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Republican and Democrats Bus Trip to D.C.

DE Sec of Ed Lowery talks from the heart

Making the Tough Decisions

“As Area Administrator in Fort Wayne, IN, Dr. Lowery oversaw 16 schools in an urban district of more than 32,000 students. Overall math scores throughout the district improved in all tested grades with gains of up to 6 percentage points. In one school that had been on probation, 100% of minority students passed the state math exam in third grade and the school was awarded a Blue Ribbon designation”


Listen to this Podcast of Dr. Lillian Lowery re: disparities and student achievement. 

Dr. Lowery talks of Project Excel created by  Fairfax County Public Schools Superintendent Daniel A. Domenech back in 1998 long before Arne Duncan and his Race to The Top.

Fast forward Dr. Daniel A. Domenech has served as executive director of the American Association of School Administrators since July 2008.

Listen to this current podcast of Dr. Domenech.  DistrictLeadersPodcast-ep29-DD.mp3  Wow did he say community and parental involvement is important?  Dam ” middle school the forgotten years.” This guy knows his stuff! Comprehensive education, give the man a cookie. This Podcast was made after Obama was elected and before Arne Duncan was appointed.

Education has become so laced with personal and political agenda it’s hard to know the good guys from the bad. I think if we take politics out of the education equation including lobbyist for special interest groups and put parents and educators at the same table we’ll see some amazing transformation of public schools. Charter schools are fine however abandoning the current system will only be revisited when education come full circle in dealing with failing charter schools.

Listening to these candid interviews with Dr. Lowery and Dr. Domenech gives me some sense of comfort however, I am deeply concern about good educators being used as political tools to push agenda such as Race to The Top that does not provide sustainable funding or solid reasearch.  

Looking at the achievement data between traditional and charter schools I still see a ugliness that high poverty students still struggle. Schools can address the social ills holding these kids back and the community isn’t equip to meet the educational needs and somewhere in the middle are the leaching sucking a profit out of the misfortunes of education.

Delaware education laws are failing! Choice school without transportation funding for the poor, class size cap laws that has wavers and a neighborhood school law that doesn’t provide schools in every neighborhood. Let’s no forget politicians catering to educational special interest groups and charter school reformist reaping legal fees and other fees from other related private services.

No to  a federal government who takes power away from our school boards. The same government that led us into a recession and spends our social security funds. Every 10 years there is a new way of reforming public education and now Arne Duncan proclaims Race to The Top is a once in a life time opportuntiy to reform public education, a moon shot! Arne perhaps we should reach to the bottom and help those who we’ve been failing for generation.

Why does a guy with a GED and a pocketful of college credits give a rat’s ass about public education? Sometimes looking up from the bottom might produce more insight than looking down from the top. If you were never there you would never know the feeling.

Tomorrow the world will honor Dr. Martin Luther King and the next day will go back to forget his dream and cash in on “his” sacrifices. A black man as president wasn’t King’s dream. It was all man, women and children living as one. His message wasn’t for the government but for the people. Children fail in schools because the community fails as a community and the pigs feed off of the misery of others. Public education was never meant to be an industry and certainly not a tool to politically capitalize on.  

Markell’s plot to consolidate school districts

State Board of Education Procedures Manual

Reorganization of School Districts

“The State Board of Education determines and establishes appropriate reorganized school districts through consolidation, division, or a combination of the two as well as establishing tax rates and tax districts for the same. 14 §1028, §1065, §1924, and §1925 Del.C. §1025, §1026, §1027,”

“(a) The State Board of Education shall be composed of 7 members who shall be citizens of the State and shall be appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. The Governor shall name the President of the Board who shall serve at the Governor’s pleasure.”

(6) Fix and establish the boundaries of school districts, which may be doubtful or in dispute, or change district boundaries as provided in §§1025, 1026, and 1027 of this title;

1026 (c) Subject to subsection (a) of this section, the State Board of Education may change or alter the boundaries of any reorganized school district without a referendum of the voters if the written consent of the owners of the real property to be transferred has been obtained and if also the school boards of the districts affected by such change or alteration have adopted resolutions favoring such change or alteration.

 Title 14 ,Chapter 10, Subchapter 1004       

§ 1004. Implementation; date of reorganization.

“Whenever any school district is reorganized either by consolidation of whole or parts of whole districts into a new district or districts or by division of a district or by a combination of consolidation and division of districts, the State Board of Education shall set the date upon which the implementation of the reorganized district or districts shall occur, after which date the reorganized district or districts shall be organized and administered according to this title and the school board of the former school district shall be dissolved. “

Folks, the State Board of Education has amazing powers over public schools and does not need legislative authority to consoildate part or entire school districts. School board members are appointed to serve at the pleasure of the governor if Delaware.

With Governor Jack Markell long relationship with Rodel and Vision 2015 and not to forget the political contribution made to various Markell campaigns by the founders of Rodel, Jack Markell is obligated to move forward education reforms driven by these so-called political investors.

THE SEEDS TO CONSOLIDATE EXISTING SCHOOL DISTRICTS HAVE BEEN PLANTED       Breakout of Existing Districts into Consolidated District Groups for Analysis. Based on terms of proposed legislation and review of existing districts, the existing 19 districts were categorized as follows into the four new proposed districts:      

Everyone knows or is pretending not to know that the Federal Race to the Top fund is more than just funding and is the means to radically reform public education at the state level giving greater authority to mayors, governors and the state’s department of education. In doing so the reform movement takes aways local control of local school boards and also creates a level bureaucracy undermining any local share decision-making between local school districts, local boards, parents and community.    

Governor Markel sent his Delaware Department of Education agents with political guns in hand to the local school boards. With those guns to  heads of  the board members they  voted in favor of the RTTT MOU . A few noble local board members voted no for the MOU and other yes because a no vote will mean no federal funding but new RTTT state associated regulations would still apply to the districts. In a tactful way Governor Markell was saying to the school board members, Fuck you! 

The RTTT MOU vote showdown of power between the governor and the local schools boards and set the stage for local takeover of public schools by the Delaware Department of Education support by the Delaware State Board of Education where all puppet strings lead to Governor Markell.

The bottom line is Markell just broke the backs of the local school boards and the negative fallout from unobtainable goals of RTTT will be spun back on the local boards. Also, when the RTTT funds starts to dry up state education legislation has the cost to continue with the RTTT reforms defaulting back on the local taxpayers. Local school boards will be force to go to referendum which will anger the community. Markell will have political  justification to consolidate portion or entire school districts. With Markell favorable stance on approving more charter schools the financial impact on local school districts will be negative further the  eroding of district finances.  Markell and his agents are setting local school boards /districts to fail.

The wheels of consolidating school districts are turning.

Arne Duncan saves public school now NCAA, NBA & NFL

Arne Duncan Would Like to Fix Recruiting

“We now have universities signing eighth graders to their colleges,” Duncan said. “I’m not sure how an eighth grader who doesn’t yet know where they’re going to go to high school can accurately and thoughtfully and strategically pick the best college program. I think we should slow down a little bit, slow down and think about doing that maybe in the sophomore year. Signing students in the eighth and ninth grade belies any common sense.”

Let’s Clean Up College Basketball and Football

“With the exception of the military, few institutions do more to build leadership and character in our nation’s young men and women than collegiate sports. It is time for universities to burnish that legacy and recall their True North: If a college fails to educate all of its students, if it fails to give them a chance to learn and grow, then that university has failed. It is time to clamp down on the bad actors.”

Now that the United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has reformed public school he want’s to reform high school sports, college sports, the NBA and the NFL.

Arne asshole Duncan how about if we fill the vacant USDOE Inspector General’s position. You know the one, the one that Obama fried the former IG for exposing AmeriCorps and Teach for America. Duncan was giving the largest discretionary fund of any secretary of education in history but has no oversight. Firing the former IG was a warning for the current “acting” IG.

Perhaps Arne Duncan wants to strike back at the NBA because he didn’t make the Celtics cut back in the day and had to go to Australia to play kangaroo ball. Team captain of his Harvard team Arne Duncan fell on his face. 

Duncan education policies will turn ever state’s public schools in losers just like him. If a college wants to sign an eighth grader that’s a good thing. The eight grader know he needs to get his ass through high school and know he has a college waiting.    

 “I’m not sure how an eighth grader who doesn’t yet know where they’re going to go to high school can accurately and thoughtfully and strategically pick the best college program.”

Gee, Arne look at you, undecided until a political pal brings you in the education loop. FYI dip-Shit, most Delaware eight graders do have a clue where they are going to high school.

“few institutions do more to build leadership and character in our nation’s young men and women than collegiate sports.”

Arne, what the fuck do you know about character? You hold up billions of dollars as bait to rat ass governors like Jack Markell who desperately cash so they can manipulate the state budget. You are nothing then a puppet for the business round table who want to privatize public education. You with the help of Delaware number one son Joe Biden want to take federal control of Delaware public schools and render local school board irrelevant. A far as leadership, what the fuck have you ever done in your life that establishes you as a leader that didn’t require someone pulling political strings? 

It’s hard to believe I jumped political ship to support “change” and end up with more the same and worst when it comes to education.

Your “moon shot” to reform public schools is a fucking joke! Even an eight grader know you can’t reach the moon with a scud missile.