Breaking news! Names of Delaware turnaround schools revealed

The names are:

Warner Elementary School (Red Clay)

Bancroft Elementry School (Christina)

Pulaski Elementry School (Christina)

Stubbs Elementry School (Christina)

Positive Outcome Charter School

Three of these school will begin their turnaround next school year 2010-2011.

From a Dover source it appears the superindents of these school district knew about the selection but were ask not to tell their board members.

I’ve been told there has been communication with Teach for America about their role in purging some of the ineffective teachers out of these turnaround schools. Comments were made that with TFA coming in at the lowest pay grade the extra funding could be better served in the turnaround plan. Yea right ! Let’s not forget the payday the TFA organization receives. Hey preacher boy, better get some desk lined up at WU.

To all you school boards out there, it time to put the dog collars on you district supers! Why are they agreeing to school turnaround plans without including the boards in the process and decisions? You better “demand” you super to include you or else when the turnaround plan pisses parents off you’ll be the one hearing the shit!

Education is moving to a new era where school board become puppets of the superintendents Why you ask? Because, f’ing up the local gears that run local schools will support the all for more charter schools. You are being setup to fail! When you all voted on the MOU, you did so at the request of your superintendent. The bottom line is, who is working for who. 

I hope our State Auditor keeps his pencil sharpened because money is going to be uncontrollable in all directions.

Though I have my issue with Jack Markell I must tip my hat to his masterful takeover of our schools.

To a special fool out there, I know all about you steak dinners with some SES providers! Shame on you!

To the idiots down at DOE, shred your shit before you put it in you trash cans. I can tell you this, someone big at DOE will be terminated with what’s about to be exposed. I suggest friend you bail before it get’s exposed.

FYI the reason why so many turnaround school in Wilmington is because of politics as in helping a certain democrat get elected in Wilmington. Same goes for closing Moyer. Watch who comes out in Wilmington proclaiming it was they who moved the Wilmington school turnaround agenda.

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  1. GREAT POST KWA! You are getting the hits. Now get out them collars.


  2. Are you talking about Chris Coons? I am confused.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Not Coons! Arne Duncan want “Mayoral control” over city schools lkie Daley does in Chicago. Markell is setting up the political ducks.


  3. Didn’t Warner just make a presentation or something telling people how they were going to improve? Why would it be news that they are a turnaround school?

    Seems the district is always trying to do something to “fix” Warner — I remember news articles about some of the things that were happening before. What happened to all those efforts? Is this turnaround plan just more of the same?

    If this latest, greatest plan doesn’t work fast, I think the district should close Warner and sell it to a developer or someone who can do something with the property.


  4. kilroysdelaware

    Yes we need to fix Warner but w don’t need the state and their political buddies coming in “hands on” and make all the decisions. The plan could be fire all the teachers and staff and replace with new, close the school and make it a charter, let an education management company come in and run the school. Red Clay school board hands will be tied with these decisions reducing local control.

    No guarantees the recent Red Clay plan with be the plan.


  5. kilroysdelaware

    If Waner is taking out of Red Clay hands or has to be managed for them we need to reduce super and central administrative pay re: reduced responsiblity! That’s how they do it business!


    • Red Clay will still have to educate the students from Warner. Or, doesn’t that count in your formula for pay?


    • kilroysdelaware

      the super’s pay and district administrators are based on current responsiblities re: schools. Why should we rewards administrators if someone else has to do their jobs?

      Tell me this , why is the list of turnaround schools a big secret DOE and Markell ? Why is DOE, Markell and supers all in a sercret huddle about which school a slected for turnround? Should local school boards have a say about it prior to the selection Which is already a done deal. What about the plan to turn the school around, does the board approve or disapprove. Red Clay’s current plan for Warner is fine but what happen when the states changes the plan?


  6. Kilroy: How did you get this information–the names of the five schools? It was supposedly top secret.


  7. kilroysdelaware

    “It was supposedly top secret”

    My security clearance level is Q

    The big question is why is Markell lying to the public about the list that doesn’t exist?

    There has been a lot of meetings going on behind the school board’s backs.

    Jack’s DOE point man has been working the circut! TFA is “very” pleased because school board of these turnaround schools have no say in placing TFAs once Markell wrecking ball clears house. I hear some folks are laughing behind DSEA’s back about the lie about the being partners.


  8. Bennie, how did you know about it, if “it was supposedly top secret?”


  9. I did not know the names–surprised that Kilroy got some names and published them here.

    Because Dover told district folks that the schools would not be identified for a while. That the names were being kept under lock and key.


  10. kilroysdelaware

    “That the names were being kept under lock and key.”

    How do you know that? The Snooze Journal indicated there wouldn’t be names until after this year’s DSTP.

    ” Delaying the decision will give them the chance to consider 2010 testing data when choosing the schools. “We want to be able to take into account what a school has done this year,” Cruce said.”


  11. We’ll y’all know what I think: DOE knows a helluva a lot more than they tell us li’l board members. Political Advantage of keepin’ it quiet vs the fall-out and panic that will ensue when parents and teachers find out? Keep the panic period short, limit the amount of collaboration that can occur, announce in July. Now, y’all don’t really think that if the schools are designated in July that two months provide enough time to put the entire turnaround design in place? DOE needs more than two months. I wouldn’t be surprised if this list is just the tip of the iceburg.


    • kilroysdelaware

      I agree re: two months. You don’t start the school year and then do the planning and implmentation. Implmentation starts day one and surely the staff has to be in place.

      It’s apparent that school board aren’t stakeholders when it comes to turnaround schools. It would make sense to have the board involved from day on of any blueprint. Supers tend fo forget they serve at the pleasure of the boards.

      DOE is only following Markell’s directives. Doesn’t make sense to point the finger at Lil. Besides the Rodel fix is running DOE.

      As far as DSTP I have a hunch all school will show lower scores because students know DSTP is on the way out .


  12. Kilroy, never forget: Dr. Lowery is a Broad Fellow:


  13. She said;
    ” If we don’t have our fiscal resources structured in a way that is sustainable, then it impacts what we can
    do in the classroom.”

    Duh, RTTT isn’t sustainable funding!

    Looking back, I am sure being a Broad Fellow had a lot to do with Jack selecting her. The bottom line is she is NOT in charge! Jack is ! But I’ll give her respect for havin the guts to expose Joey, Yea there is anothe example. Keep ineffective managers in education and close a commendable school.

    Some on big at DOE is about to be exposed and if they were wise they leave now. Markell is going to have political egg all over that big head of his 🙂 There is a lot of office mistrust down at DOE. A few birds on the inside undermining Lil. I wonder if Nancy will bail like Tanner did when the status quo wanted their way with DSTP? Nancy worked her ass of an now they are going to undermine her.

    The school board of these turnaround school should demand a copy of the full turnaround plan, the players and funding streams.


    • Joey was exposed by the time Lowery got here…”doing the right thing” by exposing the underbelly once people knew there was one, was indeed commendable, but not revolutionary.


    • This tread is very very interesting. I feel like it is a new season of 24 but I need more clarification. Who is the bad guy at DOE and who is Nancy? I don’t understand the sentence: Nancy worked her ass off and now they are going to undermine her. Who did Jack put in DOE to do his work?


  14. I don’t think she exposed Wise without the help of a lot of behind the scenes activity. No Way.

    Wagner had a handle on a lot of what was going on. He probably approached people and suggested that procedure. Remember in the case of the Laurel District theft, the district FIRST went to the DOE who contacted Wagner and no one went to the police or DOJ.


  15. WAgner also had gotten plenty of tips about the Lofink kid in the Dept. of Finance. Wagner passed on doing his work and told the Dept. of the warnigns and they did nothing. Wagner did nothing until after another million was stolen away.

    The politics in our state is across all these bureacratic offices. Wagner is a political animal. Even when there was significant evidence of Wise criminality, everyone let him skip town and he was able to wreak havoc in JAcksonville and beyond.

    My point is that the way Lowery slid into place in Christina was a little too smooth for me. I don’t buy it that she was the ‘lone shooter’.


  16. This is a list of most of the major schools that are below 50 percent proficient. who do you think should be turned around?
    Lots of abbreviations to make it fit in a narrow list.It is sorted lowes scores to highest scores over the last two years.

    2008 5 BANCROFT Hispanic 18.18
    2009 3 BANCROFT AAmer 19.15
    2008 8 DOUGLASS All 20
    2009 3 BANCROFT All 22.45
    2008 3 Highlands AAmer 22.86
    2009 4 Warner AAmer 28.33
    2009 3 East Side AAmer 30.77
    2009 3 EAST SIDE AAmer 30.77
    2009 3 East Side All 30.77
    2009 3 EAST SIDE All 30.77
    2008 8 Christiana All 30.91
    2008 3 East Side AAmer 31.25
    2008 3 EAST SIDE AAmer 31.25
    2008 3 East Side All 31.25
    2008 3 EAST SIDE All 31.25
    2008 3 BANCROFT All 31.48
    2008 3 BANCROFT AAmer 32
    2008 4 East Side All 32.26
    2008 4 EAST SIDE All 32.26
    2008 3 BAYARD AAmer 32.35
    2008 8 MCKEAN All 33.33
    2009 4 STUBBS All 34
    2009 4 STUBBS AAmer 34.21
    2008 4 East Side AAmer 34.48
    2008 4 EAST SIDE AAmer 34.48
    2009 4 BANCROFT AAmer 35.14
    2009 4 Warner All 35.21
    2008 9 DICKINSON Hispanic 35.48
    2008 5 East Side AAmer 37.5
    2008 5 EAST SIDE AAmer 37.5
    2008 8 Newark AAmer 37.5
    2009 5 East Side AAmer 37.5
    2009 5 EAST SIDE AAmer 37.5
    2008 8 Christiana AAmer 37.84
    2009 4 BANCROFT All 38.46
    2009 8 DOUGLASS All 38.89
    2008 4 Warner AAmer 39.51
    2008 3 Warner AAmer 40
    2009 5 PULASKI AAmer 40
    2009 8 BAYARD Hispanic 40
    2008 9 Glasgow AAmer 40.94
    2008 5 East Side All 41.18
    2008 5 EAST SIDE All 41.18
    2008 6 BANCROFT Hispanic 41.18
    2009 2 Warner Hispanic 41.18
    2008 3 Warner All 41.57
    2009 8 BAYARD AAmer 41.67
    2009 3 STUBBS AAmer 41.86
    2008 4 STUBBS AAmer 42.31
    2009 5 East Side All 42.31
    2009 5 EAST SIDE All 42.31
    2009 8 Glasgow All 42.5
    2009 8 BAYARD All 42.65
    2008 4 STUBBS All 42.86
    2008 4 BANCROFT All 42.86
    2009 6 BAYARD AAmer 43.15
    2009 3 Warner AAmer 43.53
    2009 2 Warner All 43.82
    2008 3 BAYARD All 44.07
    2009 2 Warner AAmer 44.12
    2008 9 DICKINSON AAmer 44.25
    2009 3 BALTZ AAmer 44.44
    2008 8 A I DUPONT All 44.44
    2009 3 STUBBS All 44.44
    2009 3 Warner All 44.55
    2009 9 Newark AAmer 44.94
    2008 4 PULASKI All 45.16
    2008 4 BAYARD AAmer 45.24
    2008 5 PULASKI AAmer 45.24
    2009 9 MCKEAN AAmer 45.35
    2009 9 Positive All 45.45
    2009 9 Positive All 45.45
    2009 4 East Side AAmer 45.71
    2009 4 EAST SIDE AAmer 45.71
    2008 9 Glasgow Hispanic 45.71
    2008 4 Warner All 45.74
    2008 2 BALTZ AAmer 45.83
    2009 8 MCKEAN All 45.83
    2008 2 Warner Hispanic 45.83
    2009 4 East Side All 45.95
    2009 4 EAST SIDE All 45.95
    2009 9 Christiana AAmer 46.11
    2008 4 PULASKI AAmer 46.15
    2008 4 BANCROFT AAmer 46.15
    2009 9 Christina AAmer 46.55
    2009 8 Glasgow AAmer 46.67
    2009 3 Warner Hispanic 46.67
    2008 4 Richardson AAmer 47.06
    2009 8 Positive All 47.06
    2009 8 Positive All 47.06
    2009 6 SHUE-MEDILL Hispanic 47.06
    2008 4 Highlands AAmer 47.5
    2009 8 Newark All 48.15
    2008 6 STUBBS AAmer 48.31
    2009 6 BAYARD All 48.45
    2008 3 Highlands All 48.48
    2008 2 Marbrook Hispanic 48.48
    2008 9 Glasgow All 48.62
    2008 5 ELBERT- AAmer 48.84
    2009 4 SHORTLIDGE AAmer 49.15
    2008 2 ELBERT- AAmer 50
    2009 9 DICKINSON AAmer 50
    2009 9 Glasgow AAmer 50
    2008 2 ELBERT- All 50
    2008 8 Newark All 50
    2009 4 SHORTLIDGE All 50
    2009 2 Richardson White 50
    2009 9 Positive White 50
    2009 9 Positive White 50


  17. Mass Insight.. will bring 30 million for three years. That is ten million per year. That is divided between 6 states. That is on million six hundred thousand a state. That is divided between five schools. That is three hundred thirty three thousand three hundred per school per year. That is less than the fee for Renaissance Schools. I am counting on Scheinburg to make sure that the consultants do not get a penny more than the money from Mass Insight. The rainmakers will have to get the message that money is tight and they have to work on the cheap here in Delaware so they go away. An extra three hundred thousand can help a school as long as it does not go to an outsider. We need good leaders- a good leader can turnaround a school



    • kilroysdelaware

      “DE: ARRA Funding Used To Innovate At Warner Elementary School, Paid For Support Staff, Technology, Boost Up Program. The News Journal reported, ―At Warner Elementary School in Wilmington — which is classified as “below target” for failing to meet federal education goals — stimulus funds are paying for literacy coaches to assist teachers with students who need extra help in reading and writing, and amplifiers for teachers to wear around their necks to help carry their voices to the back of the classroom. Money also is being spent on family crisis therapists, technology initiatives and the Boost Up program that ties learning with physical activity. The Red Clay Consolidated School District, which includes Warner, is getting $1.79 million in stimulus money this year and $2.32 million next year. At Warner, all the stimulus-funded programs are new, said district Superintendent Merv Daugherty. “We asked ourselves how can we think outside the box at this school,” he said. “We didn’t do anything the same with our stimulus money.” Administrators said the money will run out about the same time the district’s strategic planning will take place. That will give them a chance to evaluate what stimulus-funded programs will be worth continuing with state dollars.‖ [The News Journal (Wilmington, Delaware), 10/5/09]”

      How many more millions will it take to turnaround Warner. Seems like the money is there. Mass Insight will bring peanuts and take credit for what ARRA has provided.


    • I am depending on you Kilroy to keep Mass Insights Lead Partners out of Warner. There are other options- they are on the right track… I like the idea they are thinking outside the box. They need to believe it can be done- and it will improve. They need to keep the staff that was trained so the training dollars will last beyond one year..


    • You are so right. The right person in the right place at the right time will make the difference for a school. A charismatic person who is dedicated and will work until the job is accomplished.


  18. snooping around from Dover

    Kilroy. I am interested in more tidbits about what is shaking up in Dover. Drop a few more hints will ya.


  19. kilroysdelaware

    “I am depending on you Kilroy to keep Mass Insights Lead Partners out of Warner.”

    That ship left port ! Warner will be the first Delaware traditonal public school to be converted to a charter school. Red Clay would love to ditch all their high pvoerty inner city schools.

    “They need to keep the staff that was trained so the training dollars will last beyond one year.”

    They need to give the staff , administration and parents of Warner full control of all allocation state. local and federal for that building and let a real invested site-based committee control eveything. Keep all the staff and refocus and if there is a teacher or employee that really needs to go let the group within decide. Don’t need a charter takeover or private ed managment company takeover. Give control to the people who care enough not to centeral office.


  20. Master Insider

    Go Here:


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  22. Teach for America is not the answer to failing schools. The problem is district office. They can’t handle these outta control students, because they don’t see a problem, you can’t fix something unless you know what is broken.
    Teach for America will come in and won’t be able to make a difference. TFA is a joke and if allowed to teach in Christina my kids will go to private school. Christina has been in trouble for years maybe hiring all new teachers straight out of college was part of their mistake. Now your hiring teachers straight out of undergrad with no education background and no teaching experience, on the job training sounds like a social experiment that I don’t want my children to be a part of.
    Unions it is time to unite, get the parents on board and let the school board and Markell know how strong you can be when you are united.


    • kilroysdelaware

      You got it! But the train has left the station and RTTT and new state regulations will allow TFA


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