Why do Delaware Asian Students get preferential treatment?

We hear so much about the problematic disparities between black and white students but yet nothing is being done about the achievement gap between Delaware Asian students and white students.

Relax,  I am just being sarcastic to get your attention. Review the attached DSTP Disaggregated Report by race for Reading Pay  close attention to the Asian scores.  You’ll notice that Asian students rank highest in  meeting or exceeding the standards “and” at the PL5. Take notice to the 8th grade level where all subgroups show a sufficiently drop even Asians. The downward trend continues through the 10th grade even for Asians. But do note Asians still out perform all subgroups. Another trend you’ll see is that Hispanic Students maintain a lower % achievement gap between White Student in comparison to African-American students.

Data will play a big part in student and teacher evaluation especially when Delaware receives Race to The Top Funds.  

First thing to notice the achievement level for all subgroups at the 8th grade level. Something is serious wrong when we see so much early intervention and positive trends and it all falls apart at 8th grade. Why is that ? Adding Pre-School will do nothing if the end result is the same. We need to strengthen the weak areas which is clearly reprented in the data.

The reformist blowing their horns of victory for outstanding data at the lower grade levels seem to ignore the end result which doesn’t represent victory. Look at the Title 1 student data  same pathetic trend.

The reason the Asian students outperform all subgroups is because of the Asian parent factor. Asian students do not get preferential treatment and are taught by the same teachers as all students. Do we hear praise how well our public school teachers teach Asian students? No ! But the fact remains Asian students go through the educational maze as all students. Do this mean Asian Parents out perform White, Black and Hispanic Parents? Apparently yes !

How much weight would you put on parental involvement as factor in student achievement? O yea, let’s not forget the Asian A factor. Many Asian parents find any grade below a 97% not acceptable. Perhaps my own bar “C’s” are not acceptable in my house was quite low. Make note, the push is to bring our education standards up to world standards to compete in the global economy. What is being done to reprogram parents to perform at the level of Asians parents?   

In the scope of Race to The Top it looks like our Delaware Asian students are pretty much there. Rewiring schools and teacher to meet the challenge is fine but ignoring the most critical part student achievement parents is a formula for failure.

Maybe its time to listen to succesful Asian parents rather than political inspired education reformist.

5 responses to “Why do Delaware Asian Students get preferential treatment?

  1. Yeah, funny how Asians don’t need “teachers that look like them,” “culturally sensitive curriculum,” and other such PC-invented nonsense to succeed. And not only succeed, but rise to the very top.


  2. Hube – there are plenty of teachers who look like them. It’s called the PhD program


    • kilroysdelaware

      Took me a second to catch it, LOL !

      But surely many of the overacheiving Asian students are on autopilot and might just do fine with the textbook without the PhD


  3. Outliars by Malcolm Gladwell