No Fed Edu-Job money for Moyer, I mean

Charter schools cry foul over rules that force most to refund thousands in new federal aid

Most Michigan charter schools are getting a slice of the $10 billion “edujobs” money to hire back teachers. But many will have to return the cash because their employees technically work for private management companies.

A spokesman for the U.S. Education Department said only about 15 percent of charter schools nationwide are affected. Schools could work around the issue by hiring some employees directly, outside of the management company.

I hope our state auditor has his eye open and pencil sharpened ! Stay awake Water Boy and keep an eye on the shuffling of money under Secretary of Education Jack Markell.

Moyer Academy as you know was handed over to a private education management firm K12. Markell plans to go out his $$$$$ way to make sure K12 succeeds because if they fail it would be a political embarrassment.  

3 responses to “No Fed Edu-Job money for Moyer, I mean

  1. Is Moyer uner K12 or DDOE so it can get money. I heard that it was really under the banner of DDOE which would mean it might be eligible for the funds.
    Shell game?


    • kilroysdelaware

      The empolyees are being paid by K!2 funding via contract. I do believe the state auditor will be looking into this arrangement .

      Shell game most likely and that how Markell is back-filling state budget with federal funds


  2. In Delaware we have no oversight on how and where federal funds are used. To my knowledge the auditors never audit these funds to confirmed they are used per grants, nor do the school district report how federal funds used in our schools.