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The secret to Vo-tech school funding

TITLE 14 Education Free Public Schools CHAPTER 26. VOCATIONAL SCHOOL

§ 2601. Power of county vocational high school districts and county vocational-technical school districts to levy taxes for school purposes.

(a) Any county vocational-technical high school district or county vocational-technical center district may, in addition to the amounts appropriated to it by the General Assembly, levy and collect additional taxes for school purposes upon the assessed value of real estate in such district, as determined and fixed for county taxation purposes:

(1) The amount to be raised by taxation shall not exceed 20.97 cents on each $100 value of real property in Sussex County for the tax year 2008, 22.23 cents for 2009, and 23.50 cents for 2010 and all years thereafter.

(2) The amount to be raised by taxation shall not exceed 14 cents on each $100 of value of real property in Kent County for the tax year 1993 and all years thereafter.

(3) The amount to be raised by taxation shall not exceed 13 cents on each $100 of the value of real property in New Castle County for the tax year 1982 and shall not exceed 14 cents on each $100 of the value of real property in New Castle County for the tax year 1983 and all tax years thereafter.

No local referendum needed for Delaware’s vo-techs! The state legislators set the the local tax rates.


End uniform teacher pay and pay per subject matter?

“I have got to pay my math and science teachers more because I’m short on math and science teachers, and when my kids are short on math and science teachers, we’re short in high needs, high poverty communities,” Klein said. “It’s not that I want to insult anyone else, but my kids are not getting adequate math and science teaching, and so we have to differentiate. Joel Klein

Maybe if we spend less time testing and more time teaching perhaps students could learn more in these subjects. However, with an actual shortage of math and science teachers  we must find ways to attract them. But wait, your short these teachers in “high needs, high poverty communities”! Sounds like we need to assign teachers to schools were needed. Teachers should teach where assigned but within their subject matter. In Delaware we do need to compensate teachers for city wage taxes. 

So how much $$$ bait is needed to attract quality math and science teachers? I don’t think a one-time signing bonus of $10,000.00 would cut it. Would a signing bonus and $10,000 differential in yearly salary do the trick? But then we would be obligated to raise the pay of existing math and science teachers.

Delaware’s education budget is about one-third of the entire state budget and for the last 6 years the Delaware governor has cut state funding to its public schools. Who wants to answer this question, why don’t Delaware vo-tech schools hold local referendums? 

Personally, I think a good english teacher is just as valuable as a good math teacher. Those young fools setting out to be public school teachers weren’t motivated by money and the way things are going job security isn’t going to be a given. I suspect we’ll see a shortage of teachers in all subject matter. Just like in any industry there is the best of the best. So sending the message out the education reform calls for the best of the best whereas very good teachers can have an impact may scare education candidates away.

Arne Duncan raised concerns last year about colleges producing ill prepared teachers suggesting that there were flaws in how we teach teaching candidates. Will Duncan put a program together tracking student data back to the teachers college or university? Would he then cut federal funding to those universities and colleges producing ineffective teachers?

I stand by my notion that teaching is a passion and individual teacher creativity makes the difference. Without inspiration and motivation I don’t see how any child could go on to greatness.

Could it be the shortage of teachers is attributed to the degrading of public school teachers by politicians and business roundtables? Education is becoming a hostile environment and those most senior are counting the days to retirement. Markell and business leaders hold their tounge and are tactful enoguh  no to say the “U” word. However, you can bet your ass they bash unions.

A paycheck is compensation for performing a task and the reward is how well you performed that task. Our young people carry so much emotional baggage these days and their self-esteem is most fragile. We have an education reform movement that actually negatively impact teacher self-esteem. It’s possible that 10% of our public school teachers may be in the wrong profession but the other 90% are feeling the negative impact with attacks on their profession. Shifting public education to a revolving door approach such as Teach for America is unhealthy. The business roundtables so bent on breaking the backs of the unions are willing to dismantle public education to a point of no return. The agenda goes deep because once the teachers unions is subdued the next target will be prevailing wages. The wolves like Innovative Schools  and are lining up for the money grab. why is it every time there is a new movement to reform public education we see an expansion of administrative jobs?

RTTT and Duncan’s backroom deals


 Control Number ED-OIG/A19J0001  The Department’s Implementation of the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund Program   Grant File Maintenance

“During the course of our audit, we located official correspondence that was not maintained in the official grant files. This included communications between Governors, State legislators and/or education officials, Congressional representatives, and the Department regarding aspects of the SFSF program and issues pertaining to their respective States. In one case, a Governor wrote the Secretary seeking assistance in helping ensure that the public and State legislature fully understood the consequences of reducing State funding for public education. In another case, members of a State’s congressional delegation requested more detailed guidance regarding what qualified as primary elementary and secondary education formulae. During the exit conference, Department officials stated that any correspondence not maintained in the official grant files was likely determined as having no impact on the grants in question, and that only relevant correspondence was included in the files. All other correspondence would be maintained by the Executive Secretariat in the Office of the Secretary.”

Arne Duncan needs to be tested for drug use

Arne Duncan Warns America of Teacher Shortage

In an interview at NBC’s Education Nation Summit yesterday, Arne Duncan warned that the U.S. may face a shortage of teachers in the next decade. The expected shortfall is due to baby boomers retiring at a higher rate than young teachers are entering the field.

Painting targets on teachers as if all the failures in public education is their fault doesn’t motivate young people to want to be a teacher. Think about, a young person goes to college earns a teaching degree and then earns a Delaware teaching certificate but aren’t consider qualified teachers until they mustard an effective ratings designed by the business roundtable. Turning public education into Wal-Mart where employees have less value than shopping carts isn’t very inviting.

Duncan announced a new campaign that aims to aggressively recruit young people to fill the void

I thought Teach for America was to fill that void.

Duncan also hopes to encourage more men to enter the teaching profession. “If we’re serious about having young men aspire to go to college, we have to put men in their lives,” said Duncan. He pointed out that only 3.5 percent of America’s teachers are black or Hispanic men.

So Duncan is saying female teachers are inspiring ? There is goes again wanted teachers to act as surrogate. Arne why don’t you start a new program called, “Find my Father.” The absence of fathers is a social issue not an education issue. If parents did their jobs teachers jobs would be a hell of a lot easier. I agree with Ms. Clinton that we are a village. However, putting the village idiot Arne Duncan in charge of education was the wrong move.

The government is also creating financial incentives for students who pursue degrees in education. The Department of Education will be offering special grants, particularly to those who are willing to work in low-income areas.

Hello Mc Fly Duncan! Make up your mind, I thought you wanted highly effective teachers in the high poverty schools. How can a newly graduated college student be considered high effective before being put to them through the teacher evaluation test?

They will also be offering “income-based repayment,” a program that guarantees that all college debt will be forgiven after ten years of teaching.

Another unfunded Obama agenda? What take more money from Social Security.

Daley cries the Duncan blues

Look who’s trashing Arne Duncan

Mayor Richard Daley Jr., the man who hired Arne Duncan and praised him to the skies during his tenure as Chicago schools head before Duncan decamped for the Obama administration, blasted the U.S. education secretary and his department after they denied Illinois’ bid for $400 million in Race to the Top federal funding.

After cutting the ribbon at a new Chicago elementary school, Daly, who is not seeking re-election after 21 years in office, ridiculed what he called “political slogans”  that have ballyhooed federal education programs under the last two presidents.

“You leave No Child Left Behind. You have Race to the Top. Next year, you race to the bottom. Next year, you race to the side. Everybody’s racing to something,” Daley said.

Sweet justice 

Breakdown in education leadership management skills

For Delaware schools, ‘you’re hired’ comes down to the wire; Many educators don’t find out their job status until August

Each year, school districts try to balance the number of staff to the number of students, creating a situation where the majority of new hires aren’t formally offered jobs until just before the start of the school year. That can make it hard for schools to get the candidates they want, especially in high-needs areas such as math and science. It also is frustrating for parents, who sometimes do not find out their child’s teacher until the day school begins.

In Delaware, more than 60 percent of teachers hired in Delaware’s 19 public schools didn’t find out until August if they had a job; a majority of those were in district schools in New Castle and Kent counties, according to a University of Delaware survey. The number of teachers hired late has increased for the last two years, according to the report.

Here we have clear evidences that training for superintendents and senior district staff is in need of major overhaul. Perhaps its time to reconsider advancing teachers to management jobs in which they have no effective management skills.

Often, the most in-demand teachers are hired in the spring, making it difficult to find qualified teachers in high-need areas. And the best college recruits are likely to take offers during spring job-recruitment fairs because other states are able to extend contracts then, according to the UD study. Moyer Academy charter school had to start the school year without math and science teachers because of a late start on hiring

Don’t give Moyer an excuse here because late hiring is a result of poor management. Why not said, due to Moyer’s lack of qualified managers Moyer students will go without qualified teachers in math science. What about Moyers deficiencies in the Special Ed department and what about hire a principal whose former school was at the bottom of the barrel in school rating?

Looks like the real reason Delaware schools don’t have the best qualified teachers is due to having the worst administrators who lack highly qualified hiring skills or rather leadership skills.  Failure at the bottom is a reflection of failure at the top. 

The late hirings likely are caused by a combination of factors, according to the study, which was based on a survey of Delaware administrators and teachers. There are limited funds for teacher recruitment efforts, teachers tend to jump around to different schools seeking a preferred job and schools don’t know how many teachers the state will fund until Sept. 30, the day the official student enrollment is tallied

Bullshit ! Red Clay gives Teach for America $300,000.00 to hire 6 Teach for America teachers. How hard is it to advertise early Spring targeting soon to graduate new teachers? You mean to tell me Red Clay HR doesn’t network with colleges and universities? So its OK to have excuses for breakdown in leadership because of lack of funding (make me laugh) but when it applies to not having enough classroom supplies its OK call teachers incompetent!

The issue is being examined by a state Senate task force headed by Lt. Gov. Matt Denn and state Rep. David Sokola, D-Newark, who is the head of the Senate Education Committee. They want to find out if it’s possible to improve any state policies that might be forcing districts to hire teachers so late

Yea, make a policy that administrators be rated effective, highly effective and ineffective.and then weed out the dead wood. The reason the districts hire late is because their superintendents are too busy spending time away from their desk. We need our supers at their desks and in schools within their districts not in Dover kissing Markell’s ass. Some superintendents walk around as if they are elected officials or some bigtime corporate CEO delegating everything except wiping their own asses to their subordinates.

Bottom line is, we can’t blame the teachers or DSEA for the breakdown in senior district leadership. 

“It’s not a new issue. It’s been identified years ago as something that’s needed to be addressed,” Denn said.

Matt perhaps Jack doesn’t want to address it because doing so might fix some of the problems and the truth may be revealed that failures in the classroom are more likely attributed to poor leadership at the districts central office. You see the reformist need to blame everything on the teachers in order to justify hiring out-of-state consultants and education management companies.

The charter way:  Charter schools, which typically have enrollment caps and strong student recruitment efforts to meet those goals, are more likely to hire teachers in the spring.

Moyer is not a charter ?

So what is missing in this article? No comments from any district superintendent, no comments from Skipper or Rodel, no comments from Lillian or Jack and nothing about Race to The Top. Gee, wouldn’t you think with teacher quality being on top the RTTT list the RTTT MOU would have listed means to effectively recruit teachers.

Big 5 Kilroy Gold Stars to Appo Tony

Way to go Appo Tony calling Lowery out on the carpet re: RTTT funds going to out-of-state consultants. Lowery wants the best minds but sells young brothers and sister out to a halfwit governor.

We have “great” teachers and education leaders in Delaware and those are the people we need to consult. Lets hear from the people who actually do the work in the classrooms.  Let’s create teaching jobs to reduce class sizes not more administrative jobs. Lets hire parent coaches not data coaches.

Hey Markell, what about those cut scores? Are you going to try to manipulate them like Minner and DOE did.

Hey Skipper, I hear you got your nose rubbed in shit for spending so much Vision 2015 bucks without results. Damn shame Rodel can’t get some TARP bail out like your bank did. Looks like Rodel did get some TARP funding in the form of RTTT.

Looks like Klein laid low on public affection for his hometown girl. Good thing because we wouldn’t want the attendees throwing up their crab salad if he French-kissed her on stage. Federal funds spent on crabmeat! What a fucking social crime.

Is Innovative Schools planning an all expense paid excursion to LA for some Glasgow staff and union members? Don’t tell me Innovative Schools wants a piece of the turnaround $$$$ actions.

Seems like we need to spend more time on accountability at the top of the food chain and less on teachers.

Does Paul really want to look at the impact charters are having on the traditional schools?

Thanks for stepping up Tony! I’ll put in a good word with Governor Lavelle and perhaps you can help Lowery pack in 2012. Hey Greg if you are reading this catch up with Tony and he’ll give you the real lowdown on RTTT.

Hey DOE Dan, you will be the next scapegoat Markell throws overboard. Are you ready for that drink?

Doctors discovers vocal cords in penis

Delaware schools: Education battle goes beyond state lines; N.Y. City chief: All eyes on Delaware

“This is a big time in American education, an exciting time, a challenging time,” Joel Klein said at the forum on the University of Delaware’s Newark campus. “And I think we need an honest national discussion.”


Gov. Jack Markell urged the education community to work together to find a way to make these changes. He highlighted the state’s initiative to link teacher evaluations to student success as a crucial part of the state’s reform plan.

Bigger asshole

Klein said those changes should include linking student success to teacher evaluations, reaching the most at-risk students, changing teacher compensation and reshaping the work rules commonly in place at public schools. School leaders need more flexibility to spend money as needed in their schools, and better incentives for recruiting math and science teachers, he said.

Code for bust the unions and more charter schools. DSEA is a Markell team member.

“The real question we face as a nation is whether in the 21st century if the American dream is going to continue to be the magic ingredient in American’s success,” Klein said. “Or is the American dream an American memory?”

Depends Dick-weed on how much longer is America going to sell out to China.

Stay in New York and fix your own problems.

But Markell said he believes that changes in Delaware won’t be so unpopular. “Teachers very much want to show the good work they are doing and the good results they are showing,” he said

Wipe your face Jack, you have Arne Duncan dripping down your chin


Kilroy Gold Star to NJ’s sharp eye

Education Sec. Arne Duncan tells Christinan Science Monitor that DSEA prez is “my personal hero”  September 28th, 2010, Author: Nichole Dobo,

I would love all of you to go to Delaware, visit Delaware and talk to Diane Donohue, who’s the head of the state teachers union. Diane Donohue is an absolute profile in courage. Delaware was one of the two states we funded in Race to the Top. She was part of the interview team that came in, and what she was saying about the role of unions and driving students achievement is stunning courage, stunning. So, she would be, you know, she’s one of my personal heroes.

I’ve taken my pot-shots at DSEA but don’t like to personalize it because DSEA is an organization of people whom all share in the Race to The Top fools journey.  Take the back, not all DSEA members supported Race to The Top. Those members who supported it are fools.

There is no “I” in team and Duncan’s rasing DSEA prez on a pedestal is wrong. If anything he should be giving credit to all DSEA members who supported Race to The Top. HOWEVER, they are fools for doing so.

I wonder if Duncan will be campaigning for the DSEA prez to serve another term? Wow, talk about a curse! Duncan may have cost this lady votes.

We’ll one thing for sure when Race to The Top goes belly up we’ll know who was Duncan’s number one cheerleader. Well that is the perception!

Teachers and their unions we boxed in the RTTT corner just like with DSTP. Sometimes you need to go along to get along. But all these high-profile events put on by Rodel and Markell’s re: private RTTT victory dinners paints a picture of ass-kissing and ego stroking. RTTT is fucking teachers and organized labor so those who put their faces out there as part of the “team” will get egg on it.

But calling DSEA’s Prez a sell out is a bit unfair because every teacher who supported Race to The Top should also be considered a sell out.

Big question of the day, will Duncan’s admiration for DSEA’s Prez lead to a USDOE job. He should go ahead and offer her a job because his love affair with her courage has casted a black cloud over her head. Like a Cop pointing out his undercover informant on a street corner filled with drug dealers.

What does the Cato Institute know that Jack doesn’t

State opens dialogue on education ;Conversation will continue after NBC event

Blohm, who has taught at the Red Clay Consolidated District school since 1999, was invited to take part in “Education Nation,” NBC News’ two-day nationally televised series on education reform. She’s in one of five classroom-like structures in Rockefeller Plaza that can be seen during the televised event

Go Conrad ! Just make sure you tell them how the district reassigned feeder patterns to shift high poverty and the so-called undesirables to other district schools. The school was truned around not the meeting the needs of those failing students.

Delaware won $119 million for the four-year program, which aims to encourage states to turn around failing schools, boost student achievement and reward teachers who excel.

“The winning is long behind us and now we are engaged in this collaborative process … to make this happen,” Markell said.

Yea dick breath, NOW we are engaging. You went a purchased something because you were obsessed in pleasing you political bedfellows. You were able to get DSEA to drink your piss and no you’ll go out to the community a get parents and students to drink it. Parents and students were not part of the process in deciding what’s good for them. You’ll go down in history as the worst Delaware Governor on education.

During Monday’s “Education Nation” event, Obama called his Race to the Top federal grant program “probably the most powerful tool for reform that we’ve seen in decades.”

Bullshit Jack! The most powerful tool was you political kneepads.

But critics say it’s too soon to call Race to the Top a success. This is the first year of the program, there is no data linking it to improved schools and it’s not a “magnificent game changer,” said Neal P. McCluskey of the Washington, D.C.-based Cato Institute, a conservative think tank. The recent national attention on reform efforts isn’t likely to spur any changes, he said.

“I think it has an off-chance of maybe moving education reform up the list of public concerns,” McCluskey said, “but I don’t think it’s going to start any meaningful reform.”

But the Aspen Institute prodigies, Arne Duncan and Jack Markell Crown Fellows are way smarter than any Cato boy. But Cato boy will be proven correct, RTTT won’t prove meaningful. Kilroy says, destructive effect on Charters and traditional public schools.

Jack Markell’s sex tape

Look here at Jack’s butt buddy ! And Markell wants Delaware’s teacher to rise to their feet when Joel Klein indoctrinate them into the team player club.

Klein is not worthy of crossing into the State of Delaware let alone address our education community.

I hope someone man’s up or woman up tomorrow and call this pig out.

Even one more reason to walk out on Joel Klein

Education reform needs teachers on board

For the sake of their students and their own jobs, it’s worth it for teachers to figure out a way to work within and not against this emerging political harmony.

NJ is correct emerging political harmony! Why is it the Republican aren’t call Obama out on Race to The Top? Because they are in on it! Ask Newt Gingrich and Jeb Bush! Looks at the list of those on Rodel’s advisory council

Come on DSEA, this NJ “opinion” is an attack on you! PLEASE pull your endorsement for Chris Coons. Just don’t support any candidate! Don’t reward Markell when his political business roundtable takes control of your membership.

Grow some balls people and walk out on Joel Klein! Make a statement for God-sake.  

Moyer; Virtual School ?? Who approved that ?

Moyer open under new management standards, technology change at charter school

She began work on a language lesson for a Spanish class led by a teacher she’s never met. This is one of five classes she is taking online at Moyer. Just one of her classes, American literature, is with a teacher at the school.

Man, our city community leaders must be dumb as a door nail ! This student only have one face to face contact with a teacher a day? Some much for equality! 

“I like it,” the 17-year-old said. “For a class like chemistry, I’d work with chemicals on the computer rather than going to a lab.”

Real nice what to you get to a college Chem Lab. Just remember to wear your lab coat and safety glasses. Also, don’t spill or breath any chemicals because they are not like virtual chemicals. What next, mini lesson in flying the Predator over Pakistan.

Politicians and community leaders promised nothing but the best for Moyer’s students after the Wilmington school — which had lost its state charter because of poor performance — reopened under a private school management company.

I hear they are going to open a new college called Jack Markell Stealth University. Let me get this right, Moyer was closed because it didn’t meet the level of highly qualified teachers but the Moyer isn’t required to have teachers in the classroom teaching? I wonder, do these virtual teachers have virtual Delaware licenses or certification?

Since the school year began Sept. 7, Moyer has been without math, special education or science teachers and there aren’t any sports or extracurricular activities.

Are you fucking nuts Jack ? Isn’t there state and federal laws requiring special certified teachers teaching special ed teachers?

*3.0 STATE FUNDING FOR CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES**3.1 State funding under the unit system is contingent upon: the proper identification of children with disabilities in accordance with Title 14 of the Delaware Code and these regulations; and a satisfactory D.O.E. audit to document the child count for units awarded on September 30, and to document the availability of current and complete IEP’s for children included in the count. *  Why is Moyer excused from all annual program compliance audits relating to appropriate service delivery e.g. transportation, food services, guidance, building safety etc.?  Per D.O.E. memo.  In order to give K12 and themselves a straight shot and *not* generate any negative findings they are looking the other way?  Or is the problem, D.O.E. has not thought through, or figured out, how to scrutinize themselves.

FYI to all, Moyer virtual online program is not aligned with the state standards. Why governor ? Why city leaders ?

Officials were able to incorporate new technology and create high standards and a structured curriculum for students. Every teacher at the school must be rated as highly qualified — which was not the case in the past — so there’s been difficulty in filling  jobs, Fredie said

No excuse for failure! Thay excuse didn’t work for the old Moyer so why should you get a buy?

Since Moyer opened in 2006, students had failed to score at the state’s average level for any grade or subject. Last year’s test scores placed the school last for grades eight and 10. The worst results were for 10th-grade students: 9 percent scored proficient in reading and 5 percent were proficient in math

So how did Moyer obtain a rating of Commendable for school year 2008-2009? Markell drop the we’re closing Moyer in 2009-2010 before the DSTP test. Nice trick Von Jack Markell, break the sprit and moral so they will under perform to boost you call for closing Moyer.

It also has a new principal, who Fredie said was brought in because of her experience in working with at-risk students. Dawna Thornton last worked at Rise Academy Charter School in Lauderhill, Fla. The school was rated “F,” the lowest possible rank, when she left. Rise Academy was only open for two years, and the rank was determined by past test score performances of students 

Holy shit what the hell is Jack Markell thinking. DEDOE  was to provide oversight as it was “DEDOE” who took over Moyer and “DEDOE” was in the charter oversight authority. 

2009-2010 report so someone is suggesting the “F” was for 2008-2009 and 2007-2008? Were is the report for last year. 2009-2010?

At Moyer, Thornton didn’t have much say over the school’s curriculum or staffing, both of which were completed before she came to Delaware about a week before classes began. She said she sees her role as someone to mentor students and staff and help bring a culture of hopefulness to the community.

So does this mean the door is open for don’t blame me?

Put the online teacher credentials online like the rest of Delaware’s teachers. How can a teacher be highly qualified if they are not state certified.

Maybe we can have take over for disruptive students. Give these kids a computer and keep them home. Let the parents monitor their online activity. 

Wakeup Wilmington community leaders! Your kids aren’t riding in back of the bus but rather are being rolled under a bus. Education isn’t an Xbox game it requires face to face instructions and “interaction”.  Where is the “equity” in this arrangement?

Obama wants a longer school year

I am not going to waste my time linking to Obama’s comments about a longer school year.

Delaware can’t keep up with current state education funding needs let alone fund a longer school year. Obama’s vision is a pipe-dream and won’t happen anytime soon. For the las six years Delaware Governor (Minner  & Markell) has cut state education funding. Also, the state legislators have no concept of what their unfunded mandates are doing to local budgets.

We cannot even think about extending the school year in Delaware until we reform school finances. Perhaps Governor Markell should be bold enough to eliminate all school district and have one statewide public school system all controlled by the Delaware Department of Education.  Now we’re talking savings re: duplication of services. Let the state legislators have the responsibilities of raising school taxes  like the do with the Votech school taxes. Relax, not going to happen because DEDOE doesn’t want the responsiblity that require them to produce results and be held accountable.

Obama proclaims the recession is over and somehow thinks there is enough state and local funding to extend the school year.

The cost would be enormous and does nothing to address the lack of engagement of many parents and address disruptive students. Will parents become more engaged with a longer school years? Maybe Jack Markell can restore the state “Extra-Time” grant so there could be manadory summer schools for failing student or “required” Saturday school for students falling behind.

STOP THE PRESSES !!! I thought DCAS was going to improve student achievement? Hey DOE Dan give Obama a call and clue him in on DCAS and how Delaware will produce results in student achievement. 

Delaware doesn’t need a longer school year, just better means to measure achievement and providing intervention like DCAS.

Obama wants American students to be more like Chinese students! Great, Obama want American children to be communist bastards. 

NEWS ALERT; Joel Klein due to address Delaware educators tomorrow at the University of Delaware. Those attending don’t forget to wear you knee pads and bibs.