Moyer Charter School; Markell’s educational Katrina

Delaware schools: Property sale may doom Moyer; Defunct charter school, state at odds over fate of building

While leaders of the soon-to-be-shuttered Moyer Academy Charter School are considering selling property to satisfy what could be a six-figure budget deficit, the state Department of Education warned Friday that the move would likely end the possibility of reopening the school this fall. 

Late Friday, the company that secured Moyer’s $5.4 million mortgage ( The Reinvestment Fund Inc.) filed court documents that indicate the board cannot sell anything, said Theo Gregory, the charter school’s director. The charter school board will examine those issues, and will follow any legal obligations regarding the school property, he said.

Little DOE Mouse informs me another pending approved charter school has its sights set on Moyer’s location. There are backroom deals being hatch to keep Moyer open next year and then it will be closed. DOE will be working with other school districts and charter schools to place Moyer students. The charter school that will be purchasing Moyer’s building will take on some of the Moyer students.

Delaware Governor Jack Markell’s biggest Moyer blunder was giving his DEDOE puppets the green light to pull the rug out from under Moyer’s leaders before having a transition plan in place to relocate students. Being a predominantly African-American school Markell assumed no one would speak out for his insensitive plan. Markell was boxed in a corner to keep Moyer open because he had an obligation to transfer Moyer students to  schools rated Superior or Commendable. Markell was prepared to just let the jungle eat these kids alive and have them transition back into the failing school they originally came from.

This issues and agenda is complex. However, enough tea-leaves are out there a simpleton like myself can figure it out. Mark my words, Moyer’s building will end up in the hands of an approved but not yet established charter school. Well it is established but ! Money talks bullshit walks so think about high-pockets who can pull this off.

This little agenda will fall right back in Markell’s lap just in time for the 2012 election. Markell will be force to sacrifice some DOE lamb such as Lil and /or DOE Dan. Delaware DOE’s aka Markell’s handling of Moyer set the stage for Markell to use as an excuse to not approve any new charter school application pointing the finger at Moyer as reason why DOE needs to better scrutinize charter school application. Yea F’ing nice, they just let one in under the wire were the charter CEO can’t even balance his/her checkbook and has been known to run two checkbooks when involved in a non-profit.

Hey waitress-chaser get the popcorn and peanuts ready for this show. Markell is digging himself a big deep dark political hole.

5 responses to “Moyer Charter School; Markell’s educational Katrina

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  2. nativebluehen

    The Jack was told by the Black Minister’s Council that Moyer stay’s open in some capacity or be prepared to lose the east side come 2012.

    Someone will have to be the fall guy which is why DOE Dan is buddy buddy with Red Clay’s Merv because Dan will take the fall and go become the new Dianne Dunmon of Red Clay.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Red Clay board won’t support hiring DOE Dan for anything! God I hope ! Lowery should been the fall gal ! However, DOE Dan is not qualified by law to fill her position. If anything, Lowery goes and Mervin moves to Dover. Lowery better book soon and ride the Delaware RTTT success wave and cash in now. When Markell’s house of cards come falling down she’ll be lucky to get a job teaching. Remember the buzz is, we can’t reward failure.


  3. Miss Crabtree

    The new DD has already been announced. Come to a board meeting every once in a while. That is old news from May’s meeting.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Yea I know the new DD was hired and it’s in the board minutes.

      FYI, the thing about Moyer’s build! Another up and coming charter school has its eye on the building. Bac you deals ar being made.