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Carper RTTT letter calls Markell a hero in the Obama Administration

Check out all the suck ass letters attached to the Race to The Top application starting on page 53.

Delaware PTA doomed their organization for kissing ass. What right do they have to speak for parents / PTA members. PTA didn’t provide any presentation on Race to The Top. I thought this organization was non-partisan? Now you know why there are PTOs.

Check out page 79 , Tom Carper’s letter with a hand written note telling Markell, ” You are one of the heroes in the Obama Administration”. How fucking ironic, the asshole who gave us DSTP which fucked up our schools telling Markell he is a Obama hero for trying to fix his (Carper’s) fucked up mess. Seriously, a hand written note by Carper!

There’s even  is a letter from the Delaware Business Roundtable selliing up Rodel and Vision 2015.

Lleaked Red Clay Teacher Developement Videos

Delaware’s next 2012 governor spotted at school board meeting

It’s no big secret that Representative Greg Lavelle is leading Republican candidate for Delaware Governor 2012. Current polls have Lavelle leading with 60% over Markell’s 40%. Were not sure if Mike Protack will jump in this race because he took a beating on campaign expenses. However, I know one thing, if Protack runs I am buying stock in major manufactures of postcards. Rumor has it the Delaware GOP is behind Protack bid for NCC Council because they want him out of the way.

I ran into the future governor Greg Lavelle at the NCC combined School Boards meeting. Three people walked by calling Lavelle governor.

I ask Greg Lavelle if he had any major campaign contributors yet. He say CC a person who he wouldn’t indentify has promised support. Greg told me his biggest contributors was Governor Jack Markell. I was like Greg, I have a GED and a pocketful of credits, break it down for me.  He said, Markell is contributiing with all his failures in economic reform and needed reforms in government and with his misguided education reform he’s basically setting the stage for his own 2012 defeat .

Kilroy Copeland; I’ve been adopted

Delaware business: Federal energy grant supports Newark company’s bright idea

“The future brightened for a Newark-based lighting technology company Friday when it received a $1.5 million Department of Energy stimulus grant to support work that officials said could eventually create 100 Delaware manufacturing jobs.”

Delaware Sens. Tom Carper and Ted Kaufman, both Democrats, and Gov. Jack Markell jointly announced the grant at Crowell’s plant between Stanton and Newport.

Crowell President Herbert B. Adelman said the grant saved two jobs and could quickly create a need for 15 more if some technologies move to commercial use, with more to follow.

President Obama’s economical stimulus funding was meant to be an infusion of federal funds in the market place to help jumpstart the economy to immediately save jobs or create jobs.

The two job saved with this particular grant equals $750,000.00 per job saved.

 “15 more if some technologies move to commercial use, with more to follow.”

Sounds to me this funding is a research grant with high administrative overhead cost. If this technology was so ground breaking there would be no ifs.

“White Optics was formed by former DuPont Co. employees using DuPont-licensed optical material technologies”

Does this have to do with diaryliodonium salt inhibitors? I think we’re getting into Photoinitiator mixtures containing a titanocene and a 3-ketocoumarin and ethylenically unsaturated monomers substructures .

Give me a break Jack Markell! We need JOBS NOW and shouldn’t be investing in speculative research with money that is meant to kick-start the economy. 1.5 million dollar could help a few struggling small business keep their doors open aka saving jobs NOW.

Jack, can I have 1.5 million dollars for my idea of coating baby diapers with Teflon so the their asses don’t stick to the shit? How about my idea of nailing bar stools down to the floor with specialized titanium nails. This will reduce the potential body damage to Liberals falling off their bar stools which in turns helps drive down healthcare cost caused by inattentive Liberals who can’t drink and talk shit at the same time.