Daily Archives: January 28, 2010

Markell to replace SROs with Mall Cops

It’s true!

Convert School Resource Officers to School Resource Agents at a rate of five officers per year – $92.9

Jack plans to take the SROs (uniformed State Police) out of the public schools and replace them with nothing more that Mall Cops. Markell does not get it, Delaware State Troopers commands respect and dam right fear. Whatever happen “it’s for the kids”? Why don’t we replace Jack’s State Police bodyguards with Mall Cops?  Good enough for kids why not Jack!

“Since there is a shortage of police officers, maybe the governor should as well remove all officers who provide him with a safe and secure environment. If it is good enough for our children, then it is good enough for him.” Red Clay Now

Big NCC combined school board Pow-Wow

” I was very impressed with Rep. Dennis P. Williams who seems to know what tough love it will take to engage parents and tough students. The dude is hardcore reality. As far as SORs in our schools they ain’t going anywhere. I asked him in private about Markell’s plan to replace uniform State Police SRO’s with rent-a-cops. He said THAT’s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.”

Go get em Dennis