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Told you! Duncan wants a national DSTP test

NCC delegation meets with U.S. Secretary of Education on the need to provide equal education to all children #RTTT #edreform #fail

Standardized tests alone are not a satisfactory measure of progress, Duncan said, “but they must be part of the equation” of assessing improvements in schools.


Ice Ice Jack

Markell has a clue but can’t find the groove. His education reform plan is about lame as as this video. When will Jack walk the talk?

Jack Markell insensitive education policies

Markell sells out Moyer students to honor a backdoor RTTT deal. Markell rode the “change” coattails of Obama. Now Markell drops his pants and put his ass in the faces of those who choice into Moyer Academy. Tell Charter School of Wilmington they need to open their doors to low achieving minorities and see how Markell dances for the affluent.  

Moyer Academy the sacrifical lamb

Delaware schools: Moyer chief tells families to enroll elsewhere

The state cited this closure in its federal Race to the Top application, using it as evidence that the state is committed to taking drastic action to reform failing schools.

There you have it, it was all about the Race to The Top money! Why was’t Warner closed? Why wasan’t other low perfroming charter schools closed? Moyer was a “Markell” target because he knew poor minority parents lack the power to fight. Markell offered no intervention to help turn the school around. Markell put 50% of Race to The Top funding $50 million dollars in DOE’s pocket to help fund new jobs at DOE rather than provide aid to Moyer.

While the reopening remains in question, the state did complete work on a plan to give Moyer students access to summer school. State Department of Education officials said they didn’t know Moyer hadn’t made arrangements for these students until contacted by The News Journal last week.

Why didn’t DOE know ? Moyer may have failed however, their failure is a window to how Delaware Department of Education fails and lack real leadership. Markell victimized poor minority children for political Race to The Top gains. It’s all about the money!

Markell’s power play on poor communities

Changes made by author 3 rd Draft Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Desk of Theopalis K. Gregory, Sr., J.D.________________________

We are saddened and disappointed to learn that efforts have failed to keep the school open. Once again we find persons refusing to accept responsibility and engaging in the blame game.

Moyer Academy’s leadership fought feverishly and tirelessly to keep the Maurice J. Moyer Academy open.

After receiving the letter from the Law Firm of Drinker, Biddle and Reath at approximately 11:00 pm on Sunday, June 27

1 After receiving the State/Lowery letter dated April 8, 2010, Moyer’s Board and the Sills/Moyer Board voted to fully cooperate in DOE efforts to keep Moyer open. Via resolutions they agreed to appropriately convey property, not inappropriately, or contrary to any and all fiduciary duties that they have to Sills/Moyer or Moyer as they might relate to creditors, faculty and staff.

2 From day one Moyer provided K12 with an open door invite into Moyer. K12 suggested that they work out of the faculty lounge, however Mr. Gregory insisted on giving them a private office. Thereafter, they arrived at the building both scheduled and unscheduled so much to the point that they were advised through DOE that they had to let us know when they were coming. They were given open and unfettered access to any and all aspects of the building and staff. They aggressively did their own inventory and when help was offered they insisted on doing the inventory themselves. However, with the computers, K12 staff did an inventory, and then without Moyer’s knowledge or involvement, solicited a staff person, whom they had made overtures to about possible employment, to again do an inventory of all computers and record identifiable information. DOE’s $2500 expenditure approval request did not just apply to Moyer but rather all districts. Moyer has fully complied. Since Moyer uses the Delaware Financial Management System (DFMS) any such purchase would have been flagged by the State in any event.

3 (The May 25 letter was not received until some two weeks later.) The so called June 3, 2010, draft letter of understanding from the Drinker Law Firm to Mr. Harmon was sent to the wrong email address. Mr. Harmon learned of this letter the week of June 21st in discussions with Ms. Morris-Louis, Esq. of the Drinker Law Firm. He received the letter on Thursday, June 24, 2010. That letter references conveying of property.

4 Discussions and emails regarding personal property had been taking place between Mr. Harmon and the parties. This possible disagreement was well known. However, missing in all the discussion, was the fact that all the parties lacked knowledge that TRF, via its mortgage and the uniform commercial code, had a lien on all personal property. The lien should have been filed several years ago when the property was purchased. However, with the discussion coming to public light, and heating up, it was not filed on behalf of TRF until after 4:00 pm on Wednesday, June 23, 2010, and a copy was sent to Mr. Harmon on Friday, June 25. With this, as the News Journal reported, Theo Gregory acknowledged that the lien would be honored, thereby removing absolutely and forever any dispute over personal property.

5 Moyer’s reasoning for pursuing personal property up to that point in time was an effort to carry out its’ fiduciary duty as required by ethics and the law.

6 At no time did Theo Gregory direct K12 to cease doing an inventory, despite the fact that K12 went about doing so in an insensitive manner by placing note cards evidencing inventory on faculty and staff persons’ doors. And, likewise no such communication was made by Mr. Harmon to the State or K12.

7 Yes, Mr. Gregory as well as others did have personal furniture in the building. This constituted a fraction of the personal property. These items would have had no impact on the school’s capacity to move forward. We invite anyone to witness that the school is intact at this time. So, the allegations and rumors that items were removed are false.

8 Because of the approach in taking over the school major challenges were created. First, due to lack of communication few faculty members planned to stay. It is important to note that Mr. Gregory brought this to K12’s attention. They took his suggestion and sent a general email to faculty and staff. Mr. Gregory’s Executive Assistant typed the email. But as time moved on it became increasingly evident that the State and K12 had moved too slow and too late. Secondly, student enrollment had been steadily dropping and the State and K12 made no efforts to engage the parents. The State’s parent letter from several weeks ago setting forth a time line proved to be ineffective, as it left too many questions prompting a flurry of students to leave. Despite warnings by Mr. Gregory and other staff that the student enrollment was dropping, K12 never contacted the parents. No recruitment efforts have been made to date. Challenges for K12 to run the school and make a profit were mounting due to lack of enrollment.

9 With the personal property issue resolved as of late Friday, we continued to cooperate by making requested insurance policies available during the day on Saturday.

Given the above stated challenges, it was becoming quite obvious for us at Moyer that efforts to keep the school open may fail. Our expertise and insight gained over the last four years caused concern with respect to the efforts we were witnessing. So while it saddens and disappoints us that the school will not open in the fall, it does not come as a major surprise.


Theopalis K. Gregory, Sr., J.D.


Kilroy says, Jack Markell is damn lucky William Hicks Anderson is no longer with us , God rest his soul. The takeover of Moyer by Markell’s DOE puppets is a social injustice. The struggles of this high poverty schools are a results of failure of Jack Markell to address poverty issues in the community and his inability to connect with those communities. Moyer was never put on official probation to address the concerns. Jack Markell never ordered DOE to step in an offer assistance and more direct oversight. Markell allows certain charter schools to skim students who are likely to be successful while denying the students in most need.

Markell will say anything to minority communities to get elected:

 When will Governor Markell address the resegregation of public schools via charter schools.

Jack Markell has demonstrated his lack of understanding of the diversity of our community and rather offer assistance he rather just sweep the problem under the rug. Wouldn’t it make sense to build up not tear down? Jack you told me on the phone prior to the primary election that you had deep concerns about the achievement gap.

When will Jack Markell hold leaders at Delaware DOE for their blunders? What happen to that change Markell promised? Seems like business as usual, the poor gets screwed and the rich keeps taking.  

Teachers painted in a corner

On occasion I’ve made somewhat critical  negative remarks about DSEA. The comments are not about DSEA being union aka organized labor as I am pro organized labor. The reason we have unions is because  the United States government’s failure to protect workers’ safety, working conditions and fair reasonable compensation. Those of you who are not union members enjoy 40 hour work weeks and other benefits. Unions benefited the working condition for all. If it weren’t for “teachers” standing up and demanding changes in child labor laws we  would still have sweat shop enslaving children. Then there is corporate america who didnt’ give a shit about human rights of their workers. Sure unions really push the limits for compensation but American businesses don’t  have a problem going overseas and supporting their networks who enslave children in textile sweatshops or pay workers substandard pay in comparison to average world pay scale. I doubt many overseas workers receive company healthcare or retirement plans. If it weren’t for union there would be no OSHA. I’ll admit, I feel some unions aren’t thankful for what they have and can’t see the need for fair and reasonable concession particularly in an economic recession. Companies that can’t maintain a reasonable profit margin will close and out goes all employees. Our economy will recover and unions will survive. 

Here is the thing about education and teachers. Unions aren’t the cause for failing students, leadership and state governments are. Lets not forget teachers are college educated “professionals” who chose to be educators. Those legislators who bitch about teacher compensation should look in a mirror. They serve a few terms and received pensions whereas teachers must work a lifetime.

Currently the political odds are stacked against teachers because governments like Jack Markell and Arne Duncan are walking hand in hand with the business community who see teachers unions as a conquest. Break one of the strongest labor organization (teachers) and others will fall like dominos. Republicans are perceived as union busters when in fact Democrats like Jack Markell and Obama have cracked the foundation of teacher labor organizations.

I have a hunch that teachers don’t really support Race to The Top with heart and soul but go along to get along. If they buck RTTT the politicians would point the finger, there you go, teachers refuse to come to the table for the benefit of children. In Delaware teachers did work with Carper and Minner re: DSTP. However, they buck the system when it came to being accountable based on one test, one indicator. Race to The Top may support the growth model plan however, there is the issue of the failures in society such as poverty that stagnate a child’s ability to achieve. Do we hold the governor accountable for the poverty rate in Delaware ? No! But why not ?

Public education is shifting towards school building being some kind of social service centers in attempt to address all the social problems within the community. This bullshit with educational partnership zone with local businesses is “bullshit.”  If involved community leaders can’t reach the community from outside the schools what makes them think they can do it from within. FYI folks, poverty is an industry that many even righteous so-called civil rights leaders have a hand out. You don’t see PTA parents asking for paycheck for their civil duty. So why would the righteous community leaders ask for monetary compensation. Bottom line is if we cure poverty we’ve killed a profitable industry. In comes Governor Jack Markell who supports expanding administrative services when the need is more classroom instructional  services such as more teachers to reduce class sizes.

Teacher unions may have the downfalls but lets look at government. Don’t you think many politicians are about self-preservation and the me in life? Markell,  damn right cut sidebar deals with labor because he has a personal political agenda. Teachers on the other hand aren’t out looking to advance their political standing or social status. They just want fair pay and benefits like any of us. Jack Markell is all about Jack Markell and the failures with Moyer charter is evident. He wants to close Moyer but failure to ensure Moyer student would transfer to a Superior or Commendable rate school. He didn’t give a rat’s ass if they ended up back in the failing schools they escaped. Jack got caught with his pants down and had to save face.

Folks the basis for student failure and teacher failure is one test called DSTP. Teachers don’t need a data coach to tell them which students will fail. We all know children without invested parents will most likely fail. Color is not a barrier for failure. However, poverty clearly stagnate achievement. Schools are asked to feed children breakfast lunch and now talk of dinner. What is Markell doing to ensure these children don’t live in homes with empty food pantries?

I hate to say this but in many unions not just teachers there are those who play politics too much and too close. Unions across the country are cracking at their foundations and the end result will be shrinkage of the American middle-class and backlash on compensation for all Americans. We’ll end up with a two class society,  those with and those without. Ask yourself this, why is it those we elected to serve the public become the elitist? Why should the social status of Jack Markell or any elected public official nationwide be greater than those they serve?

Did the teachers in Delaware have a choice to say no to the MOU? If they did Delaware would have lost $110 + million dollars and education budget cuts would have been deeper. Don’t buy the RTTT must all go towards the RTTT plans. Once the cash is in Delaware’s hands the manipulation of cash flow takes place. Delaware has just one bank account and all money is dumped into it. There is some much federal funding being dumped into the states the federal government doesn’t have the manpower to complete effective in-depth audits.

I support traditional public schools and feel there shouldn’t be a need for charter schools. The creation of charter schools was driven by a political agenda to first undermine the desegregation order, more so force busing. Then undermine teacher unions. Many of the pro charter school founders are nothing more than profiteers capitalizing on charter schools to an extent of conflict of interest.  

The democrat and republican elected officials are nothing but organized unions themselves. There are a few who maintain morals and standards rooted in the heart and soul of what America is about and founding principles. 

I think it would be great to fire at will ineffective teachers. However, take a deep hard look at who controls the firing! If a teacher were to expose financial corruption of an administrators their ass would be history.

Teachers have become the surfs of public education second class to administrators.

Have you notice, each time there is a movement to reform public education there has been an expansion in the management of education. We need to reduce the management of education and redirect those funds to hiring more teachers.

Delaware’s public schools are driven by power, politics, money and egos. The line between teachers unions and politics has moved closer and closer. What could be worst than organized teachers union and government? When both sit too close together. It appears labor leaders are morphing into politicians like some of this school superintendents. Signing of the RTTT MOU put teachers in a place of no return. When RTTT falls apart and it will, the backlash on teachers livelihood will be harsh. Deals are being made by those seeing light at the end of the career tunnel and those who will be greatly impacted are just starting their educational careers.

Why do I make it my businesss as to whats going on here? Well, the politcal games going on in education are being bankrolled by taxpayer’s money. People like Markell are playing games only to seek further political gains. Does Tom Carper have any remores for bending over for the  business commuity that gave us DSTP? Jack Markell opens the doors and let the same player dictate current education reforms.


Delaware trivial question of the day!

Question???  What is the power output of the solar panel system on the new Delaware Welcome Center Travel Plaza ? Bonus question ? How tall are the towers supporting the wind turbines at the travel plaza?

Arne Duncan snakes America’s Governors

The Federal Takeover of the Public Schools

The 48 state Governors (except for Texas and Alaska) signed the Common Core standards adoption agreements before the public was told about the national tests.  

U. S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan waited until the state contracts were signed before he made the rest of the plan clear:

At least 85% of states’ standards must be the Common Core.

National tests would be created based upon those 85%. 

To get the Race to the Top funds, states would have to be a part of the Common Core. 

To get the Race To the Top funds, states would also have to implement an elaborate tracking system (provided by none other than Bill Gates I feel sure) that would link student test scores to individual teachers.

This obviously means that teachers, whose merit pay will depend upon how their students do on the national tests, will teach their students a national curriculum to get them ready for the national tests.

The vendors/lobbyists will be only too glad to develop the national curriculum, and they will love having to deal with The Beltway crowd rather than having to get their wares vetted through individual state textbook/instructional materials adoption processes where the products are required to pass through public hearings with conscientious citizens who check for factual errors.   

States can fool around with the 15% in their state standards all they want to, but the reality is that their teachers will teach the 85% because their salaries will depend upon it.

In my mind, anyone who thinks the U. S. Dept. of Ed. Is not heavily guiding the development of the Common Core Standards is not “reading the tea leaves right.” This plan actually goes all the way back to the National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE) and has been sitting on a shelf waiting to emerge when the right players were in place in Washington, D. C.

Folks a federal nationalized standardize test is in the pipeline and if you thought DSTP was bad wait until you get one on steroids controlled by the federal government! Delaware Governor Jack Markell signed your children up for Common Core Standards and all the rules that go with it. Did Markell ask for parent input? Markell is tracking to be the worst Delaware governor on education in the history of Delaware.

School boards are signing onto Markell education agenda at the urging of their superintendents. If we don’t dump these political ass kissing school superintendents the federal government will have complete control of our local public schools. We need new rules for school superintendents in respects to promoting political agendas of governors.  

Federal takeover of America’s schools

An elementary school principal in Lincoln, Neb., is being reassigned. District officials say that she’s great and that the school’s real problem is poverty. But , they say, the price for receiving millions of federal stimulus dollars is her reassignment.

“It is a direct result of the federal government infringing upon the local control of education, which we all find distressing,” Lincoln Public Schools Superintendent Susan Gourley was quoted as saying by the Journal Star.

Moyer Charter School; Markell’s educational Katrina

Delaware schools: Property sale may doom Moyer; Defunct charter school, state at odds over fate of building

While leaders of the soon-to-be-shuttered Moyer Academy Charter School are considering selling property to satisfy what could be a six-figure budget deficit, the state Department of Education warned Friday that the move would likely end the possibility of reopening the school this fall. 

Late Friday, the company that secured Moyer’s $5.4 million mortgage ( The Reinvestment Fund Inc.) filed court documents that indicate the board cannot sell anything, said Theo Gregory, the charter school’s director. The charter school board will examine those issues, and will follow any legal obligations regarding the school property, he said.

Little DOE Mouse informs me another pending approved charter school has its sights set on Moyer’s location. There are backroom deals being hatch to keep Moyer open next year and then it will be closed. DOE will be working with other school districts and charter schools to place Moyer students. The charter school that will be purchasing Moyer’s building will take on some of the Moyer students.

Delaware Governor Jack Markell’s biggest Moyer blunder was giving his DEDOE puppets the green light to pull the rug out from under Moyer’s leaders before having a transition plan in place to relocate students. Being a predominantly African-American school Markell assumed no one would speak out for his insensitive plan. Markell was boxed in a corner to keep Moyer open because he had an obligation to transfer Moyer students to  schools rated Superior or Commendable. Markell was prepared to just let the jungle eat these kids alive and have them transition back into the failing school they originally came from.

This issues and agenda is complex. However, enough tea-leaves are out there a simpleton like myself can figure it out. Mark my words, Moyer’s building will end up in the hands of an approved but not yet established charter school. Well it is established but ! Money talks bullshit walks so think about high-pockets who can pull this off.

This little agenda will fall right back in Markell’s lap just in time for the 2012 election. Markell will be force to sacrifice some DOE lamb such as Lil and /or DOE Dan. Delaware DOE’s aka Markell’s handling of Moyer set the stage for Markell to use as an excuse to not approve any new charter school application pointing the finger at Moyer as reason why DOE needs to better scrutinize charter school application. Yea F’ing nice, they just let one in under the wire were the charter CEO can’t even balance his/her checkbook and has been known to run two checkbooks when involved in a non-profit.

Hey waitress-chaser get the popcorn and peanuts ready for this show. Markell is digging himself a big deep dark political hole.

Delaware Education Revolution In Order

Delaware Secretary of Education Lillian Lowery and the United State Department of Education have crossed the line in their powers.

Lowery’s SIG Waiver request referencing labor relations between local school board and teacher unions and USDOE granting of the waiver is exceeds the mandate of both parties.

What FUCKING right does USDOE have sticking their nose in local board control. The MOU was for Race to The Top not SIG (School improvement Grant) Governor Jack Markell sends to little puppet Lillian to do his dirty deeds while Senator Sokola sits around with his thumb up his ass! Dave wake the fuck up! Can’t you see the repercussions all  this shit will have on Delaware public schools?

DEDOE and USDOE have no right to set any condition on labor relation issues between the boards and unions.

Hey Lillian, I know all about a certain conversation made during the limo ride down to DC for that big RTTT presentation. You give a new meaning to Deals on Wheels!

I urge all local school board with superintendent that have their heads up DOE and Jack Markell’s ass to no renew contracts. Superintendents serve at the pleasure of the school boards NOT Jack Markell and Lillian Lowery. These ass kissing superintends are helping undermining local school boards and turning the table on whose in charge.  

1) The LEA and local bargaining unit are unable to come to an agreement within 75 days of negotiation.  In this case, each party shall present its last best offer on the areas of disagreement along with a draft agreement to the Secretary of the Department who shall accept one of the last best offers or reject all of them.  Should the Secretary reject all offers, the parties shall have thirty (30) days to confer and present the Secretary revised offers for re-consideration.

Markell wants to control local labor relation taking power away from local school boards! I say BITE ME !

2) The LEA and local bargaining unit are still unable to come to an agreement within 120 days of negotiation.  In this case, the LEA must select an intervention from the Restart, Closure, or Turnaround intervention models.

What happen to DSEA  prefered Transformation model? How can local superintendents live up to the deal with their local unions? Looks like the MOU is signed and now its time to say SUCKER to the teachers.

Markell will get his head out of his ass and come to the real table once a local school superintendent is ousted and replace with a non Rodel or Broad clone. We NEED superintends who serve the boards and the community and not those who want to walk in the political circles. 

Why are school districts afraid to put full digital audio recordings of school board meeting on their district webpage? I’ll tell you why, the superintendents oppose it because the public will hear their lies and agendas. The queen in CSD opposes such a move because her incompetence will be exposed. Red Clay has the digital recorder now and we’re all waiting on Merv to grow some balls and request the board to approve the move.  Nothing happens until the super gives the green light.

Why does Governor Jack Markell turn a blind eye to improper state board meeting like the one Dave Sokola attended? Markell is all for open transparent government but when it comes to turning on the light on his education agenda it’s another story?

I say to the school board members , dump these political ass kissing superintendents and send Jack Markell a cold hard message, we are the local school authority not you! 

Lowery wins SIG Waiver from USDOE

See the attached letter from USDOE

USDOE SIG Waiver granted on conditions

Looks like the school board and unions signed the MOU in blood and can be minipulated to please Markell

Govenor Jack Markell gets an ass spanking by organized labor

Two-tier benefits system is dead — but just for now

In the final days of the General Assembly, a governor has to pick his battles. Therefore, Gov. Markell made the right decision to drop his push for a two-tier benefits system to rein in state government costs.

Union opposition is too strong and, this being an election year, the legislators were bound to follow the votes.

More power to the unions, congratulations! Hey Jack, looks like the state unions has your left nut and your political business bedfellows like Skipper has you right nut! Dude its one thing to be pulled around by your nose but must be bitch to be pulled around by your dick!  Come on Jack give me a call and we’ll have a few cold beers and talk about your errors. Its time to reshuffle the deck at DEDOE.

Delaware Sec of ED shoots herself in the foot

Delaware schools: Moyer students could be held back next year; Summer school options unknown

Some Moyer Academy students who need remedial help could be held back next year because no one determined where children from the Wilmington school, which lost its state charter, could attend summer school.

“This is another example of how children and families are negatively impacted when adults responsible for their well-being fail to act in a timely manner,” state Secretary of Education Lillian M. Lowery said in a written statement.

“The state of Delaware did not renew my charter,” said Theo Gregory, the charter school’s director. “We are out of business as of June 30. I have absolutely no authority to do summer school or to issue grades for summer school.”

One fucked-up comment by the Delaware Secretary of Education! Hello Lillian McFly, who are the adults that oversees the schools? Maybe your statement adds some truth to the fact morons must be running the Delaware Department of Education.

We encourage parents to reach out to us directly,” Lowery said. “Given the very late date, we cannot guarantee a solution, but we can guarantee that we will make our very best effort.”

Make that two fucked-up comments! What rock is Governor Jack Markell hiding under today?

Hey Jack, what do you get when you put your Secretary of Education and your Deputy Secretary of Education in a shoe box? A pair of loafers  🙂

No excuse for this Jack ! You are heading for the Delaware record books as the worst governor on public education.