Daily Archives: January 13, 2010

Charter School Double $$$$ Whammy

Whammy one! As many of you know when a student leaves a public school district for a charter school the major portion of the per pupil local and state dollars follows.

Students represent cash flow to the districts and the more students that can be stuffed into one classroom or building the districts maximizes its profit margin. 

Whammy two ! Parents of students who attend private schools still pay local school taxes. The district keep these taxes and don’t render services. Free money to the school districts! HOWEVER, when a private schools student or one dentine for private school decides to attend a charter schools that free money now goes from the district to the charter.

I think charter schools are a greater victory for those sending or planing on sending their kids to a private schools. The reason there are no school vouchers in Delaware is because they would devastate the local school district’s finances. Just think if parents of every private school student received a school voucher from the local school district equaling the amount of a charter student it would honestly wipe out the local school district. Just think how much local school taxes school districts receive from parent whose children attend private schools!

Race to The Top may force some existing public schools to convert to a charter but the biggest financial burden to local school districts will be the expansion of charter schools. Another little whammy is federal funding such as poverty follows high poverty students going to charters.