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Duncan to gear up DOE’s Office of Civil Rights

 All-star roster marks MLK birthday at Ebenezer; 12:54 pm January 15, 2010, by Maureen Downey

“And no place is the need more apparent than in urban schools, which are seeing levels of segregation that would surprise and sadden King. A few miles from Ebenezer is a middle school where 91 percent of students are African-American and a high school where 94 percent of students are.”

“But many of the speakers at the Ebenezer event, including Secretary Duncan, suggested there were other, more insidious reasons for the stubborn gap. “If Dr. King were here, he would see a lot that was changing,” said Duncan, “but he would also see resegregating communities and schools that are far from equal.”

“Duncan told the crowd that he was revitalizing the DOE’s Office of Civil Rights, which enforces civil rights laws and protects students against gender and racial discrimination.“ In recent years, this office has not been as aggressive as it should be. But that’s about to change,” Duncan said.”

Is Obama too white to understand?

Equity Overlooked: Charter Schools and Civil Rights Policy

“Why is this lack of civil rights oversight so troubling? Without necessary safeguards against the segregating effects of charter schools, disadvantaged families are left to comprehend and cope individually with the complicated landscape of school choice. Access to the educational marketplace is unequally constrained by a number of factors, including contact with advantaged social networks through which information regarding school quality is exchanged, language barriers, socioeconomic status and the ability of parents to arrange transportation for their schoolchildren. Unless proactive equity measures – like extensive outreach and free transportation – are embedded in the design of charters, and subsequently monitored and enforced opportunity  , this popular version of education reform simply reinforces unequal educational opportunity.”

As I stated in the past LONG BEFORE this report was completed and printed in November 2009 Delaware Choice school law does have inequities in the respects it does not provide transportation funding for high poverty children. Delaware Choice law does not provide funding for choice transportation and parents must transport their children to the school of choice or to the bus stop within the school of choice feeder-pattern. So choice is real afforded to those who have the means to provide personal transportation. So in the spirit of  fair and  equitable education,  the Delaware legislators said too fucking bad to you poor folks.

“As new incentives for expanding charter schools continue to emerge, it is critically important for the federal government to issue and enforce new guidance on charter schools and civil rights policy. With many states pursuing the expansion of charter school programs – in the face of mounting evidence linking charters to increased levels of segregation – there should be no further delay. This paper describes the contours of state legislation relating to charter schools and racial diversity, as well as limited oversight activities to monitor compliance with these policies. We also highlight serious gaps in charter school enrollment data based on an on-going Civil Rights Project analysis of charter school racial, socioeconomic and linguistic segregation. We conclude with recommendations for designing charter school civil rights policy to ensure that the spread of educational choice continues to provide equal opportunities and integrated education to students from all backgrounds.”

Evidence  is all over Delaware charter school profiles

“In 2009, more than $200 million was appropriated for the federal charter schools program to assist with starting charter schools. These competitive planning grants are available to states and local groups who want to begin a charter school. While the Obama Administration has also  acknowledged the importance of regulating and closing low performing charter schools, it has yet to respond to concerns raised by research highlighting continued racial and socioeconomic isolation in charter schools. The impact of leadership from the highest level of government in addressing problems of student isolation in charter schools should not be underestimated, particularly now when such large fiscal “carrots and sticks” are being proffered based on the permissibility of state charter school legislation.” 

Obama is being led around by predominately white school reformers who want to control school reform and supply their agents with income. Arne Duncan wants to closed failing schools including charter schools. Take a look at Delaware’s charter school landscape and tell me which charter schools are likely to fail? Marion T was closed and East Side Charter school is skating on thin ice.

There are issue regarding Delaware charter schools and lets just say they are stress cracks. Do we take the time to address the issues while trying to maintain the integrity of Delaware charter schools or do we just go along about our business and ignore them. I know for a fact there was a former school board member who was in the inner circle who raised concern about CSW poverty level being too low. The center of that inner circle became outraged and word go out to others within. Little did this former board member know the hand the fed him also stabbed him in the back. 

I support charter schools, magnet schools and choice schools and only ask for laws that make them fair, equal and accessable to all with a level of sensitivity to our children in the greatest of need.

Before Martin Luther King made it to the mountain top he waded through a valley of tears. I wonder if Dr. King was among today what his opinion on this issue would be?

I am sure Delaware’s Governor Jack Markell will celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday with remembrance. However, I wonder if he will be doing so with a full heart?  Shouldn’t the remembrance of Dr. King be on a daily basis to ensure Delaware lives up to the dream he had for all people? 

Markell the resegregation enabler


“And even though Mr. Obama assured the readers of the Washington Post that decisions for funding the Race to the Top “will be based on what works,” a study released by the Center for Research on Education Outcomes at Stanford University last month found that only 17 percent of charter schools nationwide produce better results than the public school they would replace. Not only that, minority children are suffering the most in the charter schools that are worse (37%) or no better than (42%) the public schools. Yet, in Mr. Duncan’s words, states that refuse to lift charter caps will be “at a competitive disadvantage.”

Equity Overlooked: Charter Schools and Civil Rights Policy

“The expansion of charter schools is a central policy focus of the Obama Administration. Charter schools encompass a variety of schools with different priorities serving many communities and students from a range of backgrounds. There are outstanding and diverse charters, some of which have been highlighted by this or prior administrations. While the administration has acknowledged the importance of regulating and closing low performing charter schools, it has yet to respond to concerns raised about continued racial isolation in charter schools.”

Segregation creeping back

“In Linden Hill Elementary School in suburban Pike Creek in the Red Clay school district, the slide toward resegregation was gradual. Twenty-four percent of the students were black in the early ’90s, when busing and federal monitoring were in place, but by 1998, the percentage of black students had dropped to 12. Today, it’s 8. During the same period, the percentage of black students at Warner and Shortlidge elementary schools, also in Red Clay but within the city of Wilmington, went from less than 30 percent to 89 percent. Latino children make up most of the remainder.”

 Jack promised to address resegregation via charter schools  and now is an enabler of resegregation.  


Unionize charter schools on the rise

In Rare Move, Charter Teachers Unionize

“Teachers at a charter school on the eastern edge of San Diego Unified now belong to a union, a rarity among such schools locally.”

Texas to Arne Duncan, bite me !

Gov. Perry: Texas won’t seek ‘Race to the Top’ education funding

HOUSTON (AP) — Texas won’t compete for up to $700 million in federal stimulus money for education because the program “smacks of a federal takeover of our public schools,” Republican Gov. Rick Perry said Wednesday.

Race to The Top Kool-aid !

Delaware schools: Education board OKs changes to rules

Delaware also received some other good news this week in its efforts to win the money. A national analysis reported by the nonprofit Education Trust rates Delaware among the top states in the country when it comes to closing the achievement gap.

Education Trust funders The Eli and funder Edythe Broad Foundation, how comforting! Education Trust President Kati Haycock is also the Board Chair of The New Teacher Project where CEO of Teach for America is also a board members, how comforting !

If Delaware is a leader in closing the achievement gap why are we shifting from a proven plan to an unproven plan that lacks data called Race to The Top?

Paul Herdman, president of the education nonprofit Rodel Foundation, a major benefactor of the Vision 2015 initiative that seeks to make Delaware a world leader in education, was heartened by the findings of the analysis

Vision 2015, “The Rodel Foundation of Delaware and The Broad Foundation, based in Los Angeles, are supporting the development of the plan”

Very comforting, The Broad Foundation’s butt buddy The Rodel Foundation supports these reforms.

New Achievement Gap Analysis Suggests Four Ways to Gain a More Comprehensive Picture of Equity  WASHINGTON (January 7, 2010) – As state leaders put the finishing touches on applications for federal Race to the Top (RTT) funding, many recognize that they will never achieve the excellence the Obama administration seeks without focusing their proposals squarely on equity for low-income students and students of color.

Gee, doesn’t look like Arne Duncan’s Chicago  rank in the states that are making progress. But yet Duncan’s Race to The Top play to  reform education is a “Moon shot” and ” a once in a lifetime opportunity to reform public education” is the way we need to go! Arne Duncan how in the fuck can you reach the education moon with a fucking RTTT Scud missile.

It’s amazing, Delaware ranks in the top 10 states that actually is closing the achievement gap. Does this mean No Child Left Behind actually worked?

Go ahead Delaware legislators drink the kool-aid and let private industry takeover our schools and local ontrol. Yea, yea, but Kilroy we need the RTTT funding because our state budget is a mess! Fine with me legislators but when the RTTT funding runs dry your asses will be hung out to  dry!

However, noting East Side students have been under-performing on the state test for many years since it was founded in 1997, the board voted to add conditions to its charter renewal. If standards are not met by spring 2011, the school could be placed on formal review.

Meatime students are failing and Markell stands by and allows segregation by charter schools. Jack these children need help now and its time to purge the school’s leadership now! Why add conditions when they failed to meet the conditons in thier original charter approval?