What does a State of an Emergency in Delaware mean???

Ok Big snow storm on the way and we’ll assume Markell will give orders not to wake him unless the snow is 10 inches or better.

Back in the day when Delaware’s governor declared a State of an Emergency that meant keep your ass off the roads and highways. Also it meant for banks, stores, employers, schools and pretty much every body shut down with the exception of emergency services and 24 hour healthcare services like hospitals and nursing homes. There use to be volunteers with 4×4 shuttling medical and emergency workers to these critical jobs.

I think its time for our governor to pick up where  governors in the past failed and communicate to Delaware employers that he needs their support and cooperation. If the state takes a position of fining motorist for being on the road during a State of an Emergency and the individual is going to work I think the courts should default fines to the individual’s employer.

The real sad part about State of an Emergency not being taking seriously is  the police and emergency personnel spend more time assisting people who shouldn’t be on the road. The men and women that provide these services shouldn’t have the risk their lives responding to so dick-weed running to 7-11 for brownies and bread.

The State of Delaware’s capacity to handle snow emergencies has not kept up with population growth and I think the time has come to hold the governor and state legislators more accountable. Surely we can’t attract more businesses to Delaware in order for us to compete in the global economy if we can’t provide basic services.

The bottom-line is, until the state convinces industries to support time of emergencies it will be the little people paying any fines or risking life to drive to work. It will be first responders risking life to respond to people that shouldn’t be on the road in the first place.


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