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Teacher unions having Obama buyer’s remorse?

Have teachers’ unions been betrayed by Obama? October 23, 4:45 AM Education ExaminerDonna Gundle-Krieg

“Teachers’ unions across America have been disappointed in many of Barack Obama’s educational policies, especially since the unions spent 95% of their political funds helping him get elected.”

Yep there is  a lot of buyers remorse for those voting for Obama including me. However, if I could take it back I still wouldn’t have voted for McCain or wacko Palin. I guess I wouldn’t vote.

I wonder will our Delaware teachers reward Obama and Duncan by sending Chris Coons to Washington? After all, Chris Coons is a member of The Rodel Foundation Advisory Council

Aspen Institute Names Top Young Elected Officials to its Fourth Class of Aspen-Rodel Fellows

“Washington, DC, November 28, 2008—The Aspen Institute’s Rodel Fellowships in Public Leadership has announced the selection of 24 elected public officials as its 2008 class of Fellows. Local officials include Santa Cruz, California, Mayor Ryan Coonerty; New Castle, Delaware, County Executive Chris Coons; Hamilton County, Ohio, Commissioner David Pepper, and Jackson County, Missouri, County Executive Mike Sanders.”


Teachers send Jack Markell a message that you still have the vote power and that Markell needs not to think 2012 is in the bag!

Markell get’s new nick name, Jack the Butcher

On Friday, a team of national union leaders and the presidents of Rhode Island’s AFT locals met at the University of Rhode Island’s Alton Jones Campus in West Greenwich to discuss their strategy.

“No one anticipated this. I’m not sure even the Obama administration anticipated that as a result of their regulations, there would be mass firings,” said Marcia Reback, president of the Rhode Island Federation of Teachers. “I think this resonates with teachers across the country. Everyone looks at this as establishing a national precedent.”

“The two impacts this money will have are, one, it will force the hand of states that otherwise would have done nothing, and two, it will give greater resources and policy tools to states that would have already agreed to an aggressive reform agenda,” said Justin C. Cohen, of Mass Insight, a Boston nonprofit focused on education reform.

“Rhode Island is in the latter category.”

Mass Insight ! Isn’t this the group coming to Delaware to turnaround a few school like Red Clay’s Warner?

FYI, Rhode Island teachers union didn’t “anticipate” it and like sleeping sheep Delaware teachers union thinks their partnership with Markell will protect good teachers from getting fired in radical lobotomy approach to turning schools around. You can’t perform a succesful lobotomy with scalpels in the hand of  surgeons who themselves needs on.

Firing good teachers to get at the bad one is morally wrong. But Markell show his morals by turning his back on resegregation, skimming and creaming of students via charter schools.

Jack Markell plans to butcher good quality teachers to earn his wings to fly to Washington. Round them up jack and push them in the gas chambers.

Obama supports Del State as DE Sec of Ed walks from board

Obama’s support provides ray of light for Delaware State

As President Barack Obama boosted support Friday for historically black colleges, hardest hit by the economy, it was as if he felt Delaware State University’s pain.

The president Friday signed an executive order renewing a White House initiative on historically black colleges and universities. Officials have given no details of how Obama’s big-picture boost may impact DSU or any single school.

Delaware State University has been the step-child for many years and has been nix out of SEED because they wouldn’t lower their standard.  I must give Obama a Kilroy Gold Star for stepping up for Del State.

Dr. Lillian Lowery, Secretary of Education for the State of Delaware, has resigned her position on the Delaware State University Board of Trustees. Citing a need to focus on implementing the education plan of Delaware Governor Jack Markell, Lowery has been replaced by DSU alumnus and Wilmington attorney Leroy Tice.

Come on Lil,  Jack has his Rodel puppet working inside DOE don’t tell me your afraid to leave the office because someone might jump in your seat? Obama wants K-12 college and career ready and you feel support Delaware State University isn’t part of Markell’s education plan

It’s not unusual that a college or university board member resign a seat, but what makes this resignation particularly interesting is that Lowery resigned as was replaced without the other board members knowing.

Like I said, Del State has been nothing but a step-child and looks like Markell is keeping that agenda. There is no reason why Markell can’t make an executive order ordering SEED to be offer at Delaware State University for the first two years at the same Delaware Tech tuition rate.

For those who don’t know, Del State refused to offer a two-year associates degree to participate in SEED because they want students to focus on a four-year degree. I gotta give them credit for setting such high standards. Sweet deal for U of D associated program at Delaware Tech and shit for Del State.

Fire fires one back at UC San Diego

UC San Diego Freezes Funds for 33 Media Groups, Dissolves Student TV, Threatens to Punish Students for Protected Speech

SAN DIEGO, February 23, 2010—The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and its student government have violated the First Amendment by freezing funds for 33 student media organizations, dissolving the student-run television station, and threatening to punish students involved in a controversy over a party invitation for an event called the “Compton Cookout.” Student government president Utsav Gupta has explained that his repressive actions were due to “fracturing of the student body on an issue” and “hateful speech.” Further, under pressure from state legislators who seek to punish protected speech, UCSD has launched “aggressive investigations” into the party invitation. After many students came to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) for help, FIRE has written two letters to UCSD defending the First Amendment both on and off campus.

College isn’t for conditioning of the human mind, it’s for expansion of the human mind. We cannot allow our universities and colleges to regulate expression protected by our constitution. We have a government full of people like Arne Duncan who want to shape education based on their ideology at the same time stifling opinions and views of those concerned. The inception of The United States Government  was formed by free minds who risk life and liberty to secure the same for all generations to follow. A life laid down on the battle field of Lexington, Gettysburg , Normandy, Vietnam and any other battle field is no greater than those students such as in Kent State who rose up to question America. Our right to speak out and question or ridicule our government is protected by the rules that govern government. 

Keep up  the good work Fire. 

Breaking news: Wilson to run for reelection for school board

– Martin A. Wilson, Sr. (Feb. 26, 2010)

Richard H. Cross, Jr. (Feb. 25, 2010)

I am going on record supporting another term for Martin Wilson.

Am I crazy? Yes, you all know that by now! However, I watched first hand Martin Wilson’s journey over the years from day one. Yes he was recruited by the old guard.

I remember the early days when Martin pretty much was not allowed to speak (my opinion). Many times I would speak with Martin after board meetings and bitch at him for not speaking out.

The real question here is can Martin Wilson take the good and the bad of the past and refocus on the real internal needs of Red Clay School District in the respects as to what is best for “Red Clay” students.

Is it possible Martin Wilson can and will emerge from a follower to an independent leader? I think there is a very strong chance. Martin has been making more efforts over the last year and half to speak more and share is opinions. Was Martin Wilson to driving force for radical changes that drifted Red Clay? No. Did he support the old guard? Yes. Does Martin Wilson have what it takes to come back to center and be objective and support positive change to address the needs of schools that have seem to be forgotten? I say yes!

Change is good but let’s face it, be careful what you wish for. Bottom-line, we know what we have with Martin Wilson and he knows the change we need and demand. He has been stepping up a bit more over the last year and he get’s the message.

I urge our Red Clay teachers and teacher association (yea yea, union) to take the time to weigh Martin Wilson’s past and present performance. But more importantly can he fit in with the current and future goal needs of Red Clay. I don’t make my opinion from just sitting here poking from blogs. I do have face to face contact with all board members and Martin will tell you that I’ve told him I felt he was full of shit (in those words) from time to time. He’s taken my criticism quite well and knows like him I was doing my job.

I hope the current board members see the potential in Martin Wilson to help move Red Clay forward and be an independent objective voice. We don’t need a board with one brain but rather multiple independent thinkers.

Is Merv turning Conrad into an illegal charter school?

From: a good one

“Kilroy- You’ve said on this blog that Conrad feeder kids would get first choice to the new Conrad School of Science??? I’m confused, acceptance letters went out Thursday and several feeder kids didn’t get in while some got in from OUT OF DISTRICT!!!! I thought this was not supposed to happen?

Please have those parents from the old Conrad feeder pattern (See NOTE) E-mail me at This was all hammered out protecting the rights of students within the old feeder pattern. The students were to be given preference as Conrad is not a charter school and does not have an entrance test. All Red Clay students must be served first. Red Clay could be in violation of their neighborhood school plan submitted and approved by the Delaware State Board of Education. This was prior to the change at Conrad. That change had change the dynamics of the approved neighborhood school plan and if Red Clay refused to allow those students living in the Conrad feeder pattern preference then Red Clay and the Delaware State Board of Education would have to revise the Conrad ne neighborhood school plan as Red Clay would be in violation of state law.

I can’t do anything with out those parents communicating to me. I assure you Beau Biden will be require to act on this.

This is what’s on Conrad’s webpage:

“Last year school year (2008-09) was Conrad’s last year of having a feeder pattern – a specified geographic area from which students may attend Conrad by right – not through the Choice program. Students in all other grades (6, 7, 9, 10) entered Conrad through the school Choice process.”

“Beginning with the 2009 – 2010 school year, all students will have gone through the choice process and no feeder pattern for the school will remain in effect. The previous Conrad feeder pattern was dispursed to the District’s other traditional middle and high schools.”

You do see it the 2008-2009,  “a specified geographic area from which students may attend Conrad by right.” What right does Red Clay / Merv have taking those rights away?

The agreement was all students in Conrad’s feeder pattern would be assigned to other schools and all parents must compete the choice application. Those completing the application would have preference. Preferences for charter schools do not govern traditional public schools. If what you are saying is true than Merv open a can of worms and will require legal action. I hope it is no true because Conrad is doing a great job and to suggest Merv is cherry picking students from outside Red Clay questions his loyalty to the Red CLay community.

So have the parents contact me and we’ll get together with Lowery, State Board of Education and the AG’s office. 


The feeder pattern I referring to is the old Conrad Middle School feeder pattern grades 6-8.  There was no high school component and the changes in feeder pattern in question was referring to 6-8th grade students and potential resident students. So any resident within the old feeder pattern with 6-8th grade students have the preference and should not be denied. As far as high school age residents within the old Conrad middle school feeder pattern, they should be given in district preference. 

This is what happens when condoms break

Does Obama has brain cancer?

Critics Pan Obama Plan to Tie Title I to Standards

The Obama administration’s proposal to make federal funding for disadvantaged students contingent on states’ adoption of reading and math standards that prepare students for college or a career has drawn sharp criticism from groups representing grassroots educators and state lawmakers, even as some governors and members of Congress appear open to the idea

How in the hell can our school prepare Title 1 students for college reading and math if the can’t get many of them through high schools?

Rep. Kline, who has been cautious about federal intrusion into K-12 education policy in the past, said he supports efforts among states to voluntarily revamp their standards.

Yea right on asshole Rep Kline, “voluntarily” we see how “voluntarily” the MOU was in Delaware with DOE putting the $$$$$$$$$$$$ regulation gun to the head of the schools board. Don’t sign you don’t get federal funding and you’ll pay out of local dollars because the new state regulations are aligned with federal goals.

Red Clay folks take a look at Red Clay Title 1 program and other school distircts . See how many middle schools and high schools are classified as “Title 1 schools”. Here is how Title 1 funding works; the amount of Red Clay’s Title 1 funding and other school districts  is tied to their poverty level. The poverty level is based on the number of eligible approved free and reduced lunch applications and the percentage of poverty is measured. There is school wide and targeted assistance. Red Clay’s Title 1 schools are all elementary schools because of the early intervention factor. School with the highest percentage of poverty are to be served first and if you look at Red Clay’s Title 1 Schools you’ll see that to be true. What Obama is asking here is to serve every high poverty student from K-12 to ensure they l meet the high standards to ensuring them college placement. To meet Obama’s goal Title 1 funding would need to be tripled. Obama did add big buck to Title 1 via his stimulus package. However, those funds are short-term. Red Clay was able to offer summer programing for Title 1 student and will again this summer. However, if MARKELL adopts this bullshit “voluntary ” revamping of standards without triple federal funding Red Clay and other local school district taxpayers will be force to fill the funding gap.

I am all for addressing needs to reform public education but what Markell, Obama, Duncan are doing is like shoving a bowling ball up the ass of a mouse. You see what Markell is doing with school transportation funding shifting move back on the local taxpayer and now he wants local school districts to kick in more for teachers and administrators pension fund.  Don’t forget when Race to The Top funding ends the local taxpayers will take that up the ass.

Like fucking clockwork I have no doubt the superintendents and board members will be boxed in a corner like the MOU.  Rodel and skipper will be on their soapbox praising Obama’s courage.


 So far, 48 states—all but Alaska and Texas—have signed on to the common-core project, which is being spearheaded by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers. It is unclear how many states will remain on board once the voluntary standards are final, likely later this year.

Did Jack Markell include us the parents, the community and the taxpayers in this plan? Fuck no, he did it all on his own with his DOE puppets. Guess who the point person is for this nationwide committee? Guess who paying the bill for all the travel?

Under the Obama administration’s proposal, states would not be compelled to join the NGA-CCSSO initiative to get their Title I aid. States would be allowed to work with the colleges and universities within their states to craft their own higher standards. Still being worked out are which institutions would be part of the mix.

Would be compelled? Code work for must!

That could prove a significant political safety valve at a time when some state legislators have voiced concern about federal encroachment on states’ education policy authority—and when 37 governorships will be on the ballots in the fall elections.

That’s right, put in back doors and loopholes for politicians like Markell to escape.

“Higher education is not monolithic in any state,” Anne L. Bryant, the executive director of the group, said in an interview. She explained that most such systems include a mix of research universities, community colleges, technical schools, and other types of institutions.

“If you leave [standards] up to a nebulous higher education authority, you don’t know what you’d get,” she said. “It’s not a sure bet.”

I know what we’ll get ! Fucked!

States would still be “in the driver’s seat,” said Justin Hamilton, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Education.

Hello, McFly Justin you’re a turd! We don’t want the State of Delaware with the Markell puppet show in the driver seat. Markell will drive the shortfall in federal funding up the ass of the local taxpayers.

Still, the administration has made it clear that states that work with others to develop college- and career-readiness standards would be given priority for competitive federal aid, including $4 billion in Race to the Top Fund grants, which will reward states for adopting certain education redesign priorities.

Here we go with that endless pot of gold called Race to The Top (4 billion dollars) Help me here, how do you have national standards and fund it when not all states will “win” Race to The Top funding?

Gerald N. Tirozzi, the executive director of the secondary school principals’ group, said that he shares the administration’s view that states should prepare students for college or a career. But he’s not sure that Title I grants to districts are the right vehicle.

“If you look at the history of Title I, it’s always been intended for the poorest kids and the kids with the greatest need,” he said. “We strongly encourage [the Education Department] to play the carrot and not the stick role,” in pushing for higher standards.

Yea dude, you got it, school should be preparing students for college anyway! Why waterdown the intense needs of poverty children with the greatest of needs?

The Title I program is the main vehicle for implementing the NCLB law. Under that legislation, which President George W. Bush signed into law in 2002, states must agree to establish accountability systems in order to tap Title I funding.

Bullshit, Bush had nothing to do with Title 1 as it  goes back to 1965 ESEA aka NCLB. Also, Title 1 went to Chapter 1 and back to Tile 1. So , stop with the smoke and mirrors.

In response to questions, Gov. Douglas said that federalism will always be a concern when dealing with any state-federal issue

So will the American Revolution round 2 

Kilroy Welcomes West Coast Cali Ed Blogger

Welcome The Public Servant by Geoffrey Greer

Great blog post Setting Us Up for Failure. Geoffrey blog looks relatively new and I hope he stay with it. I think it’s great that we have perspective from the west coast.

Jack Markell just doesn’t get it !

Spring letdown in Milford

The last piece that was laid out for the Governor was how the current proposed 2011 state budget recommendations for 25% cost of transportation costs, and other reductions will impact Milford’s students to the tune of $1,934,581! That equates to $ 42.60 per $200,000 market value increase in property taxes for Milford taxpayers! Something taxpayers like me and the rest of Milford can not continue to shoulder! What brought the meeting to end finally were comments which did not sit well with me as Mr. Markell told us we should basically quit whining and get with other districts to offer solutions to the states money problems. He did let us know that consolidation is large in his mind as he sees cutting administrative positions as the ways to an end, and yet he does not know how the issue of teacher leveling will help the budget. My personal thoughts were that the folks in Dover are looking at Educators to cut back on our budgets while still providing the same level of education for all the students of Delaware. They called the fantasy land these folks must live in Shangri La!

Folks I am hear to tell you, the parnership between our Governor Jack Markell and Arne Duncan will put the $$$$ monkey on the backs of the local taxpayers!

25% bus transporatation on the backs of the local taxpayers.

Then this:

Budget Woes for Local Districts  Local school districts are facing challenges in the proposed Delaware budget. First, districts will be asked to increase the pension contribution for the employees, amounting to 1.7% of educators’ salaries. Statewide, this means about a $5 million cost increase. Second, Division 2 money will be reduced by $1.5 million. Division 2 generally refers to funds used for energy costs. Third, districts face a $5 million reduction in minor capital funds. Fourth, the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act is dwindling; down $19 million from where it was last year. Finally, there will be $20 million of cost shifting to local districts for transportation. All of the above totals around $50 million.

We NEED more local school boards members stepping up as local elected officials and stop hiding in the corner like scared mice! Board members, you are not employees of Jack Markell or an employee of Delaware DOE. You were elected to serve the better interest of local public schools putting the best interest of students first. HOWEVER, your inability to fend off the takeover of local schools and school boards will cause major and I mean major discontent among local taxpayers. If Jack Markell wants to run local schools , school board and local taxpayers, I say give it to him and shove it up his ass. School district goes broke the fine, let the state takeover and show us how they can do better with a bunch of f-ing Markell puppets!

Those of you running for school boards better make note there will be expectations of you and the last thing we need is Markell kiss-asses on our boards. A wise old bird told me that, “no one board member has greater power than another.” So, the accountability will be equal! Your accountability starts day one!  

Red Clay School Board to get Goose

Hey fly boy, Red Clay School Board doesn’t need a 90-day wonder with 180 degree amnesia Tomcat navigator. I hope we see more candidates in board nominating district B. Hey Merv, do you really want the Godfather’s Lt. as your wingman? All we need  is another Eye-Dee-Ten-Tango on the school board.

Bacon boy, tell mama it’s call to duty time.

NCC Combined Board Pow-Wow Canceled

Combined NCCo School Board meeting canceled.

Jack Markell was scheduled to address this group. So if you need help shoveling  snow give Jack a call. If no one ansewers try Arne Duncan’s.

Miss Gov approves entire school district takeover

JACKSON – Gov. Haley Barbour cleared the final hurdle to allow the state Department of Education to take over the Okolona School District.

Barbour declared Wednesday that a state of emergency exists in the district, in response to action by the state Board of Education last week. The state board requested the emergency declaration, citing the district’s severe financial struggles and poor academic performance, among other factors.

With the governor’s action, the Okolona School Board will be dissolved and the superintendent will be terminated. The state board already has approved former Tupelo Superintendent Mike Vinson to run the district as conservator, essentially serving as superintendent and school board

Wow shit is hitting the fan from coast to coast public schools a in hot water. Children ad Educators First report of 30 LA schools being taking over by non-profit management group aka charter 

Better wakeup Delaware school takeover coming to a school near you. No sure what the agenda in Mississippi is but it would be hard to believe an entire school district going charter. Okolona School District consist of only four schools.  

Wonderful idea but a day late and a dollar short

Markell Proposes Tool to Make College Investing Easier

“In this economic environment, it’s not easy for young families to find ways to save for something that seems so far in the future,” said Schooley. “Tax refunds are often not budgeted as part of regular household expenses. Allowing direct deposit will enable families to plan ahead and save these funds for their children’s education, which is so critical to their success.”

Honestly, a very thoughtful peice of legislation. However, for many a tax refund isn’t mad money. Many folks pray their washer, dryer, refrigerator or other vital component of the household needs upgraded. Perhaps car repairs, new set of tires or breaks. But for those who don’t have a dire need I think this is a wonderful idea.

“This is not just a chance for a family to invest in their children’s future,” added Markell. “It’s an opportunity to invest in our state’s future. A well-educated workforce brings better jobs and a healthier economy.”

So what you are saying, you’ve given up in securing jobs for the parents of these tomorrow economic saviors and Delaware must weather a generation of stagnant economy! Sure Jack education is a foundation for our strong economy by so is a solid industry base in Delaware or else these kids will fly away. perhaps you should consider letting trained educators handle education and you the inventor of the cell phone stick to building industries.