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Markell closes Commendable high poverty charter school

DOVER — The State Board of Education voted unanimously Thursday to close Maurice J. Moyer Academy charter school in Wilmington.

“Moyer is only the second charter school to be denied renewal since the General Assembly approved Delaware’s charter law in 1995. Marion T. Academy Charter School was denied in 2008 after state officials cited poor student performance at the Wilmington K-8 school. Two others have relinquished their charters, Richard Milburn Academy in July of 2000 and Georgetown Charter School in March of 2002”

Moyer (Maurice J.) Academy  Date updated – Winter 09

COMMENDABLE (see for yourself)

AYP: Meets Target


97.7% African-American 82.9% high poverty students

“In its report, the charter school committee said Moyer students had failed to score at the mean state average on state testing in any grade level on any subject since the school’s opening. Delaware code, the committee’s report noted, requires that a charter school’s average student performance on state testing must meet or exceed statewide averages. “The school has never met this regulatory requirement,” the committee said.”

What plans has Jack Markell made to ensure all these students (484 students) get admitted to a school rate commendable or above?

What impact will Jack Markell’s plan to cut state transportation funding to charter schools ability to maintain “highly qualified” teachers? What impact will Jack Markell’s plan to defer high cost of the new state test have on charter schools ability to maintain “highly qualified” teachers?

Jack knew before being elected what the “big problems” were.

Where in the hell are the rightious civil rights leaders ?