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OMG, chickens pecking in their own shit.

“Educators should think of two principles that are a part of their work life, solidarity and collaboration. As union members can you truly say you believe in solidarity and yet trade the welfare of all your future brothers and sisters for your own security? As an educator who will be working side by side, collaborating with a young colleague, can you look that person in the eye if you have traded away their benefits?”

Prehaps Markell was thinking this, the blood contract was signed and all tenure will be mine.  Retirement and benefits in time.

Dance with the dance thou shall burn ! Who collaborated with Markell ?

Did Markell say that about Beau ?

Governor Jack Markell released a statement saying, “Beau Biden would have made a good candidate for senate, and maybe someday will be a candidate in the future.” 

Dam Jack, shouldn’t you have said Beau Biden would make a good senator and maybe a good senator in the future? 

So Jack if you were a betting man, who would be your pick to make a good candidate? Skipper ? LOL.

I hear dreamers on the left saying Chris Coons will give it a go. Hey Jack what do you say we add politcal races as a sports betting type program? Coons , 100 to 1 , Peterson 2-1, Paul Clark a billion to one (wow what a payout that would be), Sokola 50-1 or Atkins 1000 to 1.  Forget it, just start calling Castle, Senator Castle.

Kaufman vs Castle ?

Castle wins in a runaway election

File:Muybridge horse gallop animated.gif

Checkmate Duncan wins!

The wheels are in motion and nothing can stop them. Race to The Top is here and the seeds of destruction have been planted. 

The Race to The Top agenda is all about advancing charter schools and weakening the teacher unions and it has. As you can see Governor Jack Markell is preparing to make the next move on unionized teachers. He is calling for healthcare and retirement reform that will apply to new steelworkers which includes teachers. A blog One More Fight created by a DSEA member is rasing concerns about Markell’s plans with Budget on the Way and Solidarity Now and (forever).  In my respectful opinion, I feel new young teachers are being sold out and will be left out. But I don’t underestimate some crafty old timers who has witness the constant attempts to reform public education. They are only as good as long as the president of the United States and / or the state governor is in office. I predict Obama and Jack Markell will only serve one term.

As for parents do take advantage of the new charter schools as they will be the lifeboats to escape sinking traditional public schools. But make note blame the unions all you want but do understand Markell was part of the agenda to fire the torpedoes. My concern really isn’t for teachers , administrators and children who have parents that advocate for them. My concern is for children by no choice of theirs own were born to parents that don’t give a rat’s ass and don’t advocate for them. Who will put these kids on the lifeboat?

Race to The Top does not come with sustainable funding and the finanical burden will default on the local taxppayers. Yea we’ll hear it’s for the kids when the referendum rolls around. But if it’s all for the kids why aren’t all the cards on the table? The districts are fearful if they put audio or video of the board members parents and the community might learn too much rather the from vague school board minutes. Transparency is determined by how much light the government will allow in.   

Bottomline is, I think I pretty much had my say on Race to The Top and did my best to point out  the concerns. But with educators, administrators and state legislators lining up shoulder to shoulder to support Governor Markell’s education reform that includes allowing greater federal control and less local school board control I find myself back in the days of being a lone wolf howling in the wind. But I do take comfort a few good new board member across Delaware are bold enough to step up and not be intimidated to speak out. In 3-5 years we’ll feel the fallout from Governor Markell’s misguided journey. We can only do our best to put him out of office in 2012 and purge Delaware DOE of the poison that has infiltrated from  the business community.  

The Political season is upon us and we need to take back our schools via the election process and one thing we need not do is to reward Jack Markell and Arne Duncan by sending Beau Biden to Washington. Let’s no reward failure with failure. Beau is a good person without a doubt but we need to send a message from Delaware that we don’t appreciate federal takeover of our schools and reducing out local voice. As for our local legislators I suggest you take a position on Race to The Top A.S.A.P because you are failing us.

It’s obvious that Jack Markell fractured his already weak alliance with his party. I know one thing the democrats better start grooming a challenger becuase the politcal air is getting ripe for a takeover from the right.

Education will be a BIG topic in the 2010 political races and I strongly suggest both sides bettr start engaging the issues.

So I am calling it a day with this Race to The Top shit but reserve the right to throw it in the faces of those running for public office and reelection.  

Race to The Top will be far more damaging than DSTP and NCLB.