No TFA bang for the buck?

Teach for America faces scrutiny from Texas lawmakers By ERICKA MELLON Copyright 2010 Houston Chronicle

Texas lawmakers have ordered a study of Teach for America to help determine if the Peace Corps-like program, which recruits top college graduates to work in needy schools, is worth the state’s $8 million investment.

The evaluation, due to the Legislature by Jan. 31, could serve as a key discussion piece as lawmakers debate how to slash the state’s budget, with a shortfall estimated to top $20 billion

Ask Red Clay what bang for the buck its getting for $300,000.00 over and above paying Teacher for America teachers salaries and benefits?

Hey Texas, a n”investment” is something one receives an return on and with TFA many don’t return after two years.  TFA is nothing more than a teacher training program where the graduates move on to their real lives not in education. Its nothing more than a hold-over job until the private sector starts to rehire. If these so-called good volunteers are truly volunteers why the do they receive a bonus check from the federal government aka AmeriCorp?



One response to “No TFA bang for the buck?

  1. One more time: every single TFA corps member in Delaware gets:
    > full teacher annual salary
    > full teacher annual benefits
    > free master’s degree in education leadership from Wilmington University
    > plus, a $8-10,000 stipend when their two-year stint is over ( to use to “further their education”)

    Local district or charter pays:
    $10,000 per TFA member per year on top of all of the regular employment costs–see above

    So, what makes this such a great deal???