Moyer Academy the sacrifical lamb

Delaware schools: Moyer chief tells families to enroll elsewhere

The state cited this closure in its federal Race to the Top application, using it as evidence that the state is committed to taking drastic action to reform failing schools.

There you have it, it was all about the Race to The Top money! Why was’t Warner closed? Why wasan’t other low perfroming charter schools closed? Moyer was a “Markell” target because he knew poor minority parents lack the power to fight. Markell offered no intervention to help turn the school around. Markell put 50% of Race to The Top funding $50 million dollars in DOE’s pocket to help fund new jobs at DOE rather than provide aid to Moyer.

While the reopening remains in question, the state did complete work on a plan to give Moyer students access to summer school. State Department of Education officials said they didn’t know Moyer hadn’t made arrangements for these students until contacted by The News Journal last week.

Why didn’t DOE know ? Moyer may have failed however, their failure is a window to how Delaware Department of Education fails and lack real leadership. Markell victimized poor minority children for political Race to The Top gains. It’s all about the money!

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  1. nativebluehen

    Pencader charter is next on the hit list i am told.


  2. Kilroy, will Jack and Lil send these kids to public schools that are failing on many more levels than Moyer? YES. is that illegal or at least unethical? IT SURE AS HELL ISN’t ACTING FOR THE KIDS like those two always like to say is what motivates them to do what they do. PATHETIC.

    Once again, there is no way that the city kids in the impoverished areas (where the failing elementaries are to be taken over by Mass Insight – creating a NEW SCHOOL DISTRICT with no local oversight) can improve without a lot more social resources.

    Lil herself said it. To the meeting of the Urban League. She said that she would be depending on the serivices already exising like the community centers. Too bad that their budgets got cut another 10 PERCENT this year after similar cuts over the last three years. Come on. Don’t lie. These kids don’t have a chance unless funds are put directly into these communities.


  3. I personally think this is a bit much! They say Moyer didn’t give notification, that’s absoulty untrue! I have received every piece of info that was sent via email & us mail! This was just a personal attack & the only people suffering are our children! Now I have to scramble to find other schools to enroll my kids in! Its not fair! And the states says call us w/any concerns, well where were you when we wanted to talk, when we rallied! In your office with the door closed! Typical!


    • kilroysdelaware

      Any Moyer student forced back into a school rated less than Commendable is a social injustice. Markell NOT DOE closed Moyer and he should be held accountable. What about Charter School of Wilmington? Look at the poverty and minority rate. So much for fair and equitable.

      Markell big mistake was not putting Moyer on probation for school year 2010-2011 and have DOE send in a oversight team. Wait until you see who ends up with the building, OMG !


  4. You know, something kept bothering me about that quote that keeps coming up in NJ stories:

    “The state cited this closure in its federal Race to the Top application, using it as evidence that the state is committed to taking drastic action to reform failing schools…”

    Then it dawned on me: RTTT was filed in January. Moyer was notfied of closure in March. I can’t think of how the STATE could have cited Moyer ‘s CLOSURE in its RTTT App… Again, another lie.

    Do you think they’ve started believing their own lies?


  5. From the Delaware RTTT grant application:

    (F)(2)(ii) The State has laws regarding how charter school authorizers approve, monitor,
    hold accountable, reauthorize, and close charter schools
    To obtain a charter, a school or operator must submit an application with a detailed plan
    of operation, including measurable standards for student achievement. The charter document
    describes the educational, administrative and financial plan that the school’s board of directors
    agrees to follow in operating the school. Under state law1, a charter application must meet 14
    criteria including:
    • Clear goals for student performance and a commitment to using satisfactory indicators to
    determine whether students meet or exceed such goals and the academic standards of the
    • The academic program, including curriculum and instructional strategies, has the
    potential to improve student performance.
    • Curriculum is aligned with Delaware Content Standards, state program requirements and
    state graduation requirements.
    • An unbiased selection process for students that conforms to all state anti-discrimination
    To encourage charters to meet these high standards, the state routinely returns first time and
    renewal applications and requires that schools strengthen their plans. A full list of charter
    applicants and the results of their applications available in Appendix F(2) – 1.
    In order for a public school to a change into a charter school, the board of the charter
    school must submit proof of public support. The charter applicant must receive approval from
    1 14 Del. C. §512
    the local school board, more than 50 percent of the teachers and more than 50 percent of affected
    parents. These requirements are intended to ensure sufficient enrollment, public support and a
    successful conversion to charter management.
    Unlike in many other states, multiple bodies can authorize charters in Delaware. School
    operators may apply to either the DDOE or the local public school board to gain a charter. By
    allowing multiple authorizers, the State provides increased flexibility for charter operators while
    maintaining high standards. In the past five years, 17 schools have applied for charters and
    seven have been approved.2 Of the schools that were not approved, five were unable to complete
    sufficiently rigorous applications, two withdrew their applications after initial feedback, and
    three were denied for substantive reasons.
    To ensure accountability, approved charter schools must submit annual progress reports
    and renew their applications after the fourth year of operation and every five years thereafter.
    The annual report: (1) informs the DDOE and the public about the school’s accomplishments
    during the previous year; (2) specifies progress towards objectives set forth in the Charter School
    Performance Agreement; and (3) describes how the school has met evaluation requirements
    outlined in the School Improvement Evaluation Guidelines. When charter school performance
    problems arise, the DDOE can respond quickly because of its intimate knowledge of all of its
    charters and their operators. The State requires DDOE to submit an annual review of charter
    school effectiveness for the governor and the legislature.
    The renewal process provides an opportunity for rigorous review. The renewal process
    was recently streamlined with a new web-based system for charter renewal. As part of the
    process, DDOE conducts an evaluation before the expiration of its charter. The evaluation
    reviews the 14 criteria for the initial charter application and holds charters accountable for being
    on track towards meeting goals. Measurable student performance is central to the review –
    charter schools are required to maintain student achievement levels that are at or above the state
    average in order to be renewed. High expectations combined with rigorous reviews are designed
    to ensure that every charter school in Delaware meets high standards of student performance.
    Where results have been unsatisfactory, Delaware has closed charter schools for poor
    performance. In the spring of 2008, the DDOE denied the Marion T. Academy’s application to
    2 See table in Appendix (F)(2)(ii) for specific schools and details of applications, approvals, and denials.
    reauthorize its charter for failing to meet student performance goals, failing to meet objectives in
    its performance agreement, an unsatisfactory plan to evaluate student performance and take
    corrective action, and an unsatisfactory curriculum. In January 2009, the Delaware Department
    of Education recommended non-renewal of Moyer Academy’s charter after it failed to meet
    student performance goals. This record shows that the state is willing to close charter schools
    when they are not meeting standards.
    The charter movement gets support from the Delaware Charter Schools Network
    (DCSN), a nonprofit organization created in 2001 to serve and advocate on behalf of public
    charter schools and their supporters. DCSN educates the public about charter schools, provides
    assistance to new and existing Delaware charter schools, and serves as a unified voice for the
    state’s charter schools at the state and national level.


  6. From the statement of the above parent, the state is lying about Moyer officials and what they did and didn’t do.

    The News Journal managed to “find” the one parent who wasn’t satisfied and ‘didn’t’ get noticed about summer school and Lowery had some disturbingly personal and unprofessional things to say about Theo. Did DoDo (I am starting to think of the reporter as an idiot) DoBo or whatever bother to really search out a fair sample of Moyer parents or did she just playact the stenographer for DDOE?