Anaheim with 19,300 students says no to RTTT MOU

Anaheim City School District Rejects Race To The Top Mandates 1 day ago – After a detailed staff presentation on RTTT and thoughtful Board discussion, a motion to submit the state-required MOU signifying the District’s intent to

This fact created many “unknowns” as to what the Board was being asked to commit to and, because the funds are one-time dollars, the Board expressed deep concerns regarding mandated, ongoing costs. While submitting an MOU would have resulted in modest funding, the RTTT requires Districts to agree to comply with all tenets of RTTT including implementing merit pay, subscribing to a narrow and restrictive set of approaches to improving low-performing schools, and the possibility of having to “repay” grant funding if all benchmarks were not achieved.

Anaheim City School District is a diverse family of 24 schools, serving 19,300 K-6 students in a dynamic, standards-based learning community. As one of the largest elementary school districts in California, ACSD offers a broad range of programs and learning opportunities.

So if California receives RTTT funding Anaheim doesnt receive funding but must follow the same RTTT rules as all California schools? Delaware DOE tells Red Clay School District sign or the rule apply anyway

Either Anaheim is stupid or Red Clay was rolled under a bus ! 


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  1. Vroom, Vroom.


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