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Duncan gets penis stuck in zipper

Duncan Aims to Make Incentives Key Element of ESEA

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said Monday that he envisions a significant new emphasis on federal incentives for high-performing schools, districts, and states in the authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, expected to be taken up by Congress as early as next year.

What a beltway dip-stick! Why reward high performing schools for doing their job? Let’s pay teachers  decent pay and benefits and reduce class sizes in the high poverty schools.

Do we reward our solders with a bonus for each kill? Do we reward our police a bonus for each arrest? Duncan get your penis out of you zipper! Teachers want good pay and benefits. Teachers also want support in the classroom and reasonable size classrooms.

I’ll tell you one thing, when the congress questions Duncan during the ESEA hearings they need to hook him up to a lie detector machine. Start the question about his backroom deals with local Chicago politicians and school board members in illegal meetings.

Duncan lets pay our teachers well and give them respect and put your incentives to provide more resources for our high poverty students.  


Delaware schools to take 100 million dollar hit ???

Check out this report from the State Auditors office that indicates consolidating 19 school districts into 4 school districts would save over 50 million dollars.
Northern District would consist of Brandywine, Christina, Colonial and Red Clay eliminating 363 managers positions saving $22,797.138. See report for other consolidations.
I have mixed feeling of a radical plan  as  proposed. However, we need to address public school spending and make it more efficient.
What are our choices in rasing and saving monies for public education? Do we eliminate the senior discount? Do we eliminate extracurricular activities such as sports? I know one thing for sure, we have too many people managing public education and its out of control.
One advantage with such consolidation would be greater student choice and more efficient transportation. Perhaps the City of Wilmington can have a high school.
Public education in Delaware consumes over one thrid the state’s budget and is getting more demanding.  What other choices are there? Eliminate property taxes and go with an education sales tax?
The big downside would put into question local  school tax rates. They would have to be  reformulated to equalize them within new districts. However, if the overall assessment would indicate a higher tax rate we would have a conflict with the Delaware State Constitution that would require a referendum of voters within the new districts. Another big concern is when there is a need for a referendum. Would a larger school district be a hinderance to succesful referendums?
This issue is very complex and surely those whose jobs would be eliminated will put up a fight. Teachers jobs will stay intact because of laws governing allocation of teaching units. The bottom-line is, management will get the ax.
Another issue would be school boards! How do you get fair representation from across a larger school district? What happens to the community voice and impact on parental involvement?  Certainly theses districts would need a proactive parent and community liaison not on a puppet string within the districts.
In case you didn’t know, there is a major budget crisis coming for next year and the federal stimulus is short-term. The taxpayers will not tolerate feeling more pain. My guess education will be asked to take a 100 million dollar cut and school districts such as Red Clay and Christina will take a hard hit. All the bitching and complaining to your legislators won’t save us this time. Markell may be forced to ask state workers to take another pay cut. But this time I  feel there will be layoffs and in the case of school districts it may mean cuts in after school activities. Academics must come first. 
I’ve been doing a lot of busting on Governor Markell and don’t blame him for this crsis. However, he knew what he was getting into and is skipper’s change agent. 
FYI you charter moms and dads,  unfortunately  charter will feel the pain.
I think its time for Markell and Dover to come clean on possible cuts in education. 

Sir Beau Biden son of Obama’s queen

The Biden Machine

The stage was set last November when departing Gov. Ruth Ann Minner, heeding Joe Biden’s advice, appointed his longtime aide and adviser Ted Kaufman to fill the Senate seat. Kaufman immediately said he would not seek re-election.

“heeding Joe Biden’s advice ” Political corruption at its best. 

“This is not a seat with any family’s name on it. It belongs to the people of Delaware,” Wharton said. “They have to have a very deft touch in how that’s approached. It can’t be too overt or there might be some backlash by voters. I would think Castle could take advantage of that.”

Ferris many people in Delaware don’t even realize Delaware belongs to them. They let local government enact laws without real concept of the fallout. Even our Governor Jack Markell whom I jumped party lines to support has become a sellout allowing the federal government more control of our local public schools.

Beau Biden is a decent person with strong family values however,  to step up and be crowned senator by Obama’s queen (Joe Biden) is nothing more than pissing on the graves of those who die during the American Revolution.

Beau Biden would be required to resign his military commission to become senator and that message would send a message, God, Bidens and country. 

I am sure Beau Biden has the right stuff but better the man who walks the dirt road than the man who walks the red carpet. 

Iran to Obama; BITE ME

Iran OKs 10 New Uranium Enrichment Sites

Gov’t to Expand Nuke Program in Defiance of IAEA’s Demand That Iran Halt Construction of Enrichment Facility

The Iranian government approved a plan Sunday to build 10 industrial-scale uranium enrichment facilities, a dramatic expansion of the program in defiance of U.N. demands it halt enrichment.

Iran is pretty much telling President Obama and Joe Biden to kiss their ass! Hillary Clinton will give one of her sorry ass stern warning that’s nothing more than pissing in the wind.

Israel will take action and bomb the shit out of Iran’s nuke facility. Now is the time to take military action against Iran.

Hopefully the good people of Iran will overthrow the current government and bring Iran to the peace table and take their rightful peaceful place in the world.

The best thing Obama can do is untie Joe Biden’s hand or rather take the presidential duck-tape off Joe’s mouth. The world cannot stand by and allow nuclear weapons at the hands of an extremist government.  

School Vouchers will level the field.

Supporting an educational portfolio: Sondra M. Shippen is a member of The News Journal’s Community Advisory Board.

As head of Kuumba Academy Charter School, every day for us begins with a renewed commitment to excellence. I expect excellence from our students, and in turn, our students and parents expect nothing less from our teachers and staff.

Reviewing the criteria for equitable funding to ensure charter schools and public school can stand beside each other in a manner that is supportive and not punitive.

It is my hope that a variety of constituency groups will strongly support the governor’s application for Race to the Top funding. Alliances of all supporters in the state coming together to ensure that we have an informed, academically talented world-class workforce will allow Delawareans to soar into the future.

Talk about Bias! News Journal’s Community Advisory Board being a head of a charter school commenting on R2TT weaving in equitable funding for traditional public schools and charter schools is a tell all. It’s all about wanting more money for charter schools. 

If  we want to be fair why not talk about school vouchers for parents who send their children to private schools at the same time they pay school taxes. At least Markell can refund the amount of property tax they pay.

Charter schools know the rules of engagement when they applied for a charter. Yet, they come back crying foul it’s not fair. When will the News Journal step up for complete fairness and call for school vouchers for all?

I think if we really want choice, fairness and competition we need to go with a school voucher system. Put all schools on the same playing field private, charter and traditional public schools.

Governor Makell has no business taking control of Delaware’s public schools in the manner that he is. He is negotiating radical changes in our public schools that will lead to less local control and more federal control. If this were 1909 he would be impeached for working as an agent for the federal government. Markell’s means of dialogue with parents is based on Rodel skewed views.

Charter schools are corporations and their attempt to seek taxpayer’s capital funding must be stopped. The only way would be joint public ownership of properties. This way when a failing charter school is forced closed the people of Delaware aren’t out capital investments.

I use to think why should anyone who sends their children to a private school by choice be refunded their schools property taxes. After reading this bias News Journal article seeded with a charter school’s self-interest I see school vouchers are the real vehicle to fairness and real competition.

As far as my friends re: DSEA, you’ve danced with the political devil too many years and now it looks like the devil will take your soul. With Race to The Top charter schools will have their way and extract all the  students they can leaving behind failing students who have no advocate not even their own parents. 

WTF SFSF 11.5 billion dollars

PRESS RELEASE: November 9, 2009   Application Requirements for Final $11.5 Billion in State Fiscal Stabilization Funds Available Now

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan today announced that application requirements for the final $11.5 billion in State Fiscal Stabilization Funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 are now available. In exchange for this unprecedented funding boost, the department is asking states to provide some basic information on teacher distribution, the collection and use of data, standards and assessments, and support for struggling schools.

Surely you remember my rants about Race to The Top funds! Well SFSF aka  State Fiscal Stabilization Funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act  (ARRA) is not the same. HOWEVER;

Monday’s application requires states to provide data that will lay the foundation for reform including:

  • How teachers and principals are evaluated and how this information is used to support, retain, promote, or remove staff.
  • The extent to which the state has a Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems that includes all of the necessary America COMPETES Act and how it will implement a comprehensive system by 2011.
  • Whether the state provides student growth data on current students and the students taught in the previous year to, at a minimum, teachers of reading/language arts and mathematics in grades in which the state administers assessments in those subjects in a manner that is timely and informs instructional programs.
  • The number and identity of the schools that are Title I schools in improvement, corrective action, or restructuring that are identified as persistently lowest-achieving schools.

SFSF is R2TT’s  wicket stepsister !!!!  This is not State Fiscal Stabilization Funds, it’s another means for Arne Duncan to extend the federal government’s reach in local school district’s decision-making.  Delaware needs this money to help stabilize the state’s education budget and furthermore, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is about saving or creating jobs not meant to be an underhanded tool for the feds to gain greater control of our local schools.

Folks, I am here to tell you in three years when the stimulus money runs dry unless Obama want to stimulus himslef into a second term, the finanical bottom will fall out and Delaware will be in another DSTP type crisis. R2TT, SFSF and ARRA are short term finanical pots of money and governors like Markell that are finanically backed in a corner will sell Delaware’s education out know there will be a far greater price to pay.   

Universal Pre-Kindergarten not for Delaware

In weighing universal pre-kindergarten, Delaware monitors test model in Md.

Emilie’s pre-kindergarten classroom at the Family Education Center in Cecil County is one of 10 in a pilot program testing the feasibility of offering pre-kindergarten to all Maryland 4-year-olds, not just those in low-income or special-needs situations.

 As far as Delaware “bullshit.” I am sure Rodel will be blowing their horn about Pre-K for all! 

Though I understand the fundamentals of early intervention, the State of Delaware is not wired to produce effective public education programs. I am not referring to teachers, I am referring to the governor, legislators and the governor’s personal puppet show called Delaware DOE.

After 10 years of DSTP the data reveals early intervention works from K-4 but slips to a pitiful disgrace by the eight grade. There is this black-hole in Delaware ‘s education called middle school. Also, there is a lack of committment on the state legislators part to strengthen parent accountability laws. Schools cannot be nursemaids to parents who fail to provide the basic needs of their children. The state of Delaware would be better of giving free Pre-K  DVDs for these children to learn at home and perhaps there could be subliminal messages to parents telling them to stop being irresponsible.

There is the financial aspects to consider. Delaware legislators joined the bandwagon crying foul that NCLB was underfunded but yet pass Full-Day Kindergarten failing to provide full funding. Also there is the college SEED scholarship program hanging by a thread and Markell’s plans to pull uniform SROs out of Delaware public high schools. Let’s not forget year after year state budget cuts going back to “Minner Givebacks.” We cannot start new program whiles decreasing  funding to old programs. Do make note. all those old programs started out as the save education plans.

Money is tight in Delaware and if Jack Markell supports DOE officials to travel to Maryland and spend time on studying what’s going on in other states I say it’s a waste of money. Is the word productivity foreign to Markell and his puppet show?

I predict a day will come that public education funding is so strained and out of control extracurricular activities such as sports will be eliminated or paid for by parents of participating children.

The governor and the two before him Minner and Carper have run Delaware’s education into the ground to a point the United States Department of Education has to step in and dictate local policies. The taxpayer don’t have confidence in DOE because they know DOE is just a puppet factory of the governors. Parents are their children’s first teacher and with the available information and resources at hand surely parents should have enough sense and skill to prepare their child for kindergarten. 

There will be “Christmas Trees” in the White House

Tis the season: White House Christmas tree arrives

WASHINGTON — The White House is open for Christmas.

A day after celebrating Thanksgiving, first lady Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha received the official White House Christmas tree: an 18 1/2-foot Douglas fir delivered from a farm in Shepherdstown, W.Va., by traditional horse-drawn carriage.

Growers Eric and Gloria Sundback officially presented the tree to the Obamas on Friday.

It’s the fourth time one of their trees has become the official White House tree.

“It’s big enough for Sasha to climb in, I think,” Sundback joked after the Obamas walked from the North Portico of the White House to the driveway where the tree was tied up and lying in the carriage, pulled up the driveway from Pennsylvania Avenue by a pair of Belgian draft horses with red Christmas bows tied to their tails. A sign affixed to the side of the carriage said “White House Christmas Tree 2009.”

“We’re excited,” Mrs. Obama told the Sundbacks.

So this puts an end to all those rumors no trees or the trees would be called holiday trees. 

NJ’s Ron Williams has good brain fart

Refinery closing’s silver lining

“Should Valero be allowed to sell off bits and pieces of all the pipes and stacks or do you force them — good luck on this one — to thoroughly clean up the gunk left behind after 52 years of refining some of the dirtiest crude oil on Earth? And how long will that argument be parsed?” 

When I heard the news Valero was closing the first thing came to mind was what kind of environmental nightmare would be left behind?

I am sure the dismantling of the Newark Chrysler plant may yield some environmental surprises but with Valero we’re talking more serious possibilities.

Like Ron Williams noted, “52 years of refining some of the dirtiest crude oil.”

This refinery could end up being the state Delaware’s worst toxic scar

Williams comment does send up a red flag and I hope Governor Markell assembles some type of environmental  crisis team to prepare its self for oversight of all activities at this site. Also Markell best put Valero on notice that Delaware taxpayers won’t be the ones wiping their ass if major contamination issues arises. Valero must be giving a deadline on the dismantling of the site if no buyer is found. I say one year no buyer, its time to dismantle this plant 100% and turn it back in an empty field. 

Jack Markell you have an obligation to the health and welfare of all citizens and the lands of the State of Delaware. Please step up and put an action plan together to head of a major environmental  disaster. Do not leave Valero unattend to further posion our state.

OMG Rick Jensen running for congress

Ok maybe not in reality but I had a dream WDEL’s Rick Jensen announced he was running for United States Congress.

Have you ever dreamed you were dreaming? I knew this had to be a dream when Jensen announced Jason Scott as his campaign manager and if that didn’t clue me in I was dreaming, there was the announcement Mike Matthew would takeover Rick’s radio show. My wife said I was laughing in my sleep. Matthews agreed however demanded WDEL  stop using a 1 watt walkie-talkie as the station’s transmitter. 

So all of this had me wondering what would be Rick Jensen’s chances? One thing for sure after that Pasta and Politics event we’ll need to get Rick a new joke writer. Also get him to ditch that Bob Barker suit.

Dam, Jensen has good name recognition and God only knows why the women paw all over him. I am not sure if Rick is a Republican or Democrat but he comes across as someone quite centered.

Get this, also I dreamed Mike Castle and Rick Jensen were selling themselves as the Dream Team. Yes, Arne Duncan was in that dream and he was sitting behind Governor Markell at a Blue Rocks game. The back of Markell’s head had a little door attached and Duncan was moving wires around.

What the hell ! Go for it Rick !

Kilroy’s Crystal Ball Fleming vs Protack

Protack says he’s running for NCCo Council

“Protack will look to keep the district in Republican hands, with Councilman William Tansey (R-Greenville) vacating the seat after two terms. Tansey announced he would not seek re-election at a Monday meeting of the Christiana/Mill Creek Republican Committee.”

If anyone thinks Mike Protack is going unchallenged they better think again. Kilroy’s Crystal Ball has Micheal Fleming ready to do battle. Looking across the GOP party there isn’t many up and coming political stars and the only one I see shining is Micheal Fleming.

Bill Tansey represents the county’s 3rd District sitting in the heartland of some big GOP mover and shakers and not to forget some big money.  

One thing for sure , I doubt we’ll see campaign buttons, ” I like Mike.” My crystal ball is a little cold and is giving me a reading of about 85%. The other 15% suggest Roger Roy might jump in. Who knows perhaps a Red Clay school board member preparing to step-down might jump in.

Well one thing for sure no matter the opponent  brass balls Protack will take it to the GOP convention floor and then to a primary. Certainly Protack has gained name recognition with his unsuccesfuly bid agianst Ray Clatworthy 2002 (settled on the GOP convention floor)  and Jan Ting 2006  for senate. Also Protack faced off with  Bill Lee for Governor  2004 and 2008. Micheal Fleming gave it a go for the 4th seante district in 2008 .

I live in County 1st District so I can vote in the primary or general election for this race. 

The big question would be “if” I am correct on these two horses which one identifies with the voters? One thing we do know is the 2010 election will swing in the GOP favor. The politcal tides come and go and looks like the GOP’s turn to be on top. I know I have buyers remorse for jumping party lines and others I’ve talk to regret doing the same.

R2TT & SEED not for Del State

Delaware State warns budget makes financial aid more difficult

 “more than 80 percent of whom need some type of financial assistance.”

“Our students come from families with incomes that are an average of $20,000 to $30,000 a year,” Smith said. “Most families don’t earn more than $40,000 a year.”

DSU is not part of SEED because the school does not have a two-year program, and school officials have declined to launch one.

For those who don’t know. Delaware State University doesn’t offer two-year associates degree because the don’t want to lower the bar. I agree because if you’re going to college the goal should be a four-year degree.

Currently Delaware Technical  & Community College is the only state funded college or university that participates in SEED. Wait I take that back! The University of Delaware does not have a associates program on campus but has their associates program within Delaware Technical & Community College. 

SEED if you don’t is a Delaware taxpayer-funded scholarship program; Students graduating from Delaware high schools beginning in 2006 who have a GPA of 2.5 or higher and no felony convictions are eligible. More details on these eligibility requirements are available at the eligibility page.

I’ve bitched about this before; what difference does it make if SEED pays for two years at Delaware Tech or the first two years at any state funded university or college?  The exclusiveness of SEED and Delaware Tech was hatched by Governor Minner to take care of her old political pals. Delaware Tech is busting at the seams and needs space due in part to the SEED students. Guess who will be paying for that needed space? You got it  the taxpayers! So why not allow SEED scholarship to apply to Delaware State University at the same tuition rate of Delaware Tech?

Race to The Top aka R2TT. Bit of a strange name because one of the goals in to prepare more students for college particularly high poverty students. So here we get the to the gates of the top and say sorry no funding for you poor kids?

Cash for Clunkers OMG just think how that money could have help needy college students? Didn’t Obama say our children’s education is the future of our economy? 

About a million years ago I visited Delaware State University Department of Psychology promoting a new innovation a Foster Treatment Program for Northeast Treatment Centers NET  were I was a counselor and recruiter.  It was an enjoyable visit and I have worker with a few fine Delaware State University graduates and students. I know, it’s hard to believe Kilroy worked in psychology, LOL. My biggest mistake wasn’t finishing.

We are the riches country on Earth ( once we repay China) and it is a shame we piss so much money away in so-called supplemental program addressing early education intervention but stop before the job is completed.

The University of Delaware cries poor mouth insisting their funds not be cut but yet can spend 27 million dollars to buy the Chrysler building in Newark.

There are two wars in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Opium Survey 2009 Summary Findings

The bottom is starting to fall out of the Afghan opium market. For the second year in a row, cultivation, production, work-force, prices, revenues, exports and its GDP share are all down, while the number of poppy-free provinces and drug seizures continue to rise. 

Yet, Afghan drugs still have catastrophic consequences. They fund criminals, insurgents, and terrorists in Afghanistan and abroad. Collusion with corrupt government officials keeps undermining public trust, security, and the law. The taint of money-laundering is harming the reputation of banks in the Gulf, and farther afield.           

How is it during the last 8 years of American occupation the Opium cultivation  in Afghanistan has  increased? Sure we can blame George Bush on this one but what is Obama doing about cutting off the funds to the terrorist who control the Opium trade. Why aren’t the farmers put in jail ? Also, let’s forget American taxpayers are paying farmers in Afghanistan not to grow poppy.  

Cutting terrorist funding coming from the Opium trade is just as important in cutting the funding coming out of Pakistan. Bush and Biden need to wake up and demand an end to the growing of Opium in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Obama’s War

Well its official the war in Afghanistan “is” Obama’s war.

Sadly Obama’s inexperience and Joe Biden lack of balls has given the enemy time to prepare the battle field.

The general in the battle field called his commander and chief Obama and requested more troops.  Obama rather than sending in reinforcements had months of jerk-circles with his advisers and the American bodies kept coming home in tin cans. Obama allowed the enemy time to prepare the battle field lacing it with thousands of land mines and time to train more children to kill Americans.

Going in with an exit strategy is fine but did America go into World War II with an exit strategy? Did George Washington have an exit strategy during the American Revolution? Obama is a jackass wanting to show his cards to appease critics at home. America wants this war over and Obama is setting the stage for 8 more years of walking in eggshells as not to offend the Muslim world. In order to win this war on terror people must die and certainly the terrorist.

It is obvious that the men of Afghanistan are cowards and rather be oppressed than stand up and fight. There should be a military draft in Afghanistan requiring all men and women to serve their country.  The only viable exit strategy for America is to ensure Afghanistan has a standing army willing to die for their freedom and that of their fellow Afghans.

Obama is turning a blind eye to the poppy fields in Afghanistan when he should be spraying them with go old Home Depot Round-Up. The poppy industry in Afghanistan is funding the enemy.  

It’s really sad seeing Obama and Biden sit by worrying about decision that might negatively impact their personal political careers than the lives of those serving in the battle field. I wonder if God came down and said to Obama and Biden “if I were to bring you peace in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan would you lay down your lives”?  

Dear Joe Biden,

We ask so much of our troops don’t you think it would be nice if the commander and chief engages this war and provide the support requested from the battle field?