & CEO, Rodel Foundation; Jack Markell Governor, Delaware …Larry Berger Co-Founder & CEO, Wireless Generation; Jen Medbery Founder, … Citizen Schools; Jonathan Spear Co-Founder & COO, Generation Schools

Real discussion on a Wilmington Delaware School District

From: Charles Potter Jr

Are We Ready for a Wilmington School district?

The Time to Decide is Now!

Panel Discussion: “We Can and Will do Better”

Saturday, March 5th from 9AM – 12PM Sat

Carvel State Office Building Auditorium

9th & French Streets

Wilmington Delaware


Open to the Public

Parking lot under building


Red Clay denied neighborhood student to Conrad

I received an E-mail from a parent who lives in Conrad’s former feeder pattern. She tells me her child was denied admission to Conrad School of Science. I urged her to E-mail the Red Clay and some local legislators.  I received a copy of that E-mail and am waiting permission to share.

In the meantime, I want to share this:

Prior to the public announcement of Conrad School of Science I was invited to breakfast with the former district superintendent. He laid out the play for Conrad and ask my opinion. I supported the plan on one condition. That condition was students living in the current Conrad feeder pattern must have preference but still must complete the Choice application.

From the Community News June 27, 2006 by Antonio M. PradoStaff Reporter:

New attendance zones set for Conrad students

The final step for the return of Henry C. Conrad High School in 2007 took place recently when theRed Clay Board of Education approved new attendance zones for Conrad Middle School students whodo not want to stay once a magnet program specializing in biotechnology and health careers is established for the 2007-2008 school year.

However, students in the current Conrad Middle School attendance zone will have preference when it comes to selecting students for the magnet program for sixth through 12th grades, said Board President Irwin J. Becnel Jr.

During the public hearings held earlier this month, Red Clay residents criticized Red Clay for not having middle school attendance zones in general that adhere tothe spirit of the state’s Neighborhood SchoolsAct. In particular, residents pointed out how several students in the current Conrad feeder pattern will be busedpassed middle schools that are closer to their homes. Moreover, student sin the city will have no school to call their own.

“I’m very concerned that the interests of the Conrad people are not being heard,” Buckley said .“We went out of our way to have Conrad hearings ,but we didn’t go out of our way to invite the right people.”

I assure you with Red Clay’s refusal to address the middle school and high school neighborhood needs and an agenda to cater to K-8 schools in the more affluent section of Red Clay the district will be face with a major civil rights lawsuit. In this case of the parent who E-mail me I think the have a legal case associated with Red Clay putting their ass in the face on the intent of the Neighborhood School Act. I wonder how many other parents living in the former Conrad Feeder pattern children were denied?

Red Clay superintendent needs to be very careful about how he brags about Conrad’s turn around as their was a human toll. See Careful how you yell success in school turnaround

I think we need to reflect on the delivery Red Clay fair and equitable education services. For my good friends in the City of Wilmington, get your heads out of your asses! The reason there are no Red Clay middle school and high school services for  Wilmington’s children is because Wilmington men are failing to “Man up”.

Permission granted:

From: “Redclay Parent” <>
To: “deborah hudson” <>, “robert gilligan” <>, “james buckley” <>
Sent: Friday, February 25, 2011 6:07:20 AM
Subject: Conrad Schools of Science

I am writing to you to bring attention to the discriminating practices which are taking place at Conrad Schools of Science. There are several news articles which refer to Conrad’s proud history and staying true to the local community.  However, the applicants are cherry picked and many deserving students in the district are getting rejected while many former private school students who never supported public school and out of district students reap the benefits of the new Conrad.

I am a lifetime Conrad area resident who was the first generation of busing and the first class of Conrad Jr. High.  I sadly watched Conrad deteriorate over the years due to busing as I listened to stories of the good old days at Conrad High from my mother, mother-inlaw, aunts and uncles.  Needless to say my education was nothing to be desired during the busing years and I regret not having a chance to attend Conrad High School as it was before busing. Our parents, family members, myself and my older sons have historical ties with Conrad. I voted yes to every referendum and was a positive voice at board meetings to bring Conrad back to the proud school it once was.  My youngest son is a good candidate for Conrad Schools of Science, but he was recently rejected to attend 6th grade next fall and will be forced to attend our undesirable feeder middle school which will prevent him from reaching his full potential. Unfortunately, in this economy we don’t have any other options, Conrad was our only hope and we would have been active proud supporters of the school because we have a history with Conrad.

Out of district and private school students are being accepted into Conrad and taking spots away from well deserving district students. My son is a motivated and intelligent student who deserved a chance to better his education. Being a lifetime, tax paying local resident who supported public education, I find the rejection very unfair and appalling. Now that the new Conrad has gained popularity, it is not loyal to our local community as they claim or refer to in news articles.  The administration is constantly boasting about how their test scores have increased since they’ve become a magnet school, but it’s not due to the students Red Clay is producing, it is because they are cherry picking from private and out of district schools. How can a child from a Red Clay elementary school compete for a seat at Conrad with a child from a private school? It’s very unlikely and is an unfair disadvantage to Red Clay students. Conrad is rejecting the products of their own school district and it isn’t the students fault, it’s the lack of education Red Clay is providing them in elementary school.  I have to pay private tutors to supplement what Red Clay has not taught my children. Conrad was my son’s only hope of reaching his full potential but now my support and tax dollars are going to educate out of district and former private school students.

Thank you for your time in this matter. There are local hardworking residence who don’t have a chance at bettering their education because Conrad is too worried about their test scores. How can Conrad, being a school in the Red Clay School district reject their own product?  They produce the students so they should accept them into Conrad to help them become higher achievers. Give the district students a chance and then if they don’t perform or follow the requirements they can terminate their choice seat. Our son has no chance of continuing the Conrad tradition in our family and for no good reason, we have to stand by and watch people who were against public education, or students living out of district reap the benefits of what the local residents have supported. I regret voting yes to the referendums and voicing my support at the board meetings because neither has benefited my children.

By Red Clay Parent

Markell is out of town and DEDOE throws a party

Markell blind-sides Delaware teachers with TNTP

See  New Teacher Project in Delaware? FEBRUARY 24TH, 2011, AUTHOR: NICHOLE DOBO,

The New Teacher Project recently posted a slew of job ads for positions based in Delaware. Here’s one.

Teach for America, another “alternative route” to teaching certification is already in the First State. Sounds like The New Teacher Project has been approved too, since they are advertising for several Delaware-based jobs.

There’s a website listed on some of the New Teacher Project ads, but it’s a broken link

There is an assumption that current teachers teaching in Delaware’s low performing schools are not high qualified but when you go onto DEDOE website school profiles it shows many of those schools with an abundance  of “highly qualified teaches”. Perhaps the means DEDOE devised to determine HQT is flawed.

SEE THIS: This is from IMPROVING TEACHER QUALITY STATE GRANTS via the United States Department if Education. Go to this link USDOE and scroll down to Delaware :Reviewers Comments. There is more than what I copied and pasted here. Though 2006, there seems not to be anything more current available at USDOE to indicate current plan are acceptable.

Reviewing Revised State Plans

Meeting the Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT) Goal


Date: July 27, 2006

Peer Review Panel’s Consensus Determination:

_____ The plan is acceptable

__X__ The plan has the deficiencies described below.

Comments to support determination:

Delaware’s revised state plan for meeting the highly qualified teacher goal has the following deficiencies:

There is a clear lack of data provided at the district and school levels.

  • The plan should reflect a continuum of needs and responses. The reader should feel an overall “architecture” to the plan.

    • Delaware’s plan lacks a clear definition of the needs and/or problems in the state as they pertain to reaching 100% HQT. These can be described with a thorough data analysis. The core thrust of a plan is data-driven decision making.  Requirement 1 was not met in that regard and later requirements flow from Requirement 1.

    • Requirement 3 should be a clear response to data.  For instance, why this particular technical assistance?  What need and/or problem will it address?

    • Plans should include targets, milestones, intended outcomes and a description of how the state plans to align resources based on the specifics of the plan.

  • The anchors for this plan are the Teacher Quality Survey and RAMPS, neither of which is complete or has been beta-tested. These are tools and should not be used as strategies. As a reminder, first-year rollouts can be cumbersome.

  • The elements of the plan need to be more specific and measurable.

  • It may help to respond specifically to the sub-requirements and not just the main requirements as a whole.

Delaware leads the pack in spending Race to The Top funds

State Progress on Race to the Top

“Based on reports from the U.S. Department of Education. As of February 11th, Delaware had drawn down $8.7 million, or 7.3 percent, of its $119.1 million grant”

Odyssey Charter School enrollment to expand to 1140

This is the last school year for Odyssey Charter School under Red Clay’s charter. With the new DEDOE charter Odyssey will be permitted to expand to 1140 students by school year 2014-15.

Perhaps the ticket to Charter School of Wilmington desire to expand enrollment would be to apply for a new charter under DEDOE authority. With CSW proven track record they should be a shoe-in.

Is Jack Markell keeping his RTTT promise no new charter schools?

The fix is in New Moyer a go other 4 charter applications no go!

I have serious reservations about charter schools but in-spite those reservations I feel the rumors I am hearing may be true.

Rumor has it Governor Jack Markell did cut a sidebar deal to limit the number of new charter schools in exchange for union support of Race To The Top.

There may be players within DEDOE and the state board who are part of an agenda to railroad charter school applications.

There has been some preliminary talks among concern charter school proponents to inquire about a possible class-action lawsuit against Governor Jack Markell and the Delaware Department of Education. It appears a certain person within Markell’s inner education circle has been talking too much and it is “possible” someone has recordings of certain conversations.

It appears Markell is more concern about his personal political agenda than the desire of the community that supports charter schools. Has anyone notice Skipper has be quiet these days? Who knows, perhaps a former mayor of Owosso Michigan is content will Jack Markell’s self-imposed mayoral control of Delaware’s public schools and the fact the Vision 2015 has been incorporated.

What Jack Markell fails to realize is, his little sidebar promise will come back to haunt him. As time goes on more charter schools may be forced closed sending students back to failing schools they escaped. I guess Markell must feel its no big loss going from a failing charter school back to a failing public schools. But lets be fair here, the indicators used to determine failing schools and teachers is a standardized test and not a broad assessment. No doubt the charter schools that will be close will be high poverty and high minority schools.

Sooner than later a new generation of young civil rights leaders will emerge and though Markell will be long gone even after a second term, those who plan a career as state legislator will pay the price. There will be a new education revolution.

Those planning on submitting a charter school application or those reapplying should consider partnering up with K12  or with Innovative Schools. They know what it takes to help start up new charter schools.

I thought I’d never say this but here goes. Perhaps Red Clay should consider a charter school application for a school in the Hockessin area that will commit to serving a student population consisting of at least 75% Red Clay students. This could save the Red Clay taxpayers million is capital expenditures and the added burden of maintaining more building space. It could be a win-win for Red Clay parents who want charter schools and the taxpayers.

I honestly support public schools and definitely organized labor but when we have sidebar deals going on that are near immoral I have to reconsider my position.

All I ask is for charter school laws that don’t discriminate and a charter school approval process that includes political puppets who have no regards for the needs of the community.