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HB 117 w/HA-4 School board election still on the radar

House Bill # 117 w/HA 4


This bill will save the State of Delaware money by having school board elections on the date of the general election and it will increase the voter turnout for school board elections. Currently, school board elections are held on the second Tuesday of May and can occur in any year. The bill will: (1) set school board election to coincide with the general election; (2) align the terms of school board members so their terms expire during a general election year; (3) provide that only registered voters can vote in school board elections; (4) place school board member on the ballot during the general election; and (5) provide that campaign finance laws apply to school board elections.

House Amendment

This amendment requires a person elected to a school board to file a financial disclosure within 15 days of his or her election.  Also candidates for election must file campaign contribution and expenditure reports prepared by their campaign committees, in accord with Title 15, Chapter 80, Subchapter IV.

House vote: () Passed 6/9/2009 4:39:06 PM-

Current status Senate Finance Committee

Obama to ask congress for another RTTT $1.35 billion

Obama pushes to add $1.35 billion to Race to the Top grants

With more tha 30 states applying for Race To The Top  funding the original  $4.35 billion won’t be enough. Without the additional funding the RTTT grants will be on the lower end of the projected grant amounts.

Category 5—$20-75 million – New Mexico, Nebraska, Idaho, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Maine, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Montana, Delaware, South Dakota, Alaska, North Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming, District of Columbia.

Do make note, the $20-75 million is over the two-year RTTT program. Delaware may only receive $10 million a year which wouldn’t be enough to meet new goals.

It was thought that only 12 -15 states would “win” this competition. However, with over 30 states apply Obama may not want to tell 15 out of the 30 state that are applying, sorry there isn’t enough funding. Can you imagine how many pissed of legislators there would be?

Delaware is a shoe-in because of the Joe Biden factor however, Delaware won’t receive the high end of funding if all states don’t.

This goes to show you how poorly plan this RTTT agenda is and Obama’s request indicates the concerns with sustainability is legitimate.

I just hope for Delaware’s sake, someone in Dover is listening and pass legisaltion as I requested re: legislation and funding. 

The surge worked, no more local school board control

Bonuses to be part of DE’s RTTT application

“January 19, 2010….As the state’s RTTT application was on its way to D.C., Governor Markell held a press conference to announce the news and read the cover letter he included with the ambitious application. “

“We intend to lead this race, with our promise that every student will be ready for a career or higher education. Delaware has a strong story to tell.” He also mentioned, as did Secretary Lowery, the courageous leadership of DSEA President Diane Donohue. “Many of DSEA’s resolutions are embodied in this application – professional development, collaborative planning time, parental and community involvement. There are challenges ahead, certainly, but the key will be continuing to work together, to make working conditions and student learning conditions better, and moving education forward.” The biggest challenge, of course, is definining “student improvement” in a fair, effective way, since that definition will effect so much related to both educator and school accountability and its consequences.”

“Said Markell: “People coming together, who have different perspectives, keeping focussed on kids, was our unifying theme.”

“Bonuses to” Highly Effective” teachers, in high-needs schools (high poverty or high-minority schools), and more money if they teach in hard-to-fill positions are part of Delaware’s application  for Race to the Top Funds: $8,500 for Highly Effective teachers in high-needs schools; and $10,000 if they also teach a “critical subject matter,” i.e., special education or middle or high school math or science.”

“According to DoE Secretary Dr. Lillian Lowery, these sums meet the definition of “viable incentive amount” for Delaware, as defined by research done by the McKinsey Research Corp.”

So what happens when the Race to The Top funding runs out in two years ? Why didn’t the local school board see the details of the RTTT Application indicating bonuses prior to signing the MOU?

What about  para-professionals, librarians, art and music teachers, school bus drivers, food workers, secretaries, custodians and all “team members”?

What do school boards say to other team members who are high effective in their responsibilities?

Race to the Top funding is not sustainable  and will not effectively address disparities  among students and now creates disparities among educators. 

I am hear to tell you, if our state legislators don’t amend the law requiring all proposed state education legislation have notation as to funding sources and  amended regulations  via approved of the state board of education, local legisalors will pay hell when the school board can’t meet the obligations of RTTT.   

Delaware Election 2010: What are the issues?

Political hunting season officially started in Delaware.

Mike Castle comes out swinging and Beau Biden runs with his tail between his ass like a gun shy hunting dog.

I am not sure where Ferris Wharton is these day however, I was told he finally passed Driver’s Ed and was given a gold plated Ez-Pass device J. I can tell you this, Delawareans made the biggest mistake electing the anointed one Biden Biden as Attorney General over Ferris Wharton. DNG Captain returns from his honorable duty in Iraq and within months his AG Lieutenants go AWOL.  Delaware Governor Jack Markell put Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden in a corner for taking too long to respond the recent state tragedy. Markell has to step in and call for his own investigation because Beau Biden was too busy watching reruns of The Paper Chase looking for legal pointers from Professor Kingsfield.  Hopefully for Delaware’s sake Ferris will take those 6 foot curb feelers off his car and get into this election. As far as Beau free ride to Washington, D.C., I think the only free ride he’ll get is on Air Force 2 with dear old dad.

Concerns with crime will always be tops on my list of concerns and Delaware is becoming a Wild West state with criminal having free run of our states. Governor Markell is poised to take the SROs out of public schools and replace them with Rent-a-Cops that don’t have the same authority as SORs nor earn the same respect. Markell is playing a shell game with our state police at a time the citizens need well over 100 more troopers on the roads. Markell gets state trooper protection and he wants to assign mall cops to protect our children’s schools.

Jobs another hot topic! Markell is not up to task and relies on Joe Biden to work a deal with Fisker. Delaware has a wonderful port and rail service centralize in the heart of the mid-Atlantic and Markell is too busy promoting Teach for America. It’s been a year now and nothing new in Markell’s corner on how to attract good sustainable jobs.

Speaking of sustainability, Markell sells out local taxpayers with his Race to The Top plot that provides only two years of funding. After two years of RTTT funding defaults to local school taxpayers. Markell sends his agents from the Delaware Department of Education with political gun in hand to point at local school board members head.

Education, OMG ! Jack Markell cuts a sweet deal with the teacher organizations setting up a bonus plan and ineffective teacher retraining plan tying the hands of school boards and even school district superintendents. Instead of students getting extra help due to the failure of ineffective teacher, ineffective teachers get help.

Healthcare! Seems like the only one in Dover that care is Lt. Governor Matt Denn. I can bitch about losing my healthcare after getting laid off but I’ll yield my concerns to ensure children’s healthcare needs come first.

The economy aka recession isn’t Jack Markell’s fault however, Markell did write a book on how to solve Delaware’s economical problems. Looks like that book turned out to be fiction.

So, Markell takes over the AG’s office spanking Beau Biden like a little boy caught playing with his pee-pee on the back porch, sends his Delaware DOE agents to school board meetings to tell school board members who happen to be elected public officials that they no longer have local authority, appoints the Delaware Secretly of Education mayor of Delaware in order to give her mayoral controls of Delaware public schools, allows the Delaware Board of Education reform education regulation better suited to be address by state legislators and Markell decides to take it upon himself to agree to radical unproven education reforms without including, school board, parents and the local taxpayers in that process.

This brings us down to local state legislators who fear Governor Markell as if Markell was King George himself. It appears Delaware has gain a state dictator the state legislators must bow down to. Shit sure does roll downhill but being a midterm election it looks like local legislators will pay the piper at the polls. If the local boys and girls can’t stand up to the king perhaps it’s time to replace a few.

Our state government has broken down to a point where local legislators must look down as the governor walks by. It’s time to rebuild Delaware’s state government from the bottom up?

Many young Delaware boys laid down their lives during the American Revolutionary War the so-called War of Independence. Now these boys honored is defaced by Governor Jack Markell who with a selfish personal political agenda hands the keys of Delaware to the federal government. Jack Markell forgets the federal government is an employee of the states and Jack forgets he is an employee of the people.

Who is standing guard over Delaware freedom and liberties?

The Day Delaware Stood Still

Terrorist strikes Delaware Legislative Hall

The democratic and republican state elected officials refuse to take action against an agenda that will cause default of Race to The Top funding to shift back on local school taxpayers.

I made a request that state legislation related education require funding sources be  notated in text of proposed legislation. I am now asking in addition to the above request that all new education regulation proposed by DOE to the state board of education not be permitted to default funding back on the local taxpayers.   

Governor Jack Markell and the Delaware Department of Education are hijacking local school taxes and this must STOP.

State legislators are you with us or against us ?