Did Rodel join the union or did the union join Rodel?

Schools must meet students’ diverse needs; Economics, race have an impact

Delaware stands at the threshold of education innovation and reform with its Race to the Top win, a one-time $100 million federal grant that will allow Delaware schools to revamp their education policies and practices.

Threshold of education innovation my ass! It’s a lynching of traditional public schools that failed at the hands of politicians and the business roundtable  jackassery that gave us DSTP. The only innovation here is Markell donate the handing tree, Rodel provides the rope and DSEA kicks the chair out from under future young teachers. The kids will  still suffer at the hands of those righteous people who proclaim that are acting in the name of civil right at the same time seeking paychecks, educators who go along to get along in order to sow seeds to career advancement and governors  just passing through on their way to Washington.

Education reform is a key issue on Governor Jack Markell’s and President Barack Obama’s agendas. Both agree on the need to turn around struggling and underperforming schools, and the state of Delaware, school districts and school leaders are now charged with creating strategies and programs that will do just that.

Never trust one man’s agenda especially if they are tied together by politics. Jack Markell has a long history with the Rodel foundation serving as a former board member and enjoyed major political contributions from Rodel’s founders. Let’s not forget that Aspen-Rodel Crown Fellowship Jack is proud of. Arne Duncan is also a Crown fellow.  Markell is all on board turning high poverty schools around but fails to do anything to address the condition within high poverty communities that impeded children’s ability to learn. A recent civil rights march through Wilmington, Delaware ended at the based of the building that houses Markell’s office. The bullhorn was loud with concerns but yet Markell refused to take 10 minutes out of his day. Markell had no problem grabbing a bullhorn at a rally for union workers. Markell’s innovation in education is sending his DOE puppets to school board meetings tell school board either sign the RTTT MOU or you’ll pay for RTTT programs with local tax dollars. Then Markell had the nerve saying all school district boards are willing RTTT participants. Markell even took another Rodel buddy Skipper a banker to Washington, D.C. to give Arne Duncan a poltical blow job. 

The question is: Given the changing demographics in our neighborhoods and the rising expectations of a global economy, are Delaware’s public schools ready to meet the needs of children where they are and prepare them to be career and college ready?

Schools cannot address the demographics in the neighborhoods. Trying to turn schools into social service providers is a fools journey. Markell can’t even effectively run the state social services serving children and they have trained professionals in the field. Markel can’t get it through his head that teachers are not social workers. Shit, DSEA sits on the sideline watching Markell fuck up teacher benefit packages rather than demanding they be increased for the add responsibilities coming their way and I am not just talking about turnaround schools. We’re all so worried about unions and organize crime and really need to be worried about unions, politicians and local business entities conspriing on plans to improve the live of our children.

We encourage the experts around the table to ensure that reform efforts include a problem-solving orientation that systematically considers cultural difference and the preparation of teachers who can connect, commit, and provide a culture of caring for diverse students and their families

The real experts never get to sit at the table as the real experts are the kids who feel the pain of adults who don’t give a rat’s ass and unless there is a paycheck, possible career or political advancement in it for them. Markell is living in a vision when he should join reality.

To truly understand the students in our classrooms, it is critical we understand cultural values such as child-rearing practices, family relationships, and interpersonal communication transmitted at home that can be far different from those values that children encounter at school.

So does thing mean no more school uniforms in many of our public schools so we don’t offend cultures? perhaps Rodel should go out into the communities to teach interpersonal communication 101. Teach parents the importance of “I” messages so that when their child says “I” need help with my homework, “I” need help with school supplies and “I” need you to be part of my education perhaps parents will engage. Paul teachers jobs are to teach no be  therapists. Holding the classroom teacher accountable for the failure or Markell’s lack of leadership in providing meaningful social services via his social agencies isn’t the answer. Teachers have compassion however, when there is a breakdown in society, government and the support network within the school beyond the teachers control that compassion for students ends up as frustration.

By the year 2030, nearly half of the population of the United States will consist of people of color. As we increasingly transform to globally diverse communities and schools, we have the inherent responsibility to examine our own socio-cultural consciousness and confront head-on the deep-seated issues of race and class.

The way things are going there might not be a United States in the year 2030 and by that time we would be through with Race to The Top and the next two save all education reform plans. Could it be possible that it’s not the schools negatively impacting society and rather society impacting schools? Schools and school teachers should be respected and students and parents should conform to the rules within. What next, Arne Duncan calling on colleges and universities to lower their behavior rules to allow college students room to vent?

All of us must declare that one’s ZIP code is no longer an excuse for failure, and must set high expectations for parents and children, teachers and administrators, school board members, public officials in Dover, and private sector leaders throughout the state. No one is exempt.

So how do we  end the exemption for irresponsible parents who fail to engage in their children’s education? Why is there a plan to fire only teachers and building administrators and not senior staff and likes of DOE Dan?

Economic, educational, racial and gender gaps directly impact life’s outcomes for children, and too often contribute to the cradle-to-prison pipeline. Our children should not have to pay a penalty because the 21st century face of diversity is broader and more complex.

And how is this Miss Crabtree’s fault ? Our children will pay the interest, principle and penalty for wasteful spending in government and education that serves nothing but special interest.

Today, we have the opportunity to create culturally responsive, trusting, and rigorous educational systems and shift the paradigm. We need to make it happen. In our race to the top we can’t afford to leave any one behind.

And we’re going to do this with 100 million dollars over 4 years where DOE keeps 50 million to create more managers in education?

Race to The Top is nothing more than NCLB on steroids. If NCLB was a failure how was it Arne Duncan had the advantage to use NCLB provisions to close schools when he was CEO of Chicago public schools. NCLB was the means to turn the light on the failures within. Race to The Top is only limited to a handful of states who conform to a federal plan that includes privatization of public schools. 

What happen to the state who presented a good RTTT plan but it didn’t stroke Arne Duncan’s ego the right way?

Holding teachers accountable for the failure within the communities isn’t the answer and DSEA going shoulder to shoulder with Rodel does nothing to shore up needed classroom support.  Teachers can’t carry the weight of the world and if one parent can demonstrate how to be a positive support person for their child, school and teacher certainly other parents can do the same.

The success of any  student black, white , red, brown or any other color be they rich or poor starts will parents and their ability to partner with their child’s teacher.  

3 responses to “Did Rodel join the union or did the union join Rodel?

  1. Brilliant!! Bravo!


  2. How many teachers will put heir jobs on the line and teach in a low performing school, where they will be released if the children do not achieve?


  3. Stand and Deliver

    That is not the main issue for teachers. How many teachers will willingly transfer to a school where student discipline does not exist, where kids have been whacking teachers, where kids move in and out of the school every week, where parents can be hateful and vindictive, and where an instructional program barely exists because of all of the disturbances? School climate is the reason many teachers will not go to some of the toughest schools.