NCLB stays for another year

States setting pace on school change; Obama agenda stalled in Congress

By Nick Anderson Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, July 28, 2010

While states are moving fast to overhaul public schools, President Obama’s education agenda is hitting a wall in Congress.

There is a growing sense on Capitol Hill that the law enacted in 2002 under President George W. Bush will remain at least until next year, even though Obama pledged repeatedly as a candidate in 2008 to revise it. The law, which stresses annual standardized testing, is controversial in part because a third of public schools are now labeled as failing to meet standards.

Makes sense to  hold back on changes because NCLB is the basis for Duncan’s need for Race to The Top. Duncan admits schools are failing and NCLB proved that even the the extent Duncan used NCLB to close and reform Chicago schools. If NCLB was good enough for Duncan to use in Chicago why not in Delaware.

Delaware and all other states were given the free hand to create their own standardized test and failed to reform it’s public schools including need based state funded. I forgot, RTTT brings more money! Kind of strange DEDOE doesnn’t get 50% of Title 1 funding but 50% of Race to The Top. Why not put all the money where needed and add more teachers to lower class sizes?


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