Breaking ! Markell to pull SROs from Delaware’s High Schools

Letters from DOE per the request of Governor Jack Markell  were sent to district school superintendents informing them,  due to budget constraints SROs aka School Resource Officers will be pulled from Delaware high schools and put in patrol positions.

Governor Markell, this is unacceptable  as it puts our schools at risk for increased violence. Talk about a major brain fart this takes the cake. Not only do we need SROs in high schools we need them in middle schools. 

 There were seven fights today at Shue-Medill Middle School on Kirkwood Highway. The Christina School District is responsible for that location… (November 19, 2009 Kavips blog)

Surely Jack Markell is setting the stage to say without Race to the Top we can’t provide protection for our school children.

THIS IS AN ALL TIME LOW FOR A GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF DELAWARE !! Jack cut a few fat cats at DOE like your Rodel butt buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I assure you, parents will hold Governor Jack Markell accountable for any injuries or death in our public schools due to violence in our schools!

Where is our PTA organization and I’ll bet Markell hasn’t even informed them of this dirty underhand deed.

Perhaps its time for a student walk out aka protest!

Another source told me  Markell gave Beau Biden Delaware’s Attorney General a heads up and Beau said he understood. Hey Beau perhaps you can ask daddy for some Homeland Security stimulus funds to wipe Markell’s ass! 

4 responses to “Breaking ! Markell to pull SROs from Delaware’s High Schools

  1. I think the State Audit Report said 1 out of every 4 DOE employees salaries exceeded $100,000, when you include employment cost and benefits they cost $140,000. I wonder how many SRO one of these employees would fund?
    Consolidation of support services for Vocational Schools would save millions.
    But instead of reducing overhead, schools SRO are removed. Just another example of overhead having priority over school employees who work with our children every day. Perhaps they cannot be terminated because of long term contracts.


  2. How come this was announced in the News Journal?


  3. Jack,

    Where can I find this in print?



  4. It is easy to cry over the loss of public programs, especially necessary ones like this one.

    Yes, these officers are necessary in schools. Safety is paramount to our students and is a necessary condition conducive for learning. You can’t learn what 2 X 2 is….. while someone is getting pummeled in the seat next to you…

    Some children in our schools, will pummel people if no threat of retaliatory force is present. Therefore, it stands that the removal of these officers, will show an increase in the bullying rampant through our schools.

    Yet the questions stands. How is that more important than preventing a rape of someone’s daughter, walking on her way home from the Deer Park one evening? Is that more important than protecting an abused mother who called 911 because her judicially restrained husband just stepped on her front porch? Is that more important then sending fifteen squad cars to Charlie Copeland’s house to incarcerate the dog who peed on his wife’s favorite rose bush?

    Who can say?… The problem is, there isn’t money to do both… Where there used to be, …. there isn’t now….

    Therefore a choice has to be made.

    Yes it is sad…. We scream “you can’t do that!”, but we don’t (can’t) give up anything to make it happen, because, … we are all broke…. At least most of us that is…

    But there is a solution. Some people actually made all the money we lost. Everything we gave up over the past two years, is now in their pocket……

    Logically, since they have our money; they should be paying our share of the taxes we would have paid, … if had we still had it….. They should…..

    But they don’t…. Their rates are embarrassingly too low.. If the economy were roaring, I would support low rates… But the economy is sick. So sick that other people’s money doesn’t matter anymore…

    What matters is everyone’s quality of life. If there is no money to both fund a SRO and keep enough police on our streets, … we don’t need to cut one or the other!. We need more money!

    WE NEED to tax the top 1%, not outrageously, just enough to cover the deficit our taxes would fill if they hadn’t taken all our dough.

    Expenses have been cut to the bone already. It’s time we flip to get more revenue in…. not much, but more revenue.

    There is a lot, I mean a lot of money out there. WE, the people, just need to tap into that stream, to get SRO’s back into our schools.

    Otherwise we are screwed… because the next generation without safety, will have no clue even how to operate a calculator…