Daily Archives: January 4, 2010

Kilroy goes to Washington

Ok , not me just my E-mail ! Tomorrow I will be sending an E-mail to Red Clay School Board, selected state legislators, Markell, Denn, Lowery, Arne Duncan and  Obama.

Yea yea, it’s about RTTT! Don’t any of you find it odd that school boards will be voting on the RTTT MOU without public comment. Sure after my E-mail they’ll scramble but that’s to cover their asses. Has anyone seen the official RTTT report that provides professional nonbias input to substantiate the validity ? What reports are our school board members reviewing to formulate their vote? What deals are being made with our teachers to support RTTT?

To all board members throughout the State of Delaware, after you sign on to RTTT keep in mind any negative fallout from a program without identifiable longterm funding don’t come crying, “our hands are tied called your legislator.” Signing RTTT MOU commits your school district to move to a nationalized standardized  test hold our students and teacher accountable .  This vote in not for the kids because all of you who vote yes are voting on one man’s ( Arne Duncan’s) agenda. Duncan has “never” taught school children and never was a building administrators. Our local school district superintendents  had private conversations with Governor Markell. Governor Markell made campaign promises that he would be a transparent governor! Should we the public know the deal ???????