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Training film for parents! How to address the school board

I couldn’t believe this board didn’t shut this guy down after the first racist remark towards an apparent Asian board member.

Delaware DOE takes a RTTT shit on Red Clay and now Christina

Is Delaware the Turnaround Model?

“And if we knew for certain that any district could opt-out of the MOU at any point without penalty?  Right now, the Fed language is “mutually agreeable.”  And if DEDOE would put it in writing that if a district fails to succeed in meeting AYP or mutually opts-out that said district would only have to return the unspent portions of the sum and will not be responsible for repaying spent funds.”

Here’s Delaware Department of Education’s RTTT  training film for the schools districts.

Support HB 298 Motor Vehicle Cell Phone Ban

“This Bill prohibits the use of hand held cell telephones by the driver of a motor vehicle while the vehicle is in motion on Delaware highways. A civil penalty is created.”

” A violation of this section shall be subject to a $50.00 civil penalty for the first violation and a $100.00 civil penalty for each subsequent violation.”

This one is a no brainer! The time has come to address this social  epidemic.  


Delaware legislators to be schooled on RTTT

Committee Meeting Notice








House Chamber


01/13/2010 02:30:00 PM


Dr. Lillian Lowery, Secretary, Department of Education, will be updating the committee on Race to the Top as well as other .


Wake up state legislators, Race to The Top is a two-year funded program and after that the state and local taxpayers fund this misguided agenda.  Ask Lowery to see the research data supporting RTTT? Ask Lowery why there were no RTTT presentations to the parents and community of each school district?