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Antietam says F U Arne Duncan 5-4 NO RTTT

 Antietam School Board won’t seek Race to the Top funds

“The Antietam School Board has voted 5-4 not to apply for the federal Race to the Top grant program.”

“Anyone who didn’t like No Child Left Behind won’t like this because this is No Child Left Behind on steroids,” Fielding said Monday”

Miwaukee’s Mayor doesn’t want to be school chief, all of Wis will suffer!

400-plus Wis. districts want Race To The Top money

“State education officials will file an application for millions in federal education stimulus dollars without a promise Milwaukee’s mayor will take over the city’s struggling schools, Gov. Jim Doyle said Friday.”

“Without that pledge, the Obama administration very well could ax the request, cutting hundreds of state school districts out of Race To The Top grants, the governor warned.”

“All may miss out if we can’t demonstrate Milwaukee can meet the challenge,” Doyle said during a news conference at Glacial Drumlin School, a sparkling new middle school in this village of 6,000 about 15 miles east of Madison”

Looks like mayor’s refusal to be school chief may cost all of Wisconsin’s schools.

Idaho has concern with RTTT funding sustainablity

Idaho lawmakers scrutinize ‘Race to the Top’ grant

“Lawmakers also asked why some of the largest school districts in the state didn’t sign on, and they questioned the sustainability of programs developed with temporary grant money from the federal Department of Education.”

“I see a flaw in this process. At no point were legislators involved,” said Senate Education Committee Chairman John Goedde”

Has Markell been moonlighting ? LOL

Segregation Then and Now

Resegregation is not happening in Delaware schools by the legal definition as Hube points  out and is correct.

Hube said, “I used the term “pre-Brown” in a previous post, but you’ve subsequently misallocated it. “Pre-Brown” means legalized segregation and discrimination, NOT merely [segregated] racial proportions. That needs to be made clear”

Jack Markell made references to his concerns with charter  resegregation and skimming of students during the debate for governor. And the term resegregation has been used around the country in regards to charter schools.

I made this response to Hube’s comment on another post. Is Obama too white to understand? : “As far as Markell, I am good with photo shop but I had nothing to do with the YouTube video of him at the DSEA debates citing his concerns with “resegregation and the skimming of students” re: charter schools. Somewhere in those two words is the truth. Skimming of the students doesn’t mean racially but academically but the results leave impressions of race. Did we create a system driven by winning the Superior Crown by all means like some obsession pee-wee football coach?”

I also said this, “bottom-line is, we need Delaware laws to promote racial diversity and make all students black, white, brown and all shades welcome in all school in the state of Delaware. We need to see better out reach to make students and parents welcome. If anything the segregation seems to be by high poverty and schools with poverty level over 30% seems to be struggling. There are many facets to poverty that impedes on schools and teachers to meet educational needs. And yes, there in a breakdown in the communities that shares the blame.”

So perhaps if anything the segregation is based on academic achievement due to the desires of some charter schools more focused on surviving the ax of being closed due to not closing the achievement gap. 

Also, I feel were going from a war (reform) on trying to address the achievement gap to trying to produce students who will can compete in the so-called “Global Economy.” 

If we truly want to reform public education we need to ensure the playing field is even for students and teachers. The political fibers woven into education reforms with multiple agendas that includes, those trying to capitalize on the privatization and political advancement do compromise the goals of sincere educators who are working for the best interest of children. The failure of public schools are  result of failed legislation that in all cases lack adequate funding.

Pouring more money into everything except the realocation of teaching units to effectively reduce class sizes and programs to effectively address student discipline is a waste of taxpayers dollars.

Governor Markell has a legal and moral obligation to address the disparities in education and promote racial diversity through fair and equitable means that promotes, encourage and advocate for our children of greatest need. The governor of Delaware and all states must be the advocating voice for all children particularly for children whose own parents fail to advocate.  For those community leaders lining up to share in the Race to The Top funding pie proclaiming they work in the name of Dr. King,  just remember your judgement day will come. The pigs of the ghettos who feed of their poor will rot in hell. To the righteous business people like banker who are all so carrying about the poor children, please stop leaching of their parents with your immoral interest rates.  

Hey Jack, it’s a bitching being at the top isn’t ? Could be worst, you could be down hill where all the shit lands.

Delaware legislators agreed to reduce school level empowerment

Delaware’s education plan approved by State Board

“These reforms are a result of the partnership we have with our legislators, educators, administrators, school boards, businesses and parents,” Markell said. “It’s clear that what works best about Delaware is that we can all come together as neighbors to find solutions like this.”

For schools that do not show education progress for three or more years: The Department and district will expand support and evaluate more aggressive reforms.  This may include replacing school leadership and/or select staff, providing outside expertise to advise the school, decreasing management authority at the school level, and implementing scheduling changes to increase teacher collaboration time and extend learning time.

Whatever happen to good old site-based management and shared decision- making. How many times have you been told by you child’s principal that his hands were tied? Wasn’t the concept of charter schools bases on site-based management and shared decision-making at the school level?

According to Governor Markell apparently speaking for the legislators, the legislators support Jack’s goal of appointing the Delaware Secretary of Education as the mayor of Delaware giving he mayoral  control of Delaware’s public schools.

Throughout all the controversy of Race to The Top we haven’t seen any local legislators Democrat or Republican real weigh in on Race to The Top or the MOU. In fact no state legislator made an appearance at Red Clay’s board meeting to weigh in or eave ask one question before the vote on the MOU. Think about, how many state legislators live within the bounds of Red Clay School district? I for one will remember the no show by our legislators and when the time comes when legislators realize how fucked up RTTT is and it will, I for one will remind them of their no show!

Some principals act like assholes towards the teachers in their building and now if principals don’t act like insensitive managers in the real world they’ll get the boot. However for parents, the new RTTT principal mentality will be scapegoating.

The has been side talk among legislators and Markell to move the consoildation of school districts forward to coincide with ending of RTTT funding. Markell know when RTTT runs out he’ll need to plug the $$$ holes. Besides with power shifting to the Delaware Secretary fo Education  local school boards will become irrelevant. When RTTT shit really hits the fan local board will have no choice but to refer parents to their legislators or DOE.