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DE Sec. of ED says News Journal errored on RTTT $$

Christina School Board’s “Race to the Top” workshop 

 According to Secretary Lowery the News Journal Report of $75 million was only off by around $400 million. She intends to apply for an amount equal to Delaware’s entire education budget. In her words “I’m asking for $475 million

The entire state education budget is about 1.1 billion dollars.

New Mexico, Nebraska, Idaho, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Maine, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Montana, Delaware, South Dakota, Alaska, North Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming, District of Columbia = Category 5—$20-75 million. So she must also be saying the United States Department of Education is wrong! see for youself

Eli Broad also has a direct influence right here in Delaware and specifically within the Christina School District. Kevin Hall, the COO of Broad Foundations was a key member of the Vision 2015 program.  Since 2003 Eli Broad has been installing trained superintendents into the Delaware public school system.

“Influence” Ask Jack Markell how much the founders of Rodel gave him in campaign contributions over the years.

The first of the Broad Academy Superintendents was Dr. Joseph Wise in the Christina School District who is best known for his “questionable purchases”. After Dr. Wise left for Jacksonville, Florida another Broad Superintendents Academy graduate, Dr. Lillian Lowery was brought in to “clean up the mess” left by Dr. Wise. When Dr. Lowery had “saved” the Christina School District.

So one shits and the other comes in to clean it up !

Dr. Lowery worked closely with Gov. Jack Markell to craft his education reform plan from the very beginning. Is there any doubt that both Gov. Markell and Dr. Lowery were well aware that the Race to the Top program was coming?

That’s right “WITH” Jack ! Jack’s plan was to keep parents and the community out of the RTTT dialogue.

That’s right worked closely “with” Jack Markell.