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Did Markell piss his pants or what ?

Gov. calms protesters at Dover rally

“At a rally to bring awareness to the large number of union members out of work, the atmosphere quickly turned tense as attendees tossed shoes on the stairs of Legislative Hall prompting Capital Police to call for assistance.”

Obama’s freeze could impact some education funding

Obama’s Proposed Budget ‘Freeze’ Would Fall Lightly on Education, White House Says

‘Underperforming’ Programs Vulnerable

Even with President Obama’s support for education, some individual programs throughout the federal budget will face spending cuts, Mr. Nabors said. He did not reveal specific budget plans for education programs other than Pell Grants, the main federal aid for low-income college students.

This doesn’t look good. Hopefully Obama will provide more details.

Sex Rocks Rhee’s D.C. World

D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee faced mounting pressure Monday to explain her statement to a national business magazine that some of the 266 teachers laid off in last October’s budget cuts “had sex with children,” hit them or were chronically absent without authorization.

Gee Rhee aren’t we required to reports these criminals to the police!

Great find snoop dog John at Transparent Christina. Visit John to see entire post.

Homegrownboy spanks Red Clay

It is worse then what you think.

“Hmmm, a plan for a NEW school done in 3 months complete with a curriculum, 4 year budget, food service, bus service and the like done in 90 days by 1 person. Yet Red Clay has to fly people half way across the country to tour another school and they have who knows how many staff and they need 540 days to revise things for one school?”

He’s talking about Dickinson’s S.T.E.M.

Red Clay redesigns school’s offerings; More science, math at faltering Dickinson News Journal

Daugherty said most of the changes will involve moving office space around and buying new equipment with federal funds, which will have a minimal impact on local taxpayers.

“We estimate it’s going to be $5,000 to $6,000 to make this total changeover,” he said

Come on HGBoy only $5000-6000 out of local taxes, that’s a bargin. It’s about time someone pays attention to Dickinson. The long charter school agenda of Red Clay has taken a toll on Dickinson and McKean. $5-6K to local and feds picking up the rest!! I am sure the Red Clay Community Financial Review Committee will be monitoring expenditures.

I was at the first presentation meeting and reproted this  John Dickinson S.T.E.M. Academy

There is no hidden cost or agenda because the district wouldn’t have went on record with the New Journal.