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State provides capital funding for charter schools per RTTT application

RTTT GRANT APPLICATION: http://bit.ly/7La9n7

(F)(2) Ensuring successful conditions for high-performing charter schools and other innovative schools (40 points)

The extent to which—

(i) The State has a charter school law that does not prohibit or effectively inhibit increasing the number of high-performing charter schools (as defined in this notice) in the State, measured (as set forth in Appendix B) by the percentage of total schools in the State that are allowed to be charter schools or otherwise restrict student enrollment in charter schools;

(ii) The State has laws, statutes, regulations, or guidelines regarding how charter school authorizers approve, monitor, hold accountable, reauthorize, and close charter schools; in particular, whether authorizers require that student achievement (as defined in this notice) be one significant factor, among others, in authorization or renewal; encourage charter schools that serve student populations that are similar to local district student populations, especially relative to high-need students (as defined in this notice); and have closed or not renewed ineffective charter schools;

(iii) The State’s charter schools receive (as set forth in Appendix B) equitable funding compared to traditional public schools, and a commensurate share of local, State, and Federal revenues;

(iv) The State provides charter schools with funding for facilities (for leasing facilities, purchasing facilities, or making tenant improvements), assistance with facilities acquisition, access to public facilities, the ability to share in bonds and mill levies, or other supports; and the extent to which the State does not impose any facility-related requirements on charter schools that are stricter than those applied to traditional public schools; and

(v) The State enables LEAs to operate innovative, autonomous public schools (as defined in this notice) other than charter schools.


 Listen to John Carney about capital funding for charter schools from the state, “illegal” Listen Markel and Carney about the truth in regards to Delaware charter schools. 

Hey Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden son of Vice President Joe Biden, doesn’t the law forbid capital funding as John Carney states and Title 14, Chapter 5. Sounds like we have some misrepresentation on a federal grant application.  

News Journal November 13, 2009

“The state law barring capital funding is why Delaware Military Academy was shut out of the state’s conduit bonding program in 2007. The Newport-area school later received a $12.2 million conduit bond through Pima County, Ariz.”

Wonderful “other support” not permitted to use Conduit Loans in Delaware and have to go out of state.

Why are Traditional public schools required to pass capital referendums and charters not ???


Rethinking Teacher Compensation

I honestly don’t like bonuses to motivate excellence.

Delaware teacher compensation sucks! Being paid from state and local sources with two baselines is nuts.

If Delaware wants to get serious about the quality and performance of teachers the pay structure needs to be competitive within the mid-Atlantic. If you want the best you must be willing to pay for the best. However, if we’re paying the best and a teacher or administrators evaluation suggest they are ” ineffective” they need to go. If they are “effective” then let’s puts some money towards helping them to be “high effective”. But they same system needs to apply to administrators. 

As far as improving student achievement, it seems like every 5-10 years some business person or politician has a brain fart and wants to reform education. reading is reading  and math is math and student learning can’t happen until  students are  excited about learning. Skipper feels classroom teachers somehow traumatize students when reality is the world outside school building is more traumatizing. Arne Duncan wants to turn schools into community centers and medical clinics. Schools are for learning and building activities should be about learning and supporting extracurricular activities. Our social services are failing so we want to dump those problems on public schools? Wrong move.

The proposed bonus system seems more like compensation for putting up with bullshit! I think if you want to motivate a teacher provide them with all the classroom tools “and” support structure. Students who continually disrupt the class should be provided intervention outside the class until he or she can conform to the rules. Students who fail to complete homework over and an over should be referred to another intervention program where someone deals with the issue and the parents. I don’t think teacher stress and burnout is from the function of teaching but rather elements that impact their ability to teach. 

The problems with today’s education are caused by elements outside the classroom. If Markell wants to support public school teachers perhaps he should fix his family courts where they address or refer dysfunctional families / children to the right resources. 

I am sure a real bonus for a teacher would be coming to school to a supportive network and students who are willing and ready to learn. Why are teachers attracted to private schools and charter schools that pay less? They want to be teachers not be police officers and social workers. 

Delaware is located dead center mid-Atlantic and in New Castle County a 20-30 minute drive puts you across the border in Pennsylvania, Maryland or New Jersey all looking for high effective teachers. Reforming Delaware teacher compensation to ensure Delaware is competitive needs to be done before any fool bonus plan. Markell want to ensure our children can compete in a global economy at a time he can’t compete with neighboring  states for the best teachers! Practice what you preach Jack.

Some say moving students to charter schools is like rearranging the chair on the deck of the Titanic. Got news for you, were just building a new Titanic and putting our foots in the back of students head who’s parents don’t even advocate for them. The lifeboats coming  from the new Titanic to the old only receives students parents are willing to put in and many parents do not give a shit. Governor Jack Markell turns a blind eye.

Billions of dollars are added to education each year in efforts to reform it by dividing it. If we take half that amount and add better intervention services for the schools and community and provide quality pay for teachers but not forgetting to weed the ineffective teachers  we would have one effective system.

Almost made it without saying Race to The Top however, Race to The Top sill leaves teacher’s compensation at the bottom because there isn’t anything be done at the State of Delaware level to address the weak link.  Do any of you honestly think Race to The Top will provide sustainable funding to address long over due restructuring of teacher compensation and weeding out ineffective teachers? Should we really provide an ineffective teacher a one on one mentor and not the students the teacher is failing? Rewarding failure off the backs of of children the ineffective teacher failed gives a new meaning to social injustice. Will the global economic  companies receiving our students provide them intervention if they don’t met the work standards? Hell no!  How about if we reduce the ineffective teacher’s pay by 20% and divide 10% among highly effective teachers and the other 10% toward the cost of teacher mentors. Once the teacher achieves effective status give 10% back and the ther 10% when they achieve high effective status. Let the system pay for its self. Failure should not be rewarded especially among trained professional.

Markell’s State of the State falls short on education

 “In addition, we have adopted a robust evaluation system under which teachers whose students do not show satisfactory levels of growth cannot be rated “effective.” Teachers whose students do show satisfactory levels of growth cannot be rated “ineffective.” We will also improve teacher preparation programs by linking teacher performance to the schools from which they graduated.”

Fine rating system but you’ll leave ineffective teachers in the classroom providing ineffective services to students.

Providing a world-class education is not only our moral obligation — our State’s economic future depends on it.

Perhaps we can eliminate the gross receipt tax because local businesses need cash flow to help prevent layoffs.

To guarantee every child in Delaware access to a world-class education

So you are going to address resegregation and creaming of students and skimming of students like you promised during your campaign? Which child get’s better access white or black ?

We met with hundreds of teachers, union representatives, administrators, school board members, parents and business leaders.

And during all those visits no presentation on Race to The Top. Yea, your DOE puppets met with school board members and put a gun to their heads to sign the MOU.

We asked everyone to abide by one guiding principle:

No you told the school boards they had no choice!

When it comes to decisions about education, our kids deserve our total focus and commitment. That is exactly what they are getting.

Then why are there shortages of classroom supplies and why are you planning to leave in effective teachers in the classroom?

The teachers of our State seek the tools and support necessary to get the job done.

More and more money is pouring in, so where are you shopping for these  $$$$$$ tools, NASA?

The application has the support of all of our stakeholders, including 100% of our local education associations.

So it’s true 100% of our Delaware state legislators support Race to The Top as well as 100% of teachers! Wait, when did parents stop being stakeholders ? I guess I was on vacation on Pluto during all those town hall meeting on Race to The Top. Jack 100% is in your mind. You believe what those funding your campaigns tell you.

The foundation for the future of education goes well beyond the hope of federal assistance embodied in our Race to the Top application.

Code for local taxpayers footing the bill.

Good use of the data will make teachers and schools more effective. Parents and students will be able to use this information to demand that schools deliver.

Jack , we demand ansewers to why DOE put a political gun to the heads of school board members!

Governors and legislators of both parties have demonstrated their commitment to our students’ success

“Governors” ? So Skipper is the shadow governor ! Once again you are saying Delaware legislators are behind you 100% in supporting Race to The Top and support defaulting funding on local taxpayers when Arne Duncan bribe money runs out.

Jack, just tell us when the state will take over public schools 100%? Don’t tell us we are stakeholds with a voice and local control when in fact your DOE puppets put the political guns to the heads of our school boards.  

So Jack, you are as Obama was to Kennedy’s senate seat to Bidens senate seat, a motivator to not support Beau Biden. We can’t reward you by sending Beau to Washington when in fact you are allowing Washington to take over local control of our schools. We cannot send another agent of change to Washington when local taxpayers are forced to pay for Race to The Top.

I do wish you luck in adding new non-government / education jobs. I don’t think it was children who signed one-sided foreign trade agreements. Glad to see investment in the Port of Wilmington.

We live in a time of anxiety, of tempest. “These are the times” – Thomas Paine wrote during America’s struggle for independence – “that try men’s souls.”

Well back then it was a time of tar and feathering and todays anxiety is the tempest for throwing elected official who talked shit during campaigns but fail to deliver in their first term. Yes, you were handed a pile of shit when you entered office however, you had a plan and wrote a cure-all book. 

Live Streaming: Markell’s State of The State preview show

Markell to pitch RTTT during his State of the State Address

I received an advance copy of Jack Markell’s State of State Address and in it Markell will proclaim Delaware’s participation in the Race to The Top initiative is laying the foundation of  Delaware’s economic rebirth.

 Markell will sell the joint efforts in a new partnership in public education and will boast how all stakeholders have sign on to this bold new plan. He’ll talk about renewed partnerships with our educators to work together. Markell will go out of his way and express his commitment in ensuring Race to The Top will address the needs of our high poverty children and his determination to close the achievement gap.

What Jack Markell won’t say is how he plans on achieving his campaign goal of address the “resegregation” of public school via charter schools and the “skimming of students, the creaming of students by charters”. What Jack Markell won’t say is how he will pay for his education reform set in regulation stone after the Race to The Top funds run dry. What Jack Markell won’t say is how he’ll achieve his campaign promise of open governor at the same time cutting backroom deals with special interests groups related to education.