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Parent Trigger

Should Parents Dictate School Reforms?Under a provision known as the “parent trigger,” if 50 percent of parents at a given school sign a petition, the school board must choose among several options, including closing the campus, converting to a charter, or replacing the principal and other administrators.

In Delaware to convert  an exsiting failing public school to a charter  it takes a vote of more than 50% parents and more than 50% teachers.  Governor Markell refuses to call for changing Delaware’s charter school law to empower parents. Was markell warned by $$$ powerful education reformers no to allow  exsiting public schools to convert to a charter? Don’t rock the boat! Right Jack !

Markell’s RTTT backdoor deal revealed

New performance evaluations for Delaware teachers

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

The Delaware State Board of Education has approved reforms to teacher evaluations originally proposed by Governor Jack Markell.

Teachers will now be required to show that their students are making satisfactory growth in order to get an “effective” rating.  If teachers or administrators don’t get an effective rating, they’ll be given a mentor or coach  to help them to improve.  Teachers whose students demonstrate a significant improvement will be get a “highly effective” rating.

We also recognize that it’s not enough to simply tell someone to improve- we must give teachers the support they need.

Delaware’s Governor Jack Markell directs the Delaware State Board of Education to take away more local control from local school boards. Local school district superintendents cannot fire ineffective teachers until the complete a 3-5 years teacher intervention program.

The state board nor Jack Markell tells you teachers who don’t get the “effective” rating will still be teaching students. These new regulations also apply to charter schools tying their administrator’s hands from terminating ineffective teachers.

Jack, in the business world you would have security walking ineffective employees to  their desks to get their personal shit then to the parking lot with a message, “please don’t come back on company property”

I am all for professional development but not for professional bailout.  Race to The Top will provide some financial support  for teacher’s mentors or coach but when RTTT is gone guess who foots the bill? Yes, the local taxpayers! Also, coming down the pipeline is teacher bonuses for those achieving “highly effective”. What about paraprofessional ? No bonuses for then, just continuation of substandard pay!

In effective teachers get a coach and the students they fail get not special intervention. There should be no reason an “ineffective teacher” should be in a classroom alone!

There should only be one grade of teacher in our schools and that’s “highly effective” teachers supported by empetitive pay and benefits. World-class education with second-class teachers. come on Markell get your head out of your ass!

No one get’s fired, bonuses for doing the job you get paid in the first place, more local expense for professional development and less control for local school superintendents and schools boards.

The upside, Jack Markell gets an upgrade on his presidential knee pads. Local taxpayers shouldn’t being funding Jack Markell’s 2012 reelection campaign.  

Markell is getting to be one ambitious governor! Takeover of the AG’s office and local school boards. Perhaps the Deliverance II movie will be filmed in Dover because Jack Markell has everybody squealing  like a pig!