WTF Fort Apache aka Moyer Academy

In case you haven’t been following the Moyer Academy here you go with the latest.

Moyer meltdown! WPD SRO goes in to action Posted on December 7, 2010 by kilroysdelaware

Breakfast with Serpico Posted on December 9, 2010 by kilroysdelaware

Update 12/10/2010 Dinner with Serpico

Looks like Delta Force at Moyer. One WPD SRO, two school security guards and a male teacher put down an incident that escalated after a student assaulted a teacher. Several student go involved and even a parent. Apparently in the defense of the student perpetrator. Appears charges were filed against the perpetrator, his crew and parent.

Dear Mr Maurice Moyer: Surely it was an honor having a school named after you. However, its obvious with the supervision of the Delaware Department of Education is out of their league. As you see I keep referring to Moyer Academy as Moyer Academy and it’s because I see them as two different entities. Prior to Governor Jack Markell  closing the real Moyer Academy to prove to Arne Duncan he has balls to close a low perform school in order to secure Race to The Top funding, the real Moyer Academy was rated “Commendable”. Jack Markell order the real Moyer closed prior to students taking last year’s DSTP and that was to demoralize students to ensure they wouldn’t put their best foot forward on the DSTP. was brought in because Jack Markell did not put together a plan to assist the so-called failing students. His plan was to let them just go back to the public schools they came from in their feeder-pattern. So Jack Markell’s way of helping failing students was to send them back to failing schools. Moyer was a Race to The Top sacrificial black lamb. I find it so ironic that one of the reasons Moyer was closed was because some of the teachers were not high qualified as prescribed by Title 1. Yet the United State Secretary of Education holds no education credentials to qualify him. I feel Moyer Academy is ground zero for a real education civil rights movement. Also, I would recommend that Mr. Moyer ask that his name be removed from this school and let Jack Markell  rename it Skipper Academy, Rodel Preparatory Academy or Sokola School for At-Risk Students.

One must question why the state would operate a charter school with a security force  and official police presence  when charter schools  are to be the cure for the so-called traditional public schools. Moyer is failing because it lacks community identity and is operating via a privatization mold orchestrated by the business round-table network lead by a bunch of rich white guys.

From a Miracle to Mess ! D you go that right. D we need  a voice and we need deliverance. Moyer needs a board of directors connected to the community reflective of the community.

However, there is no reason or excuse for civil unrest or attacks on members of the WPD or educators. If those who came to the perpetrator’s defense were so justified then they should have held civil protests. Kids should not enter schools as children and leave as criminals. The voice is stronger than the fist especially when that voice is organized.  Jack Markell’s obsession for political status and recognition by Washington set the  stage for  the events taking place at Moyer in motion.



9 responses to “WTF Fort Apache aka Moyer Academy

  1. Skipper school racing to the bottom is another option.
    DOE has created ths boondoggle and if Theo had stayed some degree of balance would have been achieved.
    Jack threw city blacks under the bus. The kids under the bus and k12 is dancing in the streets.
    Yet NO elected city official will say a word.
    Jea Street will sue CSD, but ignore a school in Wilmington.
    Voucher’s – give the parent’s a chance to escape.


    • kilroysdelaware

      “Voucher’s – give the parent’s a chance to escape.”

      Might make parents feel good but what about the kids. Will poor kids compete in Tower Hill? Will they afford the clothes. Tell me what can’t At-risk students attend CSW ? Why does Markell “allow skimming and creaming of students” He said during his campaign that he would address the re-segregation via charter schools.

      Moyer may have had some downfalls but it was rated Commendable. I guess credentials can be waived for Arne Duncan and NYC but not for teachers who can achieve Commendable.

      My son attended Conrad middle school and received a Superior education at a so-called failing schools! How is that possible?


  2. “So Jack Markell’s way of helping failing students was to send them back to failing schools.”

    Oy. I object to this statement–I despise the constant use of the terms failing student, failing school, and bad teacher, etc. I think that these kinds of labels tell us very little about the real situation.

    I do not know the home school for any of the Moyer students, and I would suppose that you don’t either, so how do you know and how can you say that they would return to FAILING SCHOOLS?

    How could Moyer Academy be perceived by anyone as a failing school AND yet achieve Commendable status? How is that possible?

    NBH: Vouchers? Really? Vouchers to where?


    • kilroysdelaware

      Now now, surely the mindset of those parents who send their kids to Moyer do so with the thought of their current school being a failure. Let’s be clear here, the ratings are skewed based on an F’ed up DSTP. How many Red Clay schools are under review for failing?? Failing what , to meet the objective of a flawed DSTP? Name the schools are not failing to meet the standards?

      The fact is they were rated Commendable!
      Moyer (Maurice J.) Academy (School Year 2008-09)
      School Rating: Commendable see DOE Data

      Please don’t take too much offense to my term failing schools as you know failing by what standards! DSTP and surely you are not going suggest DSTP is gospel!


    • Kilroy: I object to these terms because they do not IDENTIFY the real problem. Bad dog, bad girl, bad teacher–these labels do not clarify what is wrong. That is my point about the labels. I do not deny that we have some under-performing schools, low-achieving students, and ineffective teachers.

      However, I do disagree with your assumption that all Moyer parents put them in Moyer to get them out of “failing”schools. I imagine that some folks sent their kids to Moyer for many other reasons: closer to home, the draw of Theo Gregory, the cultural identity of the school, etc.

      BTW: My own school did not make AYP last year. Very disheartening.


  3. Voucher’s to anywhere the parent wants their kid to attend.
    The problem with government school’s usually isn’t the teacher – it’s everyone else. Most teacher’s do a decent job but the clueless admin and way out of touch main office make things so bad that the teacher spends all day with inanity cascading all around them.

    We spend andspend and spend some more and nothing improves.

    Voucher’s will help the kid and save the taxpayer alot of money.


  4. Here’s the thing with vouchers. My kids go to private school and one thing the school offers is discipline and accountability. in the years my kids have been there we have seen several families kindly asked to send their kids somewhere else either because of behavior issues or academic issues. with vouchers would they still have the same ability to discipline and dismiss as they do now or is it another entitlement program where it is seen as a right and not a priveldge? and what of class size issues? parents get vouchers and EVERYONE wants to send their kid to Sallies, Friends, Independence, Tatnall, etc. how will those schools handle 3000 kids trying to get in via vouchers?


    • kilroysdelaware

      Perhaps you mean school offers to hold students and parents accountable as stakeholders.

      Charter schools can’t give student the boot for being nonconforming whereas traditional school can’t .

      If Delaware were to go with school vouchers every parent of a child currently in private schools will receive one and rightfully so.

      Parents who send their children to private school also pay school taxes and non services renderer by the local public schools. Kind of like free money to the local public schools. However with the economy being so bad more parents opt for public school rather than private. This dilutes the extra cash flow.

      Delaware is not ready for a voucher systems until they level the charter school admission process that does a disservice to at-risk students. Not re-segregation by race but intelligence.

      Supply and demand would kick in perhaps causing tuition to increase at the more prestigious private schools.

      However at the end of the day there will be kids who have no parent advocating for them. Vouchers will not motivate unmotivated parents.


  5. But, where is there space in any of our current schools to have kids start vouchering in? That’s what I mean by “vouchers to where.”

    OK, let’s say we give vouchers to everyone. How is that going to improve our schools? How is that going to improve kids’ educations?