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ObamaCare Unconstitutional ! Yikes !

Fla. judge strikes down Obama health care overhaul

PENSACOLA, Fla. — A federal judge declared the Obama administration’s health care overhaul unconstitutional Monday, siding with 26 states that argued people cannot be required to buy health insurance.

Senior U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson agreed with the states that the new law violates people’s rights by forcing them to buy health insurance by 2014 or face penalties. He went a step further than a previous ruling against the law, declaring the entire thing unconstitutional if the insurance requirement does not hold up


Arne Duncan on Monday: We need more black men in classrooms

Arne Duncan on Monday: We need more black men in classrooms.

In a phone interview Friday, Duncan said the nation’s teacher workforce does not reflect the diversity of its student when only one in 50 teachers is a black male. “This is a national problem,” he said, “and one in which most schools of education have not shown leadership or foresight.”

Saving the world at the cost of ignoring hometown

“Since Jan 1, 2011, 53 officers have been shot at, 37 were hit, with 14 of that being in a 36 hour period (at least 5 from Michigan). 10 have died and 2 remain in critical condition.”

The price for the war on international terrorism is less security in hometown America. America fights for freedom and security of countries like Afghanistan and Iraq but on the home-front does little to add more first responders to fight the bloodshed on America’s street. When the call for reinforcements is cities like Wilmington Delaware are made it is met with police layoffs.

Due to budget cuts, all around America local police forces have been laying off police and other first responders.

I am not sure where Delaware’s Governor Jack Markell is with the Delaware State Police budget but you can bet we won’t see new troopers on the road. Mayor Baker did his bump-down which forced three well trained WPD rookies out the door.

One of Markell’s education pitches is, we need to improved Delaware’s public school to attract new business.  Also, we need to improve education for Delaware children so they can be better prepared to compete in the global economy and Delaware workforce. What about the safety of our children and businesses? Everyday it’s another robbery or shooting!

Red Clay has a plan to build a new school in the suburbs at the same time the city schools have space. I wonder why? I love they referendum slogan, its for the kids!

When is the safety of our children going to be first? Now we have a level of violence on the streets that have no regards for the police. Our police are outnumber and perhaps out-armed.

If we want our economy to grow and our children to be better educated don’t you think we should also focus on their safety and those who proves that hometown security?

All this new D.C. money going into privatize public education and expand administration but yet not a dime to provide more police to protect the schools, the streets, the business, the homes, the playgrounds for our community.

Delaware loses 2100 jobs in one month: Unemployment rate 8.5%

Perhaps Delaware Governor Jack Markell should be more concern with  finding jobs for this generation of workers whom many loss their jobs because of failed government leadership and policies than being so fixated on the next generation. I guess for a governor its easy to dream about tomorrow at the same time denying today.  For many kids going to college depends on their parent’s ability to pay. Delaware’s bordering states unemployment rates stayed the same of improved and Delaware’s goes up. Perhaps Jack Markell should consider competing in the mid-Atlantic rather that across the Atlantic. We need jobs in Delaware not China. I don’t see what Delaware has to trade with China! I forget, what’s manufactured in Delaware?

United State Department of labor

Regional and State Employment and Unemployment Summary

Table C. States with statistically significant employment changes from November 2010 to December 2010, seasonally adjusted

                   |   November  |   December  | Over-the-month
State              |     2010    |     2010(p) |    change(p)
Alabama............|   1,870,800 |   1,857,600 |     -13,200
Delaware...........|     412,800 |     410,700 |      -2,100
Georgia............|   3,822,700 |   3,805,200 |     -17,500
Hawaii.............|     593,700 |     589,800 |      -3,900
Idaho..............|     603,400 |     606,900 |       3,500
Iowa...............|   1,480,700 |   1,474,200 |      -6,500
Minnesota..........|   2,672,100 |   2,649,700 |     -22,400
New Jersey.........|   3,844,300 |   3,828,000 |     -16,300
New York...........|   8,520,700 |   8,497,900 |     -22,800
South Carolina.....|   1,819,400 |   1,828,400 |       9,000

Obama needs hands-off in Egypt

President Barack Obama said he had spoken to Mubarak shortly after his speech Friday and urged him to make good on his promises of reform. U.S. officials made clear that $1.5 billion in aid was at stake.

He we go again, more American taxpayers dollars going overseas when Americans suffer at home.

Mubarak has been president of Egypt for 30 years WTF! The Egyptians need to demand term-limits for their president.

Remember Sadat: “The last years of Sadat’s reign were marked by turmoil and there were several allegations of corruption against him and his family. In January 1977, a series of’ Bread Riots’ protested Sadat’s economic liberalization and specifically a government decree lifting price controls on basic necessities like bread. Dozens of nightclubs on the famous Pyramids Street were sacked by Islamists. Following the riots the government reversed its position and re-established the price controls”

“On 6 October 1981, the month after the crackdown, Sadat was assassinated during the annual victory parade held in Cairo to celebrate Egypt’s crossing of the Suez Canal. A fatwā approving the assassination had been obtained from Omar Abdel-Rahman, a cleric later convicted in the US for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.”

Mubarak doesn’t needs U.S. aid to bail his ass out! History will remind him! Egypt like many countries are meltdown down and the people pay a price for those self-serving politicians.

America needs to stay out of other countries internal civil unrest and civil wars. If he wants to help Egypt open free “balanced ” trade agreements. Just like Americans , Egyptians need jobs.

Whats going on in Egypt is way too big for Obama and we don’t want more people hating Americans because out president wants maintain American influence.

Obama try saving America before you want to save the world.

Markell’s back-door tax

Markell budget recognizes easy cuts are gone

Gov. Markell’s budget doesn’t call for a tax increase. It does, however, call for cuts, and it calls for investing in jobs. We can expect battles from the various constituencies coming under the ax.

Pushing  greater cost of public school transportation back on local taxpayers is raising taxes. And then there is state cuts to DelTech! You can bet tuition will go up!

Markell needs to reduce the size of Delaware Department of Education.

Another new school for Red Clay ????? What?

Red Clay eyes new K-8 school for Hockessin; Several older schools also in need of repair

Pike Creek, Del.-The Red Clay Consolidated School District has proposed building a new school in Hockessin because of overcrowded schools along the Limestone Road corridor.

The school, which would serve kindergarteners through eighth-graders, would be built off Graves Road if funding is approved through a referendum.

Lets be objective here ! Red Clay busing many Wilmington kids to the suburbs because it doesn’t have a traditional middle school and high school. I am going to be blunt here, are neighborhood schools meant for white kids only? Why should Pike Creek / Hockessin have the only K-8 school configuration? If its good enough to bus city kids to the suburbs for middle school is should be good enough to bus suburban kids to Wilmington for K-5. There is plenty of space at Lewis and Shortlidge. Also there is space at other K-5 Red Clay schools. Also, Charter School of Wilmington is renting unused space and it looks like that space is now needed.

I guess our city so-called community leaders will rollover and kiss ass as long as someone gets more SES business.  I understand the desire for parents to want their kids to attend schools close to home but, its time to stop kiss the have’s asses and step up and do whats right for the have-not’s. I don’t support a new school in Hockessin unless a portion of the city gets included in the feeder pattern.

In addition, several older schools are in need of $85 million worth of renovations, Amman said. These are renovations that were not covered in the last $195 million capital construction project that began in 2002 and ended in 2008.

I am all for maintaining our school building and would support a referendum for this portion. However, we need to fire someone in facilities. It appears by the poor-me photos presented at the last school board meeting that someone sucks at preventive maintenance. However, though only 5 more cents from the local taxpayers, the state share is paid by the taxpayers. So, 100% 0f all school referendums are paid by the taxpayers. I think on behalf of the taxpayers Delaware Department of Education should have an auditor review Red Clay’s wish list.

The district, with help from construction and facility experts, actually identified $600 million of needed renovations, Amman. But the $85 million comprises the most pressing issues, including leaking roofs

Well for sure this is all documented and I will be request that complete itemized documentation.

The district discussed this issue for some time before coming to the board, Superintendent Merv Daugherty said. The roughly 1,000 homes being built on the former Delaware National (Hercules) golf course and other parts of the district are going to be a tax on existing schools, he said.

So does that means 1000 new families to Red Clay not any existing Red Clay families buying larger homes? Graves Road is right off route 41 a direct route to the City of Wilmington. Let’s tell CSW we need that unused space and add a traditional middle school side by side with CAB. This way the country club kids can’t attend some of the city’s elementary schools and a new middle school at the Wilmington Campus.

Before any referendum the public needs to see the complete reports stating $600 million dollars of renovation is really needed. Adding solar power to a new school building or existing isn’t a need.

BUT WHAT ABOUT an operational referendum to ensure our teachers and all school support personnel are compensated for their hard-work?  If we go out for a referendum which will take the usual two attempts and  then a year later cry the blues for an operational referendum we might have a pissed-off public.

But we have an issue with our city students being “undeserved” in the participation in neighborhood schools. Seems like Red Clay will once again slice the pie, one for me and none for you.

Ohio mom goes to jail for sneaking daughters into another school district

Ohio Mom Gets Jail Time For Sending Kids to Suburban School

The mother of two was sentenced this week to 10 days in jail, three years of probation, and 80 hours of community service. Her crime? Sending her two daughters to an out-of-district school.

Williams-Bolar lives with the children in an Akron housing project but listed the girls’ home address on school forms as one belonging to her father, who lived nearby in Copley Township, a wealthier area with higher achieving schools. Both Williams-Bolar and her father, Edward Williams, were charged with defrauding the school system to the tune of $30,500.

Looks like Ohio could use a Choice school policy! Ohio wins $400 million Race to The Top funds and Duncan would rather build charter schools than require school Choice! Go figure !

Delaware Legislators cranking out grand-slams


Sen. Sokola & Rep. Heffernan & Rep. Schooley & Rep. Jaques & Rep. Scott

Sens. Blevins, Bunting, Bushweller, Ennis, Katz, Sorenson, Venables; Reps. B. Short, Q. Johnson, Bennett, Hudson, Kowalko, Miro, Mitchell





WHEREAS, over 60% of the new teachers hired in Delaware’s 19 school districts last year were hired in August or later; and

WHEREAS, the late hiring of teachers in Delaware places the state at a disadvantage when competing with other states for the best new teachers in the region; and

WHEREAS, the late hiring of new teachers is also disruptive to schools and prevents new teachers from receiving proper training and orientation; and

WHEREAS, the State Senate created a Teacher Hiring Task Force last year to make recommendations on steps that the state could take to reduce the number of new teachers hired in the late summer and fall; and

WHEREAS, the Task Force included representatives of the Delaware Department of Education, teachers, school district administrators, school board members, parents and the Office of Management and Budget and Controller General; and

WHEREAS, the Task Force made a number of unanimous recommendations regarding steps that the state could take to reduce the number of new teachers hired in the late summer and fall; and

WHEREAS, the Task Force members involved in the hiring of teachers believe that enactment of these steps will increase the percentage of teachers to whom job offers are made in the spring and early summer;



Section 1. Amend Title 14, Section 1702 of the Delaware Code by deleting subsection (b) and replacing it with the following:

“The Department of Education shall in its annual budget request recommend an aggregate amount to be

appropriated to the state’s school districts for the purpose of educational advancement on a unit basis.  The Department’s annual budget request shall include funds adequate to comply with its obligation under Section 1704(2) of this Title.”

Section 2. Amend Title 14, Section 1704 of the Delaware Code by deleting the first sentence and subsections (1)

and (2) in their entirety and replacing them with the following:

“The number of units to be used in determining state financial support in each school district shall be calculated by the Department of Education each year in accordance with the procedures specified in this section.

(1) The number of units shall be calculated based upon the total enrollment of pupils in each school district as of the last school day of September.  The total number of units by school district so determined shall be known as the “actual unit count.”  The Department of Education shall annually (after September 30) certify and report the number of units as required in § 1710 of this title.

(2) Each calendar year, the state shall estimate the actual unit count for each school district that will be produced in September of the same calendar year.  This estimate of the September unit count shall be completed no later than March 30 of each calendar year.  The total number of units by school district so determined shall be known as the “estimated unit count.”

(3) With respect to all state financial support described in this Title that is based upon the actual unit count, state financial support for each school district based upon the actual unit count derived in any calendar year shall not be less than 98% of the state financial support that would have been generated by use of that calendar year’s estimated unit count.”

Section 3. Amend Title 14, Section 1704 of the Delaware Code by renumbering subsection (3) as subsection (4).

Section 4. Amend Title 14, Section 1719 of the Delaware Code by replacing the last sentence of that section with the following:

“The Department retains the authority to require reimbursement of unit-driven funds from districts to the state that are caused by a district’s inaccurate reporting of pupil enrollments.”

Section 5. Amend Title 14, Chapter 17 of the Delaware Code by adding a new Section 1725 that shall read as follows:

“§ 1725  Tracking of School District Use of Unit Funds

(a)  All information received by the Department of Education, or any third party performing work for the Department of Education, relating to the dates on which new teachers are hired by individual school districts shall be posted on the Department of Education’s web site.

(b)  The Department of Education shall conduct randomized audits to ensure that information provided by school districts relating to the hiring dates of new teachers is accurate and complete.

(c) Within 120 days of enactment of this Act, the Department of Education shall promulgate regulations necessary to ensure that hiring information collected and reported by school districts uses uniform terminology.

(d)  By December 31, 2011, the Department of Education shall report to the General Assembly and Governor on the impact of the estimated unit count upon school districts’ performance in making earlier contract offers to prospective teachers.  To the extent that the Department of Education determines that any districts have not taken proper advantage of the estimated unit count, the Department shall recommend additional steps that should be taken to properly incentivize those districts to make earlier contract offers.

Section 6. Except as noted below, this Act shall take effect upon enactment.  If Compliance with Section 1704(2) is not possible based upon the effective date of this Act, compliance shall occur within 30 days of signature by the Governor, unless signature does not occur before April 30, 2011 in which case the Act shall take effect on October 1, 2011.

Section 7.  If this Act is not affirmatively reauthorized by the General Assembly by April 1, 2012, it shall expire and the language found in the Delaware Code prior to passage of this Act shall be reinstated.


This Act implements the recommendations of the Senate’s Teacher Hiring Task Force.  It will result in the creation of an estimated unit count each March, which the Department of Education will conduct using existing resources.  The state will guarantee that school districts receive unit funds for the following school year equivalent to 98% of the estimated unit count.  This will allow districts to make offers of employment to new teachers in the late spring and early summer.  The Act also requires greater transparency by school districts with respect to their hiring practices.  The Act must be reauthorized prior to April 1, 2012, so the state has an opportunity to ensure that the estimated unit count is reliable.

Tweaking Delaware Truancy Laws

SPONSOR: Rep. George & Sen. Blevins Reps. Barbieri, Q. Johnson, Scott, Walker; Sens. Booth, Henry, Sokola





Section 1. Amend § 2730 of Title 14 of the Delaware Code by renumbering current subsection (d) as (e).

Section 2. Amend § 2730 by inserting a new subsection

(d) to read as follows: “(d) Provided the parent(s), guardians(s) and/or custodian(s) has been served with a warrant or summons in accordance with § 2728 of this title, the Court may impose such conditions upon the parent(s), guardian and/or custodian of the person adjudicated as the Court deems necessary to assist the person adjudicated in receiving all the treatment, rehabilitation or care ordered by the Court. Additionally, the Court may impose such conditions as will enhance the ability of such parent(s), guardian(s) and or/ custodian(s) in providing the adjudicated person with adequate support, guidance and supervision necessary to follow the remedial disposition.”

SYNOPSIS This Bill provides the Justice of the Peace Court with jurisdiction to impose conditions upon the parent(s), guardian(s) and or custodian(s) of a person adjudicated as truant, provided that notice requirements are met. The conditions imposed may be those necessary to assist the adjudicated person in receiving all forms of treatment as well as guidance and supervision. Because the treatment and care of persons adjudicated truant is often directly related to the parent(s)/guardian(s)/custodian(s), this Bill will provide the Court with greater ability to enforce the conditions imposed upon both the adjudicated person and the individual(s) providing their care. This ability would assist the Court in meeting the long-term goal of a reduction in truancy and the rehabilitation of those adjudicated truant.

Kilroy says, this is another step forward. We need to strengthen laws holding parents and caregivers accountable

Delaware Legislators supporting education transparency



Rep. Willis & Rep. Lavelle & Rep. Hudson & Sen. Katz & Sen. Lawson & Sen. Simpson ;

Reps. Manolakos, Ramone, Wilson, Kowalko; Sens. Peterson, Sorenson









Section 1.  Amend § 104(b), Title 14 of the Delaware Code by adding a new paragraph (13) to read:

“(13)       Digitally record all public meetings of the State Board of Education and make the recordings available to the public on the Department of Education’s website within one business day of each meeting.  These recordings are not official Board minutes, but are a means to enhance communication to the public and to State legislators.”.

Section 2.  This bill takes effect on September 1, 2011.


“This bill requires that all public meetings of the State Board of Education be digitally recorded and made available to the public on the Department of Education’s website within one business day.  The recordings will not be considered the official Board minutes.”

“Red Clay Consolidated School District has been, as of September 2010, providing the public with digital recordings of their Board public session meetings via the District’s website.  The Christina School District School Board enacted a policy to provide digital recordings of their public session meetings and expects to be online in January 2011.”

Kilroy wants to give a special thanks to Red Clay Super, Red Clay School Board and Christina School Board for leading the way to more responsive open communication.

I see some legislative power hitters listed on the bill and I don’t foresee and resistance.

Reducing police forces gives the streets back to criminals and puts cops lives at risk

11 Officers Killed in 24 Hours in 5 States

(AP) ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – When two wounded law officers were rushed from the scene of a deadly shooting Monday morning on Florida’s Gulf Coast, someone handed St. Petersburg Police Chief Chuck Harmon a ring, two bracelets and a badge. 

They belonged to Sgt. Thomas Baitinger and Officer Jeffrey Yaslowitz, who died from the wounds they sustained helping to serve a warrant on a man with a long criminal history.

These were the latest police killings in a month that already proved fatal for 14 law officers across the nation. In just a 24-hour period between Sunday and Monday, 11 officers were shot in five states, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

This shit doesn’t make sense ! I get so pissed off when I hear of Wilmington reducing the police force due to budget cuts! Wilmington just booted 3 outstanding rookies.

Whatever happen to Homeland Security? We spread our troops around the globe to combat foreign  terrorists and billions of dollars to protect airport and air travel. In the meantime hometown terrorists aka local criminals roam the streets victimizing Americans on the home front and think nothing of killing police.

Its time to end the war in Afghanistan and pick up the battle in Wilmington and around the nation. We have enough troops around the world to secure our borders “and” keep out illegals.

Obama runs this bullshit education games feeding profiteers and gives states like Delaware funding to expand administrative positions. Perhaps if we clean up our streets of crime our kids will have less emotional baggage to carry to schools and perhaps they’ll do better.

Cuts to first responders should be off the table ! Delaware needs more police not less! Delaware needs 1000 more police on the streets to clean up this Wild-West show up !

Hey Jack Markell, you talk your shit about a better Delaware to attract jobs and industry and how good schools are an attraction. But what about safe streets and the ability for businesses to operate without looking over their shoulder every five minutes? Former State Treasure Jack Markell’s signature is on the those Minner land deal checks and now he play stupid! Jack lets not play games with public safety! Man up and add more funding to our first responders needs.

Brandywine School District stepping up for gifted/talented students

News from the Brandywine School District Gifted Program… A comprehensive K-8 Gifted Program

The Brandywine School District is committed to providing quality programming and opportunities for students identified as gifted and/or talented, and for students whose rate and level of learning is above the average. Services are provided via the full-time Academically Gifted Program. The Academically Gifted Program currently serves students in grades K-8.  Students who meet the criteria for eligibility will be invited to attend the full-time gifted program for the following school year.

This is what every school needs

Great transparency news for Delaware public schools.

————————————Equalizer 2 - Click image to download.—————————————–

Its been a mission of mine to push for more school board transparency via digitally recorded public sessions of board meetings and have those recordings placed on the district website.

Christina school board was the first school board in the state to enact a policy to provide the public with recordings on their public session. They should be coming online either this month or next.

Red Clay has been providing recordings online since September 2010: January 19, 2011 – 7:30 p.m. – Brandywine Springs Agenda – Agenda Executive Session – Full Agenda Audio of Meeting; double click link audio of meeting to hear. Red Clay’s superintendent make this happen without a board vote or policy.

Today I am happy to report I have support of a few state legislators who are in the process of putting a bill together to require the State Board of Education to following Christina and Red Clay’s bold steps in providing more meaningful information such as complete recordings of the board’s public sessions.

This is my request that went out to a few legislators:

“I am requesting the following legislation.
In support of ongoing commitment to transparency of government agencies and to promote renewed efforts in partnership among all stakeholders in Delaware’s public education I am requesting that all public session of the Delaware State Board of Education be digitally recorded and made available to the public via the Delaware Department of Education’s website.  The recordings will not represent the official board minutes but rather means to enhance communication to the public and state legislators.”

“Red Clay Consolidated School District has been as of September 2010 proving the public with digital recording of their board public session meetings via district website. Christina School District School Board enacted policy to provide digital recordings of their public session meetings and should be coming online January 2011” 

“I respectfully request this legislation and the effective date be no later than September 2011 state board meeting.”