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Today is the 66th anniversary of D-Day

My father was at Normandy but I am not sure what his position was. I do know he was a Mess Sargent and was responsible for his field kitchen. So I don’t think they would send the cook out  with first troops hitting the beaches. Must have been a good cook, lol.

Five Different Beaches were hit, Code-named: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword.

2400 soldiers in taking Omaha beach

Utah was much easier to take then was Omaha, and the allies only lost 300 men

Gold beach was the middle beach, the British lost around 400 men

1200 out of the 21,400 troops that landed perished in taking Juno beach.

Sword , British lost around 700 men

5,000 Allied troops killed that day.

As I was going through my father’s old war stuff I came across and old original photo of an LST, LST #375. He took a lot of picture during the war but didn’t make any notations on the back. So I did some research on LST 375  and found a website that son of a Gunnery officer on LST 375 put together to honor his father. So I send him this photo and it appears he didn’t have in his collection.

I also found these items in my father’s collections. The S.S. Argentina was a troop ship carry troops home after the war

Also this memento (front and back)

On the back were a few names and it appear one person may have served with my father. I did some research to locate this person and discovered  he was deceased. So I located a family member and communicated to then offering this momento. I thought it would be neat to take something another person’s father signed during the war and offer it back to their son.

War touches so many lives in more ways the we can image. So I figure I just help keep some memories alive.

Kilroy’s papa in Hawaii 1942


Survived the war