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Markell backing down on public school transparency.

Delaware Governor Jack Markell refuses to make an executive order ordering all local school districts and charter schools to digitally record their public sessions of school board meetings and require those files be place and archive on the district’s webpage.

Delaware has reveived millions of dollars in educational technology grants and federal stimulus money but yet refuses to support more direct open communication to the public. As for my school distirct Red Clay, made this public request about a year ago in public board session.

Delaware Way Blog Blows Wind

Nancy Willing a local historian of the American Revolution that carries the sprit of Mad Anne Bailey steps up and blow winds into the sails of local bloggers who see concerns with the federal government’s Race To The Top agenda.

In Kilroy’s opinion Race The The Top is a political and corporate agenda to privatize public education turning it over to the business round tables of the nations. United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan childhood friend of Craig Robinson , Michelle Obama’s brother calls RTTT a “Once in a lifetime opportunity to reform public education” and ” A moon shot at reforming public education. Well Mr. Duncan, we’ll never get to your moon with a scud missile called Race to The Top. Arne Duncan is crossing the line going beyond the mandate of the United State Department of Education by manipulation federal stimulus funding meant to create and save jobs to push an agenda of privatization of public education.

Jack Markell is a 2004 Aspen Henry Crown Fellow and Arne Duncan is a 2002 Aspen Henry Crown Fellow. Looks like the fellows really take care of each other! Rodel connection?Aspen Institute-Rodel Fellowships in Public Leadership do you think?

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is the first secretary who has not taught or was an administrator is “any” school public or college. He is a childhood friend of John W Rogers. Rogers was part of Obama’s Finance Committee and CEO of Ariel Capital Management and board member of Ariel Education Initiative where Arne Duncan was offered a job. Arne was a childhood friend of John Rogers and Craig Robinson, Michelle Obama’s brother.

Teach for America CEO Wendy Kopp is wife of Richard Barth CEO Kipp all tight with Bush. TFA had an audit in June 2008 by USDOE OIG and findings were $774,000.00 in unsupported expenditures of federal monies.

Nancy is so kind to highlight the Delaware Bloggers who have questions and concern about an agenda called RTTT that has no sustainable funding to meet it’s objective. Thank you Nancy for pushing out concerns out there. Delaware’s Education Bloggers Are Tackling The Tough Question On Our Race To The Top

The Federal government works for the states and the people and in now way did those who gave their lives in the American Revolution did so to support federal government control over the rights of the states. Local public education falls within the rights of the state and the state’s obligation is to the people of that state. If this were 1810 Governor Markell would have been tarred and feather or worst for his treasonous participation is advancement of federal takeover of the rights of local taxpayers  and control  of public schools that will render our local school boards scapegoats. Our state representatives stand by like clueless sheep going to slaughter and yet to take action to protect our local rights and autonomy.  

Not enough millions in 4.35 billion

Alabama  60-175 million

Arizona  150-250 million Yes (gesture of good faith towards McCain)

Arkansas 60-175 million

California  350-700 million Yes (Arne’s B-Ball buddy is in Cali)

Colorado   60-175 millon

Connecticut  60-175 millon

Delaware 20-75 million Yes (Joe Biden shoe-in)

DC 20-75 million Yes (Queen Rhee factor)

Florida 350-700 million Yes (Neil Bush factor)

Georgia 200-400 million

Hawaii  20-70 million Yes (obvious)

Idaho 20-70 million

Illinois 200-400 million Yes ( Daley factor and home court)

Indiana 150-250 milion

Iowa  60-70 million

Kansas  60-175 million

Kentucky 60-175 million

Louisiana 60-175 million

Massachusetts 150-250 million

Michigan 200-400 million

Minnesota 60-175 million

Missouri 150-250

Nebraska 20-75 million

New Hampshire 20-75 million

New Jersey  200-400 million

New Mexico  20-75 million

New York  350-700 million  Yes  (Home of Teach for America)

North Carolina 200-400 million

Ohio 200-400 million Yes (Ohio important campaign state)

Oklahoma 60-175 million

Oregon 60-175 million

Pennsylvania 200-400 million Yes

Rhode Island 20-75 million

South Carolina 60-175 million

South Dakota 20-75 million

Tennessee 150-250 million

Utah 60-175 million Yes (you don’t want to piss off Mormons)

Virginia 150-250 million Yes ( Arne Duncan lives in Virginia)

West Virginia 20-75 million Yes ( Carper ws born there)

Wisconsin 150-250 million

Wyoming 20-75 million

Remember these award amounts are for the life of RTTT two-years and “all” states must submit another application this June for next year. Odds are very likely that the first round winners will win second round. The totals for the 13 states I picked totals $1.89 Billion dollars using the low end of the grant which would realistic for year one of RTTT. No state will receive high end for 1 year as RTTT is a two-year grant. If the states I picked received the low end for the second application the overall total would be 3.78 million dollars leaves 590 million left over to divide among other selected states.

Think about this, 41 states including D.C. applies for round one and only 15 get selected that leaves 26 states being denied. Now you know if Delaware was rejected shit will hit the fan for Jack Markell and we’ll be stuck with new state education legisaltion that local school distircts would be required to foot the bill. Don’t you think people in those other 26 states will be PISSED OFF?

Folks (you too state legislators) 4.35 billion dollars in not enough funding to cover the cost of RTTT nationwide even for those who applied and have good plans. The real agenda with RTTT was to hoodwinked states into changing their education laws. The goal was to open the door for charter schools and pissing 4.35 billion dollars away is pocket change for Duncan the supreme corporate agent of change. Arne Duncan is using 4.35 billion dollars of American taxpayer’s money to plan seeds for life after Washington, D.C..

Arne Duncan is like the Iraqi army retreating from Kuwait trashing and burning the oil fields behind him. The traditional public schools are the oil fields and charter school will rise out of the smoke because the corporate supports will financial shore up charter schools after RTTT funds run dry. Delaware public schools will be like Haiti in ruins after the earthquake.

Arne Duncan know 4.35 billion of unsustainable funding will not keep life in RTTT long and now he is crying to Obama to add more funding to RTTT.

I urge Delaware state legislators to meet my request to identification of all funding be noted in the text of any proposed legislation dealing with public schools “and” require the Delaware State Board of Education to do the same with any revision of regulations under their authority. This action will provide a safeguard and a set of breaks to slowdown the run away train agenda. This legislation doesn’t  cost a dime nor does it impact the state budget or that of any charter school or traditional school district. We need safe guards that ambiguous political agendas don’t undermine the further finances of public schools and local taxpayers contributions. I ask that my friends on both side of the political line come together an enact these safeguards.