Did Lowery give Moyer Academy a special ed buy??

Word on the street in Moyer Academy doesn’t have a  special education or guidance counselors. With Moyer under state control all of a sudden Moyer can’t fail even if DEDEO / Jack Markell waives rules that apply to all schools.

6 responses to “Did Lowery give Moyer Academy a special ed buy??

  1. Moyer doesn’t have any special ed program. None.
    So if there are students there requiring services and yet they don’t get them can you say discrimination?

    Either doe dan is being slick or a deal was cut but spec ed brings in a ton of money.



  2. kilroysdelaware

    By looks of Moyer enrollment they haven’t reached the break-even point. Sure tone of money but there is that overhead cost of meeting special ed needs. Big question is, who is effectively advocating for Moyer’s special ed students during the IEP meetings?

    Our city leaders are again asleep at the wheel. The reason many communities fail is due to failed leadership within.

    Moyer may of had some down falls under the old guard by DOE Dan Has demonstrated his inability to partnership with struggle schools to overcome deficiencies. Check the credentials, the number 2 person at DEDOE is not legally qualified to be Sec of Ed under Title 14. So if Lowery were to step-down DOE Dan cannot become Sec of Ed and get this, Markell can appoint him “acting” Sec of Ed for as long as Markell wants

    Markell will minipulate the Moyer testing data because he is too big to fail.


  3. Did they receive federal funds for these children? How are they being used?


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  5. Something IS going on…………….