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No Crawfish feast for Duncan in Lousisana

Race to the Top participation sought by 23 Louisiana school districts

The Louisiana School Boards Association has opposed the state’s grant application over concerns that the federal requirements come with too many strings attached and could create long-term uncompensated expenses for school districts. Sixteen districts, including the St. Tammany system, have decided not to participate.

Nolton Senegal, executive director of the school board association, said his 17-member board voted unanimously in December to oppose Race to the Top, but the association does not speak for individual districts.

Baton Rouge—Louisiana School Boards Association has determined that it is not in the best long term interest of public education to support the federal Race to the Top program.



Delaware Charter School Floodgates Opens for 2011

Charter Schools (Tab 7) ( Delaware State Board of Education agenda January 14, 2010)

C.1 Decisions on Applications to Consider for New Charters to Open in August or September 2011 (For Action)

“The Department has received a number of applications for new charters for school opening in August or September 2011. A list of applications will be provided to the Secretary and members of the State Board of Education prior to the January meeting of the State Board.”

Rumor has it that there may  be as many as 10 new charter school applications. Sorry for just rumor  but Jack Markell’s open- government seems to be closed.

For every new charter school that opens more students will be leaving traditional public schools taking state, local and federal funds and not to mention teaching positions.  Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a great opportunity for students and parents to rescue their children from so-called failing schools. But, there are  charter schools in Delaware failing. Jack Markell is reluctant to address the failing charter schools because it might compromise the charter school movement and privatization  of public education. Arne Duncan wants more charter schools and Jack Markell is required to deliever.

Other charter school news ;

 Appeals and Reviews

(Tab 9) (State Board of Edcuation agenda January 14, 2010)E.1  Odyssey Charter School v. Brandywine School District (2009-07) 
(For Possible Action) The State Board may consider the decision of the hearing officer in this appeal.(For Possible Action) The State Board may consider the decision of the hearing officer in this appeal.