To Joel Klein; Stay the F out of Delaware

Joel Klein’s  letter to the News Journal aka free  for Rodel Vision 2015 conference.

The Race to Deliver Excellence; By JOEL KLEIN • September 19, 2010 “Joel Klein is chancellor of the New York City public school system. He will be the keynote speaker at the Sept. 28 Vision 2015: Race to Deliver Conference at the University of Delaware”

Ever since I began working with Mayor Mike Bloomberg to reform New York City’s schools, a fundamental principle has guided me: Our children deserve the best teachers and schools we can offer so they are prepared to compete in this 21st century global economy.

Fuck Mayor Mike Bloomberg! Our children deserves schools that aren’t influenced by corporate america and Arne Duncan and the fucked up United States Department if Education.  The federal funding coming to our schools from USDOE are monies collected from American taxpayers and should not be subjected to the control of the business roundtables of America.

Why is the fuck is Joel Klein coming to Delaware to be a keynote speaker introduced by Delaware Governor Jack Markell? This is a private event (not free) September 28, 2010 sponsored by Rodel Foundation’s Vision 2015 and no an open public event without cost.  $50.00 it cost to join this suck-fest  Why should any parent, educator, state DOE employee and board members be required to pay for an event focused on reforming public education with federal funds? And to top to off, the taxpayers local and state are paying state employees and the governor salary for the day’s event. That’s well over $700 for each district super based on a 5 day work week. This does not account for loss in productivity. We pay out state employees, DEDOE, Governor and educators to do their jobs not piss time away support a private agenda to “takeover” public education. The event master who put on this suck-fest boast that all who attend are somehow supporter on this movement. Surely the dazed and confused DSEA leaders will be on board. Is a picture with Joel Klein that important.

Unfortunately, as a society, we took that for granted. We had comfort in the knowledge that America was the greatest superpower in the world and that no one would be able to catch up. We were on autopilot, and we didn’t realize that it had become a global race.

What the fuck is this ?  America was the superpower until “business” had their way with politicians who pushed for open markets in China and gave “tax breaks” to those business. Perhaps we should impose dollar for dollar duty taxes. Yea some kind of fucking race Klein. Also, your beloved  Mayor Bloomberg feel class size doesn’t matter. I notice in the RTTT application criteria puts more emphasis on more charter schools than more teacher in a classroom to effectively reduce class size. So you’re a real good buddy who comes to Delaware for a political blow job and then returns to New York and brings back Bloomber one. Seem like that’s the MO here in Delaware. Markell gets down on his knees so those who want to be employee must follow.

Earlier this year, New York State raised testing standards for students in grades 3-8

Well go for you and perhaps you need to stay in New York to push for 100% proficiency.

That accountability must also apply to our educators. Because as President Obama has pointed out, the “single most important factor in determining student achievement is not the color of your skin or where you come from. … It’s who your teacher is.”

What a cluster-fuck! Give our “children” more teachers to lower class sizes and fucking supplies so that teachers don’t have to reach in there pockets! I wonder how much your former New York understudy Lyles reaches in her  own pocket and helps funds shortage of supplies? Let’s see, big salary, ridiculous  car allowance and I wouldn’t doubt housing allowance in her contract. Tell me Joel Klein why are superintendents contracts non-public? Joel will you be collecting your state salary during your visit to Delaware to support a private entity?  

But the big issues that have hampered our progress have not changed — and will not change until society as a whole wakes up.

Holy Shit they better test you for drugs at the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Society wake up! How in the hell can they even fall asleep with corporate America fucking them with Arne Duncan in the background yelling, harder? 

At the end of the day, so long as we have a tenure system that ties the hands of our administrators and forces us to make hiring decisions based on seniority instead of performance, we are going to lose

There we have it , the T word! Just think DSEA leaders will stand up and cheer this dip-stick and Jack Markell will proudly introduce this industrial spy for Eli Broad. I support tenure until the day we purge all the political ass kissing superintendents and building administrators backstabbing teachers in efforts to blow their way to the top. The are many minority educators and administrators who fear telling the truth how minorities are getting fuck over in fear of losing the jobs and being blackballed from education. Interesting American term, “blackballed” isn’t it.

So this leaves us how will the News Journal report the day after this educational suck-fest? Will the reporters have uninhibited creativity or will they be stifled just as the classroom teachers  creativity is. 

To all you Delaware teachers out there, you see the tenure word in Klein’s letter and just remember it when the time comes for change. I say boycott this event and protest Klein visit. Gee, I forgot, September 28, 2010 is a school day. How convenient for all educators aka stakeholders. Would have been nice if it took place on a Saturday and were free. Kind of odd isn’t that the movement is about reforming free public education and the business entities want to charge a fee. Why do education management companies act as if they are reformist for the interest of students but ask for management fees?

Do forget to support Chris Coons who will help further Rodel’s, Markell’s and Arne Duncan’s dream. O’Donnel might be out there but you can bet Chris Coons is in there with this fucked up agenda. I rather vote for someone who may be clueless then someone who has a clue and closes his eyes to the agenda that is fucking teachers, parents and students.  Tenure must be protected until supers stop running political agendas.

God bless public school teachers and God damn those running corporate agendas to undermine a noble profession.

12 responses to “To Joel Klein; Stay the F out of Delaware

  1. no doubt, mark this post. The NJ will be 100% in the bag for the “summit” The stories will glow and praise and sub headlines will make points that are patently false. It is the way of the NJ. I can’t wait to logon (I do not pay for that rag) on 9/29 and see how Klein and Markell and Lowery were singing and swaying arm in arm……


    • kilroysdelaware

      keep in mind who the NJ is and not always the reporter, the reporters also have to eat.

      Born and raised in Delaware I can tell you the old Wilmington Morning News Evening Journal had GRIT.

      The investigative aspect of this paper had mellowed due to revenue streams such as ad sales. The subscription fees cannot carry the News Journal.

      But for sure the big guy at the NJ supports these business leaders all part of the business roundtables. Surely they don’t want to piss off those in the revenue stream.


    • I always do, reporters get victimized by the agenda of their bosses and editors unfortunately. It always boils down to organizational and personal ethics. If don’t have one, and have the other it still doesn’t work very well….gotta have both. I always keep in mind who hustles for a job, does every reporter do the same?


  2. I hope at least one independently -minded person will attend to get the real story. I wonder if Joanne Christian will go?


    • kilroysdelaware

      The results of this convention will be the same! It will be reported as one happy educational love fest all in the interest of children. “partners coming together”

      $50,00 a ticket being charged by those who want to reform free public education. Why isn’t this event on a Saturday so that those on the frontlines can attend? The business people don’t want to give up their Saturdays.


  3. I hope that you would consider me worthy of carrying the real story. Most NCC Education Association Presidents will be there and/or have teacher-leaders there. I have complained loudly to the organizers for three years that it is held on a work day. Part of their excuse is that business people would not be available to come on the weekend.

    Last year’s summit was god-awful. The few teachers in attendance visibly winced and were cut to the quick when many in the audience CLAPPED and cheered when one of the presenters mentioned the need to fire all the bad teachers, as if this was the sole solution to the achievement gap and poor graduation rates. The supporters of the business-driven education reform “movement” have not been in our classrooms and form their opinions and action plans based on the rhetoric of others. I sat with business people at lunch–deliberately did not sit with education people and I got an earful. Painful. I invited them all to visit me in my classroom.

    I will willingly pay the $50 to go. Working teachers have to stand up for students and public education.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Well I am glad to see someone in such an influential stand up and see some of the dark clouds. We all need to be partners on the good aspects but I don’t trust the folks who gave us DSTP with the keys to the next reform.

      Poor business people can’t come out on a Weekend.


      thanks for being open


  4. Joanne Christian

    Oh I’ll be there. Why I’ve been invited–I guess they’d rather have me seated inside, than picketing outside!! See you there Frederika.


  5. As President of Christina EA I will be there as well. I have attended all of these events. It is obvious that the backers do not like educators. They want to “fix” the system. Who decides it needs fixing? Who has to fix it? I am so angry that Joel Klein will be there. To me his remarks and the remarks of the Vision 2015 people are nothing but union busting techniques. Until Governor Markell came into office there was no tenure in DE. Now it is written in the law that you receive it after jumping through three years of whatever. So if tenure is the problem, why did we institue it this year for the first time? This is what happens when you have non-experts “fixing” the system.


  6. Joanne Christian

    Claudia–I’m not sure I understand–we’ve had tenure in Appo. after 3 years for a long time. That one I can’t pin on Markell. Now budget cuts……


    • Nope…teachers were given a full contract after three years. However, there was no word “tenure” in the code until this year. Now the word exsits.


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