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Knock knock who’s there


“This bill provides that any person who solicits door to door sale shall display a door to door salesperson identification card which shall include the person’s name, employer, employer telephone number, employer address and State of Delaware business license number. This bill also provides that door to door sales shall only be solicited between the hours of 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.”

“Whoever violates this section shall for the first offense be fined not less than $75 nor more than $150.  For each subsequent like offense the person shall be fined not less than $100 nor more than $250.”

Evolution what a waste

Rethinking Delaware School Board Elections

In case you didn’t know, school board members are elected public officials who must live in their assigned school board nominating district (within given school district) to run for that given board seat. However, voters  residing in the other board member’s  nominating district are permitted to vote for any and all board members running in open seats. All board members are voted at large. If a board member moves out of his or her nominating district they may complete their term of office.

Wouldn’t it be great if voters were allowed to vote in any and all senate and / or representative elections throughout the county in which the live? What happens when a senator or legislator moves out of their districts? do they stay in office until the next election? Hell no !

Education seems so high on the list of concerns and represents the largest portion of the state budget and supplemented by local taxes and federal grants . Why then are school board elections so out of sync with election of other elected officials? 

Changes needed:

I had time to think over the call for moving school board election to November coinciding with general elections. I now support this option because recent events exposing the fact that school boards have very limited control of education decision. It seems Dover and our governor sees school board members as nothing more than watchdogs. Local taxpayers want greater opportunity in transparency of local schools and want the empowerment to act on those discrepancies. Let the sunlight in and we’ll get the brooms out.

Only permit voters to vote for school board members within their own district. Perhaps make one board seat an at large election.

Board members moving out of their nominating district must step-down from office. The remaining board members appoint a temporary board members from within nominating district of board member who vacated  and call for special election ( as they do now).

Compensate local school board members the same amounts as the Delaware State Board of Education.

Speaking of the State Board of Education, we need to end the appointment of these positions and call for election of state board member in the same fashion I noted above for local school board members. Assign nominating or elected districts for State Board of Education. 

It’s kind of strange that I want to broaden  the political process for school boards. However, the current process seems way more political. Governor Markell has demonstrated that the constant overreaching of governors in Delaware disrupts read positive directions in public education. Those who want to blame organized labor for all the problems need to step back and look at those in Dover catering to all special interest groups.  End the lobbying process involving public education. Better yet make Delaware lobbyist free. Let’s make the public the special interest.

Bottomline, if the power is at the ballot box perhaps that’s were we need to bring the people aka all stakeholders and give back public schools to the public.