Markell’s agents slams Moyer Acadmey

Closing Moyer the best option delaware voice • JOHN H. TAYLOR • March 15, 2010

“The State Board of Education’s decision to close the Moyer Academy was justified, principled and courageous. It acted in the best interest of the students’ academic needs and in Delaware’s long-term plans to have the best possible public school system for all students.”

The agenda for closing Moyer should have nothing to do with education outside the walls of Moyer. Jack Markell’s request for DOE to close Moyer was nothing more than making Moyer a sacrificial lamb to show Delaware can be tough on charter schools.

“The decision to close Moyer Academy was roundly criticized as unfair by Moyer’s leadership and many of the parents and students. The truth is that the decision was just the opposite. The state board acted only after repeated attempts to help the school to get on the right track”

How in the fuck did Jack Markell’s hand picked state board puppets help Moyer’s students by not requiring DOE to ensure these students be placed in schools with at least a Commendable rating? Closing a failing school and allowing students to return to failing schools does nothing to help them.

Moyer opened in 2006 and closed in 4 years with a federal school rating of Commendable. How many public meetings outside the state board meeting were held to address this issue? What communication went out in advance to parents of Moyer that there were problems and they as parents need to ask the school leader to correct or else the state would close Moyer?

I was surprised when students marched on the Carvel State Office Building during school hours to protest the decision to close their school. Obviously, the young people are emotionally attached to Moyer and wanted to vent those emotions.

If you were surprised perhaps it’s because you are clueless. Why wouldn’t they be emotional after all Markell took away their choice. 

Markell is the biggest failure in this situation  because his hand-picked puppets at DOE failed to show real leadership by communicating to parents and the community apparent Moyer deficiencies that could led to the school closing. Markell idea of transparency in government is crap! Markell did nothing to reach out to the local community leaders to warn them they need to engage.

Sure Moyer may have failed  as a school but Markell has failed to establish leadership in DOE that can be proactive as a partner to address these needs. They should have raised the concerns with parents and community leaders in efforts to expose the facts. Markell should have called for town meeting with the Moyer community.

Jack Markell acknowledged serious concerns with charter schools such as “resegragation” and “skimming and creaming of students”. But yet Markell failed to address those concern as promised during his campaign. Markell is as bad as those charter schools that cherry pick students. Markell cherry picks the issue avoiding stepping on the white status quo’s feet. Jack Markell turns on the gas chambers for minority schools and keep the fresh air pumps going in the obvious racist schools. Markell had no exit plan for Moyer students other than sending them back to the schools the make a choice to leave.

It’s pretty sad the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce VP takes such a narrow view on the issues and wants to reward Jack Markell for his failure. Markell signed a death warrant forcing Moyer students back to failing schools from where they “choiced” out of. Is Markell requesting schools like Charter School of Wilmington to take in some of Moyer’s high schoolers ?

Perhaps the families and students of Moyer should boycott local businesses who are member of the state chamber of commerce.

Vision 2015 was developed by a 28-person Steering Committee of senior public, private and civic leaders from throughout Delaware: John H. Taylor, Jr., Delaware Public Policy Institute, James A. Wolfe, Delaware State Chamber of Commerce.

Wasn’t it the business roundtable who gave us DSTP ? 

6 responses to “Markell’s agents slams Moyer Acadmey

  1. So John Taylor thinks that sending these children, who have been in the unique environment of Moyer, to a regular public school is in their best interest? I think he is dead wrong. I’ve never heard anyone say that these children didn’t progress at Moyer — just that they didn’t make the Delaware standard, which is bogus in the first place. Theo Gregory should have been fired and the ineffective Moyer board should have been dismissed, but the state board should not have closed the school and shoved those students into an unfamiliar environment in which their chance for success is likely deminished.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Apprently the student scores didn’t meet state standards and forsure they didn’t have all the required Highly Qualified teachers but the state profile rate the NCLB Comendable and met AYP.

      My point is closing the school and sending students back to low perfroming schools even if Moyer was low perform it doesn’t serve the children.

      He was surprised students marched. He’s clueless.


    • “He was surprised students marched. He’s clueless.”

      His surprise was that the students marched DURING SCHOOL HOURS — a legitimate point. Who gave them permission to skip school?? The march should have been before or after school, not during school, unless this was an official field trip to study the art of protesting.

      The people behind the “march” should be fired, if they are staff members at Moyer.


  2. kilroysdelaware

    I see the point “school hours” however where was Taylor when the Charter School of Wilmington students had their little sit-in? The school let the kids meet outside to blow off steam ans then back to he classroom.

    I think closing Moyer is traumatic! What about all the schoo officals who went to Duncan U of D RTTT pep rally? what should we pay them for not being at their desk? This event could have been on a Saturday so that classroom teachers could particapate.

    Well one thing for sure with the Moyer kids, they did protest peacefully and used their rights re: freedom of speach.

    The big question now is, will the Moyer kids be forced back to failing schools and will Taylor step up and complain about that?

    FYI your comments are always welcome.


  3. You guys so quickly forget when the CSW kids marched around and had a rally to keep their super. There is nothing wrong with the kids taking two hours out of their day to participate in an act of civil protest.

    Gee, do you complain when they hop on a bus for a field trip to DC or Philly?

    That we get this out of John ‘Chamber Pot” Taylor is ridiculous.

    I am proud of those kids for exercising their constitutional right to free speech.

    So you would have had them march in traffic or when no one is left in the office building? They marched in the safest time of the day and they said their piece.

    it was great.

    Taylor is nothing but an apologist for the status quo corporate community. He know squat about the community these kids represent and that community is well represented at Moyer.

    Moyer kids should continue right where they are and the DDOE and State Board should go in an shake up the top administration and Board.

    Gregory has admitted that the man who was in charge of curriculum messed up and that no one realized it until late into the year– that is inexcusable.


  4. kilroysdelaware

    “Moyer kids should continue right where they are and the DDOE and State Board should go in an shake up the top administration and Board.”

    They need to march on the state legislators