The death of Public Education

Across America teacher unions are buckling under to RTTT.  I’ve been scanning the news from around the country and pretty much all the teacher’s unions are folding in to RTTT.

Republicans as you know have been aggressive union busters and its ironic  democrats like Jack Markell, Joe Biden and President Obama  push the teacher unions under the bus. The Liberals can’t blame this one on George Bush. Even here in Delaware the democrats are hiding in the corner like mice.

Will it be the end of the world without unionized public school teachers?Personally I doubt it!  However over time I see the standard of living falling for traditional and charter school teachers. I see higher healthcare cost for teachers and certainly longer school year on the horizon.

However, in the big picture I see the biggest losers being the local taxpayers.  Arne Duncan might be willing to increase federal spending on public education but the state isn’t so anxious. The State of  Delaware has been cutting public school funding for a good five years going back to the so-called “Minner givebacks.” One-third of Delaware’s budget goes to public education and do you really think it would go as high as 50%? Dream on ! 

Delaware struggles to keep its end of the bargain with school construction  and each delay on the state’s part ends up increasing the final cost of construction. 

Tonight’s Red Clay’s Board “Workshop” will be an interesting event. In a unprecedented move, Delaware DOE will be on hand at a Red Clay school board meeting to babysit the school board through the Race to The Top agenda. Why ? Because the board does not have all the answers and the board was not part of the backroom deals. 

Governor Markell puts a gun (political) in Delaware DOE’s hand and sends them out on a mission to shoot  out (political) the empowerment of local schools boards. Please keep in mind, school board members are elected public officials and DOE is crossing the line in local control! DOE will be on hand at Red Clay’s board meeting to answer questions. I would love asked them what fucking  right do you have coming here running your fucking agenda through our school board.

The choice for Red Clay and other school boards throughout the state is to either tactfully tell DOE to go fuck themselves or bend over. However, politically everyone will fall in line. The superintendent will put on a happy face, the teacher union leaders will raise concerns but will be a team player for the kids and the school boards will yield.

I am not going to fault Red Clay’s school board for going along with the RTTT /MOU. If it were the old board guard still in control would I attack them? I am not going to lie , I just don’t know. I  still support traditional public schools and their teachers over a flawed charter system. Traditional public school teachers have no say in which students can attend their schools and can’t exclude any student. I would love to see how the charter system can compete on an even playing field.

I can only ask Red Clay school board members to search their hearts and vote with integrity. This vote might be about what Arne Duncan and his house-boy Jack Markell thinks is right for public education that certainly involves privatizing public schools. However, this vote is about the fortitude of the integrity of local school boards. I’ve seen some tough bitter school board campaigns that questioned the integrity of opponents and now it the time for all board member to look in the mirror.

 My crystal ball sees a Red Clay board vote on the MOU of 2 nays and 5 yeas. I would love to see a 3 nays and 4 yeas as this vote would say kiss my ass to DOE for putting a political gun to our heads. The way RTTT is coming down it’s all about politics and if Govenor Markell and Delaware DOE wants to throw shit on local school board control. I figure the board needs to throw some back. A unanimous vote for RTTT MOU in my mind would be a tragic intrusion  on local control.

To Happy Days girl, God bless you and we can’t save the world no matter how hard we try. At least we made the effort.

To the rookie, I am on your side just do what you think is right and that’s all I ask.

To mother hen, life is a bitch and sometimes the trucks run over  the chicks but the flock survives.

To the wise bird, this vote may be your biggest ever and let your integrity guide you.

To Monsignor,
He who walks righteously and speaks what is right, who rejects gain from extortion and keeps his hand from accepting bribes, who stops his ears against plots of murder and shuts his eyes against contemplating evil-this is the man who will dwell on the heights, whose refuge will be the mountain fortress. His bread will be supplied, and water will not fail him. Isaiah 33:15-16 

To Shark Boy, I don’t enjoy this and it’s hard to address the man and his position as one. Education seems to be full of power, ego, integrity and money. Sometimes its hard to see the integrity.   

4 responses to “The death of Public Education

  1. I continue to wonder why DOE is attending RCCSD and CSD Board Meetings tonight. Are they worried, or just exerting undue influence? Their position is clear, they support the reforms and the signing of the MOU. What can they honestly say to a school board that is not partisan in the process?’

    Independent local control is indeed on the line.


  2. kilroysdelaware

    “What can they honestly say to a school board that is not partisan in the process?’”

    The school boards traditionally supports the wishes of their superintendent. Markell and DOE have been working on the supers to support it! The prize is money or lack off!

    “Psrtisan” is a political term and surely no one is playing politics with the welfare of public school children, LOL !


  3. Here is a question Kilroy…you stated the ‘death of public education’…is it time for it to die? Has it lived it’s life and is now wheezing and gasping into a chemically (monetarily) induced coma?


    • kilroysdelaware

      Pretty much lived it’s life as we know and now it starts to really shift to federal and private hands. But guess who still pays ! I live that chemically induced coma