Biden and Markell’s 10 a.m announcement

Update 10/27/2009: Joe Biden wins the day !

I’ll have to admit it looks like Joe Biden was the one to pull the rabbit out of  hat not Markell. It’s obvious Joe Biden was the driving force in getting Fisker to come to Delaware.  Markell can take all the credit he wants but Joe Biden is the hero of the day. So, looks like Beau Biden may get a boost out of Joe’s magic. At least we know for sure Joe’s stimulus money will produces new jobs!   

Look for Biden and Markell to make an announcement at the G.M. Boxwood plant 10 a.m. Tuesday October 27, 2009.  looks like Fisker auto is a done deal!


Fisker website


2 responses to “Biden and Markell’s 10 a.m announcement

  1. No one has said how much it is costing Delaware taxpayers to get this company to move here.